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GM s Burger Bar.SaladsCaesar saladCaesar with shrimpGreek saladFunchoza with chickenPastaGM s pastaSpaghetti CarbonaraSpaghetti with shrimpBurgers and sandwichesGM s bacon burgerGM s burgerVegan burgerBBQ burgerBeef burgerBacon burgerChicken burgerDouble chicken burgerCheesy Garry burgerClub sandwich smallClub sandwich bigNuggets sandwichChicken rollChicken BBQ rollChicken wrapCaesar rollKhachapuriHot DogGarnishFrench friesVillage potatoCheese sticks 4pcsCheese sticks 8pcsChicken nuggets 5pcsChicken nuggets 10pcsDessertSaucesSour sweet sauceCheese sauceCaesar sauceChili sauceBBQ sauceGarlic sauceKetchupMayonnaiseSoft drinksCoca Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lNatural juice Dobri 0.33lIced tea Fuze tea 0.5lRed Bull 0.25l European
GM s Burger Bar

Working hours
09:00 - 00:00

GM s Burger Bar

Caesar salad
#1 Caesar salad
250g, grilled chicken fillet, lettuce, Caesar sauce, croutons, Cherry tomato, cheese Parmesan
1150 AMD

Caesar with shrimp
#2 Caesar with shrimp
250g, shrimp, lettuce, Caesar sauce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, Cherry tomato
1850 AMD

Greek salad
#3 Greek salad
250g, tomato, cucumber, olive oil, Feta cheese, olives, lettuce
1100 AMD

Funchoza with chicken
#5 Funchoza with chicken
260g, grilled chicken breast, funchoza, carrot, pepper, cucumber, sesame, balsamic
1350 AMD

GM s pasta
#6 GM s pasta
280g, spaghetti, champignons, chicken fillet, cream
1550 AMD

Spaghetti Carbonara
#7 Spaghetti Carbonara
280g, spaghetti, Parmesan cheese, egg, cream, bacon, pork fillet
1850 AMD

Spaghetti with shrimp
#8 Spaghetti with shrimp
280g, spaghetti, cheese, cream, shrimp
2800 AMD

Burgers and sandwiches
GM s bacon burger
#9 GM s bacon burger
crispy chicken fillet, GM s sauce, lettuce, cheese Chedder, grilled bacon, tomato
1350 AMD

GM s burger
#10 GM s burger
crispy chicken fillet, GM s sauce, lettuce, Cheddar cheese, pickled cucumber, tomato
1100 AMD

Vegan burger
#11 Vegan burger
lettuce, GM s sauce, cheese, cucumber, tomato, carrot, bell pepper, champignons
850 AMD

BBQ burger
#12 BBQ burger
crispy chicken fillet, pickled cucumber, cheese Cheeder, GM s sauce, BBQ sauce
1150 AMD

Beef burger
#13 Beef burger
beef cutlet, lettuce, cheese Chedder, tomato, pickled cucumber, GM s sauce
1550 AMD

Bacon burger
#14 Bacon burger
beef cutlet, grilled bacon, Cheddar cheese, GM s sauce, lettuce, tomato
1800 AMD

Chicken burger
#15 Chicken burger
grilled chicken fillet, melted cheese, GM s sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber
950 AMD

Double chicken burger
#16 Double chicken burger
2pcs grilled chicken fillet, 2pcs melted cheese, GM s sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber
1650 AMD

Cheesy Garry burger
#16 Cheesy Garry burger
crispy chicken fillet, GM s sauce, cheese sauce, cheese Cheddar, tomato
1150 AMD

Club sandwich small
#17 Club sandwich small
2pcs, grilled chicken breast, melted cheese, pickled cucumber, GM s sauce, lettuce, tomato
800 AMD

Club sandwich big
#18 Club sandwich big
3pcs, grilled chicken breast, ham, melted cheese, GM s sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, French fries, ketchup
1750 AMD

Nuggets sandwich
#22 Nuggets sandwich
chicken nuggets, cheese Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, GMs sauce
1150 AMD

Chicken roll
#23 Chicken roll
grilled chicken fillet, Chedder cheese, ham, tortilla, GM s sauce
850 AMD

Chicken BBQ roll
#24 Chicken BBQ roll
crispy chicken fillet, BBQ sauce, cheese Chedder, pickled cucumber, tortilla, GM s sauce
950 AMD

Chicken wrap
#25 Chicken wrap
grilled chicken fillet, lettuce, GM s sauce, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, 2 types of cheese, tortilla
950 AMD

Caesar roll
#26 Caesar roll
tortilla, juicy crispy chicken fillet, caesar sauce, crispy lettuce, tomato
950 AMD

Hot Dog
Cheese sauce
200 AMD

Caesar sauce
200 AMD

Chili sauce
200 AMD

BBQ sauce
200 AMD

Garlic sauce
200 AMD

100 AMD

100 AMD

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Станислав С.
13 Jan 2022
Hasmik G.
11 Jan 2022
Veryy tasty
29 Dec 2021
Станислав С.
28 Dec 2021
Станислав С.
28 Dec 2021
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