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Avocado Queen.AvocadoGrilled avocado with tomato and goat cheeseGrilled avocado with shrimp and cherry tomatoesGrilled avocado with seafoodGrilled avocado with truffle and eggToast avocado, tomato, scrambled eggsFresh avocadoGuacamole with chipsToast avocado scrambleAvocado rollCrispy avocadoGuacamole setBao burger with vealBao burger with chickenSushi and rollPhiladelphiaAvocado strawberry eelSashimi with eelSashimi with tunaTempura with shrimpsCrispy avocadoCrispy seafood mixSmoked salmonSalmon avocadoShrimp and caviarHand roll with a seafoodShrimp and avocadoSalmon gravlaxAvocado and salmonSushi with salmonSushi with eelHand roll with salmonHand roll with eelHand roll with shrimpSashimi with salmonBreadBreadSoft drinksCoca Cola 0.25Fanta 0.25Sprite 0.25Ayinger beer 0.33GarnishesMashed potatoes with trufflesBatat with tomato marmalade and avocadoWild rice with greensDessertAvocado tartCarrot cakeCake with honeyChocolate ganacheWaffle with avocado and peachAvocado dessertNapoleonSibasBatatRabbit thigh with celery root pureeDuck breast with batat pureeChicken with polentaVeal fillet with salsa and grilled avocadoShrimp wrapTrout, avocado, ponzuTartar with veal and parmesanRibay steak with avocado pureeHot dishesCream soup with broccoliTom yamChicken and salsa verdeShrimp with squidSoupsRisotto with seafoodMarinated rabbit risottoFettuccine with mushroom and trufflesSpaghetti with seafoodOrzo risotto with chickenPasta and risottoSalads and appetizersAvocado saladRoast beefBig green saladBuratta pancellaDuck saladAvocado bolEdamame with sea saltBao with duck meatBao with shrimpBao with rabbit meatShrimp with wasabi sauceShrimp bolShrimp popcornTartar with tunaTartar with salmonOctopus and squid popcornTartar with veal, parmesan and trufflesCrispy trout Asian, European
Avocado Queen

Asian, European
Working hours
09:30 - 00:00

Avocado Queen

Grilled avocado with tomato and goat cheese
#146 Grilled avocado with tomato and goat cheese
150 gr grilled avocado, goat cheese, tomato, onion, corn, greens, lemon, spicy spice, olive oil
3400 AMD

Grilled avocado with shrimp and cherry tomatoes
#150 Grilled avocado with shrimp and cherry tomatoes
100-120gr shrimp, avocado, tomato sauce, spicy , spinach, cherry tomatoes
4600 AMD

Grilled avocado with seafood
#151 Grilled avocado with seafood
salmon, squid, shrimp, seafood, tomato sauce, spicy spice, avocado, cherry tomatoes
4900 AMD

Grilled avocado with truffle and egg
#153 Grilled avocado with truffle and egg
120 gr grilled avocado, truffle, scramble, spicy spice, tomato salsa
3900 AMD

Toast avocado, tomato, scrambled eggs
#154 Toast avocado, tomato, scrambled eggs
yeast bread, avocado puree, eggs, arugula, dried tomatoes, onions
3200 AMD

Fresh avocado
#155 Fresh avocado
avocado, lemon, dill, spicy spice
2400 AMD

Guacamole with chips
#159 Guacamole with chips
mashed avocado, tomato, onion, lemon, spices, rusks, chips
2600 AMD

Toast avocado scramble
#160 Toast avocado scramble
yeast bread, avocado, tomato salsa, scramble
3400 AMD

Avocado roll
#161 Avocado roll
avocado, shrimp, chuka, sesame sauce, tomato salsa, spinach, sesame, spicy spice
4600 AMD

Crispy avocado
#162 Crispy avocado
hummus, edamame, crispy avocado, rusk, edamame pea
2700 AMD

Guacamole set
#163 Guacamole set
broccoli, avocado, jalapeno, avocado, mango, strawberry, pineapple, dried tomatoes, walnuts, dry bread
3700 AMD

Bao burger with veal
#164 Bao burger with veal
veal, bao bread, kale, wasabi, mayo sauce, avocado
3300 AMD

Bao burger with chicken
#165 Bao burger with chicken
chicken, bao bread, avocado, chicken breast, spicy mayo sauce, mango chili sauce
2900 AMD

Sushi and roll
#7 Philadelphia
6 pieces rice, nori, cream cheese, avocado, salmon, guacamole
5700 AMD

Avocado strawberry eel
#18 Avocado strawberry eel
6 pieces rice, nori, cream cheese, eel, strawberry, avocado, unagi sauce, avocado puree
4600 AMD

Sashimi with eel
#22 Sashimi with eel
2 pieces eel, unagi, sesame
4100 AMD

3800 AMD

Tempura with shrimps
#27 Tempura with shrimps
6 pieces nori, rice, cream cheese, avocado, spinach, tempura, shrimp
3300 AMD

Crispy avocado
#31 Crispy avocado
6 pieces rice, nori, cream cheese, crispy avocado, eel, unagi, sesame
4600 AMD

Crispy seafood mix
#34 Crispy seafood mix
6 pieces shrimp, salmon, tuna, eel, seafood, green onions, sesame, spicy sauce, rice, nori, cream cheese
3900 AMD

Smoked salmon
#38 Smoked salmon
6 pieces smoked salmon, green onion, avocado puree, trout caviar, nori, rice, cream cheese
4700 AMD

Salmon avocado
#42 Salmon avocado
6 pieces rice, nori, salmon, avocado, trout caviar, lemon dressing, spicy spice
3900 AMD

Shrimp and caviar
#48 Shrimp and caviar
5 pieces shrimp 50g, caviar, cucumber, green onion, spicy sauce
3300 AMD

#49 Hand roll with a seafood
6 pieces nori, rice, seafood, spicy sauce
2700 AMD

Shrimp and avocado
#51 Shrimp and avocado
5 pieces shrimp, mix leaves, avocado, spicy shrimp, sesame
3400 AMD

Salmon gravlax
#53 Salmon gravlax
5 pieces salmon gravlax, avocado, potato, kale
5400 AMD

Avocado and salmon
#55 Avocado and salmon
5 pieces salmon with mango puree, cream cheese, salmon, mango puree, spicy spice
3200 AMD

Sushi with salmon
#56 Sushi with salmon
2pc, rice, salmon fillet, ginger, wasabi
1600 AMD

Sushi with eel
#57 Sushi with eel
2pc, rice, eel, ginger, wasabi
2200 AMD

Hand roll with salmon
#58 Hand roll with salmon
2pc, rice, salmon fillet, ginger, wasabi, nori, green onion, sesame
2300 AMD

Hand roll with eel
#59 Hand roll with eel
2pc, rice, eel fillet, ginger, wasabi, nori, green onion, sesame
2900 AMD

Hand roll with shrimp
#60 Hand roll with shrimp
2pc, rice, small shrimp, ginger, wasabi, nori, green onion, sesame
2100 AMD

Sashimi with salmon
#61 Sashimi with salmon
salmon fillet 60gr
3300 AMD

700 AMD

#82 Mashed potatoes with truffles
mashed potatoes with butter, fresh truffles, parmesan cheese
2600 AMD

#83 Batat with tomato marmalade and avocado
batat, tomato marmalade, avocado sauce, green onions, spicy spice
2200 AMD

Avocado tart
#66 Avocado tart
coconut cream, avocado cream, raspberry, blueberry, pistachio
2300 AMD

Waffle with avocado and peach
#78 Waffle with avocado and peach
grilled peaches, toast, avocado, cream cheese, bacon, dill
2800 AMD

Avocado dessert
#79 Avocado dessert
chocolate mix, avocado mousse, berry filling
3500 AMD

2300 AMD

Hot dishes
#85 Sibas
sibas 200 gr, avocado, tomato salsa, spinach, ponzo sauce, spicy spice
8200 AMD

#87 Batat
batat, avocado cream, spicy spice, green onion, lemon cedar, wild rice, greens
3300 AMD

#88 Rabbit thigh with celery root puree
potatoes, avocado cream, spicy spice, green onion, lemon cedar, wild rice, greens
4700 AMD

Duck breast with batat puree
#91 Duck breast with batat puree
170-180g duck breast, potato puree, tomato marmalade, rice popcorn, spicy spice
6900 AMD

Chicken with polenta
#92 Chicken with polenta
chicken 250 gr polenta puree, mushroom champignon, onion, garlic
4800 AMD

Veal fillet with salsa and grilled avocado
#94 Veal fillet with salsa and grilled avocado
veal fillet 200 gr grilled avocado, fresh tomatoes, avocado, spicy spice, tomato salsa
5900 AMD

Shrimp wrap
#95 Shrimp wrap
shrimp 135-140g, mushrooms, spices, spicy sauce
4800 AMD

Trout, avocado, ponzu
#96 Trout, avocado, ponzu
avocado, spicy sauce, trout made in jasper, ponzo, spinach, sauce, trout fillet 180-200gr
5200 AMD

Tartar with veal and parmesan
#97 Tartar with veal and parmesan
veal 50-60g, rusks, cheese Parmesan, truffles
3900 AMD

Ribay steak with avocado puree
#98 Ribay steak with avocado puree
veal fillet 120-140g, in steak dough, served with avocado puree
7400 AMD

Cream soup with broccoli
#99 Cream soup with broccoli
broccoli puree, yogurt, almond leaves, spicy spice
2100 AMD

Tom yam
#100 Tom yam
tom yam broth, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, coconut milk, chili peppers, coriander leaves, lime
4500 AMD

Chicken and salsa verde
#101 Chicken and salsa verde
chicken fillet sliced, orzo pasta, chicken broth, salsa verde sauce
2100 AMD

Shrimp with squid
#102 Shrimp with squid
squid, shrimp, corn
3200 AMD

Pasta and risotto
Risotto with seafood
#103 Risotto with seafood
pesto sauce, seafood 50g, fennel root, lemon dressing, rice, parmesan cheese
4400 AMD

Marinated rabbit risotto
#104 Marinated rabbit risotto
rabbit meat 45-50g, cherry, spinach, marinara sauce, parmesan
3200 AMD

Fettuccine with mushroom and truffles
#105 Fettuccine with mushroom and truffles
mushroom 45 g, cream cheese 50g, fresh truffles
3700 AMD

Spaghetti with seafood
#106 Spaghetti with seafood
salsa sauce, salmon, shrimp, squid, seafood 100g, spicy spice, lemon cedar, parmesan, greens
4900 AMD

Orzo risotto with chicken
#107 Orzo risotto with chicken
mushrooms, white sauce, risotto, chicken breast 100gr
3100 AMD

Salads and appetizers
Avocado salad
#116 Avocado salad
avocado, tomato, cucumber, spicy sour cream sauce, coriander sauce, basil
2100 AMD

Roast beef
#119 Roast beef
tomato, pesto sauce, mix leaves, eggplant puree, grilled veal fillet 60 gr, soy sauce, sesame sauce, spicy spice
3300 AMD

Big green salad
#120 Big green salad
avocado, mix leaves, dried tomatoes, mizuna, spinach, pok choi, greek nuts, soy, lemon and sesame sauce
4600 AMD

Buratta pancella
#121 Buratta pancella
buratta, rusks, tomatoes, oranges, ponzo sauce, pickled onions
4100 AMD

Duck salad
#122 Duck salad
mix leaves, dates, tomato, avocado, soy-based sauce, grilled duck breast 80 gr, sesame
4500 AMD

Avocado bol
#123 Avocado bol
fresh salmon, avocado, edamame, quinoa, chuka, soy, sesame and ponzo sauces, sesame
4800 AMD

#124 Edamame with sea salt
edamame seasoned with sea salt
1900 AMD

Bao with duck meat
#126 Bao with duck meat
60g duck meat, corn kernels, avocado mash, spinach, lemon cedar, hoisin sauce
3300 AMD

Bao with shrimp
#127 Bao with shrimp
50 g shrimp, spicy sauce, spice mayo, spinach, lemon cedar
3100 AMD

Bao with rabbit meat
#128 Bao with rabbit meat
rabbit meat 60 gr, avocado, spinach, green onion, unagi sauce
3100 AMD

Shrimp with wasabi sauce
#129 Shrimp with wasabi sauce
crispy shrimp 80g, avocado mash, mix leaves, lime dressing, wasabi based sauce, green onion
3400 AMD

Shrimp bol
#130 Shrimp bol
shrimp, avocado, corn kernels, cherry, mango, mandarin, lemon cedar, sesame
4600 AMD

Shrimp popcorn
#131 Shrimp popcorn
80 g shrimp, spicy spice, spice mayo, wasabi sauces
4100 AMD

Tartar with tuna
#132 Tartar with tuna
avocado puree, tuna, citrus sauce, spicy spices, chips
4700 AMD

#133 Tartar with salmon
salmon, avocado puree, tuna, citrus sauce, spicy spices, chips, ponzo sauce, green onions
4300 AMD

Octopus and squid popcorn
#136 Octopus and squid popcorn
octopus and squid with spicy mango sauce in the dough 150gr
4900 AMD

Tartar with veal, parmesan and truffles
#137 Tartar with veal, parmesan and truffles
yolk based sauce, parmesan, truffle, spices, rusks, veal 60g
3900 AMD

Crispy trout
#138 Crispy trout
trout fillet, mix leaves, caviar, avocado, orange, maracuia sauce
3600 AMD

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14 Jan 2022
Lianna G.
06 Jan 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Avocado Queen
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