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Salad Capocollo
#1 Salad Capocollo
lettuce, pancetta, caper, olives, olive oil
3450 AMD

Salad Caesar
#2 Salad Caesar
chicken, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, Cherry tomato, croutons, sauce
2600 AMD

Salad Greek
#3 Salad Greek
cucumber, tomato, Bell pepper, lemon, oregano, olives, cheese Feta
2450 AMD

Salad Caprese
#4 Salad Caprese
tomato, cheese Mozzarella, green basil, Balsamic, sauce Pesto
1900 AMD

Salad Roast Beef
#5 Salad Roast Beef
eggplant, squash, tomato, Bell pepper, beef, cheese, sour cream, nuts, olive oil
4200 AMD

Salad Tuna
#6 Salad Tuna
fish Tuna, green bean, caper, tomato, olive, egg
3950 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#8 Pasta Bolognese
pasta Penne, beef, olive oil, cheese Parmesan, Bell pepper, tomato, wine, onion
2550 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#10 Pasta Carbonara
pasta Spaghetti, cheese Parmesan, egg, bacon, cream, white wine
2950 AMD

Pasta Pesto
#200 Pasta Pesto
pasta tortilioni, Pesto sauce, cheese Parmesan, onion
2800 AMD

Pasta Alfredo
#201 Pasta Alfredo
penne, chicken breast, champignons, cheese Parmesan, onion, cream
2650 AMD

Broccoli cream soup
#15 Broccoli cream soup
broccoli, potatoes, milk, cream, onion
1600 AMD

Tomato cream soup
#16 Tomato cream soup
chicken breast, tomato, cream, bulgur
1600 AMD

Hot dishes
Chicken quesadilla
#206 Chicken quesadilla
chicken breast, Chedder cheese, served with calslaw salad and sour cream
2650 AMD

Beef quesadilla
#207 Beef quesadilla
beef, Chedder cheese, served with calslaw salad and sour cream
3500 AMD

Veal fillet with cream sauce
#214 Veal fillet with cream sauce
veal sirloin, cream, champignons, zecchini, bell pepper, mix salad
4900 AMD

Beef steak
#222 Beef steak
beef fillet, village potato, pepper sauce
5950 AMD

Sandwich and burger
Club sandwich
#18 Club sandwich
chicken, cucumber, tomato, ham, cheese, olives
2250 AMD

Chicken sandwich
#19 Chicken sandwich
chicken breast, red pepper, celery, mayonnaise
1950 AMD

Tuna sandwich
#20 Tuna sandwich
fish Tuna, pickled cucumber, lettuce
2850 AMD

Philadelphia steak sandwich
#21 Philadelphia steak sandwich
beef, mushroom, pepper, cheese, lettuce, onion
3500 AMD

Impresso Burger
#223 Impresso Burger
veal, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, jalapeno
3500 AMD

Cheesecake New York
2200 AMD

Coffee Espresso
1000 AMD

Coffee Americano
1200 AMD

Coffee Cappuccino
1500 AMD

Coffee Latte Maciato
1800 AMD

Coffee Frapuccino
1800 AMD

Coffee Glase
1500 AMD

Coffee Premium
1750 AMD

Coffee De Luxe
1800 AMD

Coffee Special Bar
1500 AMD

Coffee Ethopia
2200 AMD

Coffee India
2200 AMD

Coffee Brasil
2200 AMD

Coffee El Salvador
2200 AMD

Hot Chocolate
1800 AMD

Iced Chocolate Fredo
1900 AMD

Milkshake Bounty
1800 AMD

Milkshake Kit Kat
1800 AMD

Milkshake Mars
1800 AMD

Milkshake Oreo
1800 AMD

Milkshake Snickers
1800 AMD

Milkshake Twix
1800 AMD

Milkshake Kinder
1800 AMD

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