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Basturma Cafe-Store.SandwichesLavash with basturma and omletteLavash with sujuk and omeletteLavash-burger with chickenLavash-burger with beefSandwich with homemade sausage in lavashByorekByorek with meatByorek with cheesePiePie with potatoPie with meatCold AppetizersDessertPakhlavaSoft drinksSpring water Byuregh 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5l Burger and Sandwich
Basturma Cafe-Store

Burger and Sandwich
Working hours
09:00 - 00:00
Delivery fee 400AMD

Basturma Cafe-Store

գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Basturma Cafe-Store
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