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Louis Charden.BreadBaguette Parisienne Baguette seigle (rye baguette) breadBaguette Cereales breadBread Borodinsky breadPain Seigle rye breadCereal breadBreakfast 09:00-12:00Home made Mixed Berries YogurtHome made Dry Fruits YogurtHome made Curd Yogurt with BerriesBreakfast SetsEnglish breakfastMadridian breakfastLouis favourite breakfastLight BreakfastOmelette with ham and cheeseOmelette with tomatoesOmelette with mushroomsSyrnikiStraciatella with berry pureeWhipped omelet with avocado and baconFrench crepe AvocadoDetox avocado toastAvocado and bacon setAvocado and quinoa setEgg BenedictFrench toast benedict with cheeseCroissant benedict with hamEgg benedict with salmonEgg benedict with baconFresh Made YogurtsCurd yogurt with berriesCurd yogurt with dried fruitsYogurt with berriesCroissantsCroissant classicCroissant with CheeseCroissant ChocolatePain aux RaisinsCroissant "Cravate"Danish croissant with appleDanish croissant with pineappleDanish croissant with fruitsSpirale CannelleCinnamon rollCinnamon roll with chocolateSandwichesCroissant with JambonCroissant caesarClub sandwich with chicken and baconRoast Beef sandwichChicken quesadillaSaladSalad Organic QuinoaChicken Caesar SaladArugula with pear and Roquefort cheeseSalad Yarrow with veal meatThai chicken saladGreek SaladGarnishFrench friesVillage potatoVegetable grillSoupsBroccoli Cream-soupMushroom Cream-soupChicken and Rice soupItalian PastaPasta CarbonaraFettuccine AlfredoPasta with tomato and olivesLasagnaFettuccine BologneseMain DishesChicken fillet with avocado and riceChicken fillet with curry sauce and riceShrimp with zucchiniChicken breast with ParmesanSteak "Tagliata Di Manzo"Salmon steakDessertRed VelvetTruffle cakeHoney cakeVerdiFramboiseApple tartSeasonal fruit tartMacaroonVanilla ÉclairChocolate EclairLava CakeChocolate cantucciClassic cantucciBrown cookieCaramel Ben cookiesChocolate Ben cookieRaisins cookieChocolate cookieCakeCarrot cakeHoney cake smallHoney cake Le Miel Cake Truffle smallCake Truffle bigCake Red Velvet smallRed Velvet BigSeasons cake French
Louis Charden

Working hours
08:30 - 23:00

Louis Charden

Breakfast Sets
English breakfast
#31 English breakfast
2 fried eggs, village potatoes, sausages (2 pcs), bacon, beans, cherry tomatoes, toast
3600 AMD

Madridian breakfast
#32 Madridian breakfast
Croissant, natural juice, yogurt, Moutabal, Hummus, Tabbouleh, bread
2800 AMD

Louis favourite breakfast
#33 Louis favourite breakfast
Croissant, egg, ham, avocado cream, yogurt, cheese, butter, jam, bread
3400 AMD

Light Breakfast
Omelette with ham and cheese
1400 AMD

Omelette with tomatoes
1400 AMD

Omelette with mushrooms
1400 AMD

1800 AMD

French crepe
#42 French crepe
French crepe with truffle sauce, salmon and poached egg
4200 AMD

Detox avocado toast
#44 Detox avocado toast
avocado, toast-baguette
2400 AMD

Avocado and bacon set
#46 Avocado and bacon set
avocado toast with feta cheese, spinach, 2 fried eggs
3400 AMD

Avocado and quinoa set
#47 Avocado and quinoa set
avocado, quinoa, pumpkin, poached egg, toast-baguette
2400 AMD

Egg Benedict
French toast benedict with cheese
#49 French toast benedict with cheese
toast, 2 eggs benedict, fresh rucola salad
2400 AMD

Croissant benedict with ham
#50 Croissant benedict with ham
classic croissant, 2 eggs benedict, ham, fresh rucola salad
2600 AMD

Egg benedict with salmon
#51 Egg benedict with salmon
toast-baguette, 2 eggs benedict, salmon fillet, fresh rucola salad
3800 AMD

Egg benedict with bacon
#52 Egg benedict with bacon
toast-baguette, 2 eggs benedict, bacon, fresh rucola salad
2600 AMD

Croissant with Jambon
#89 Croissant with Jambon
classic croissant, ham, Mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, cucumber
2200 AMD

Croissant caesar
#90 Croissant caesar
classic croissant, chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, Ceaser sauce
2200 AMD

Club sandwich with chicken and bacon
#91 Club sandwich with chicken and bacon
chicken fillet, bacon, Mozzarella, tomato, pickles, served with French fries
2800 AMD

Roast Beef sandwich
#92 Roast Beef sandwich
baguette, veal fillet, Mozzarella, tomato, rucola
3400 AMD

Chicken quesadilla
#93 Chicken quesadilla
tortilla, chicken fillet, Mozzarella, tomatoe, jalapeno, pickles
1800 AMD

Salad Organic Quinoa
#130 Salad Organic Quinoa
quinoa, pomegranate, rucola, fresh vegetable
2600 AMD

Chicken Caesar Salad
#133 Chicken Caesar Salad
chicken fillet, lettuce, tomatoes, Caesar sauce
2400 AMD

Arugula with pear and Roquefort cheese
#134 Arugula with pear and Roquefort cheese
pear, rucola, Roquefort, lettuce, special sauce
2600 AMD

Salad Yarrow with veal meat
#135 Salad Yarrow with veal meat
veal fillet, rucola, lettuce, tomatoes
3600 AMD

Thai chicken salad
#136 Thai chicken salad
chicken fillet, cucumber, lettuce, Thai sauce
2200 AMD

Greek Salad
#137 Greek Salad
Feta, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, lettuce
2000 AMD

Italian Pasta
Pasta Carbonara
#175 Pasta Carbonara
bacon, cheese, spagetti, special sauce
2600 AMD

Fettuccine Alfredo
#176 Fettuccine Alfredo
chicken fillet, mushrooms, fettuccine, special sauce
2800 AMD

Pasta with tomato and olives
#177 Pasta with tomato and olives
tomatoes, olives, cheese, penne, special sauce
2400 AMD

2800 AMD

Main Dishes
Chicken fillet with avocado and rice
#197 Chicken fillet with avocado and rice
chicken fillet, avocado, rice, fresh rucola salad
3600 AMD

Chicken fillet with curry sauce and rice
#198 Chicken fillet with curry sauce and rice
chicken fillet, rice, curry sauce
2800 AMD

1650 AMD

600 AMD

Product not found
Classic cantucci
650 AMD

Brown cookie
950 AMD

Raisins cookie
650 AMD

Carrot cake
#288 Carrot cake
for 6-8 person
6800 AMD

Honey cake small
#290 Honey cake small
for 6-8 person
6800 AMD

Honey cake Le Miel
#291 Honey cake Le Miel
for 10-12 person
11200 AMD

Cake Truffle small
#293 Cake Truffle small
for 6-8 person
6800 AMD

Cake Truffle big
#294 Cake Truffle big
for 10-12 person
9800 AMD

Cake Red Velvet small
6800 AMD

Red Velvet Big
#296 Red Velvet Big
for 10-12 person
9800 AMD

Seasons cake
#301 Seasons cake
for 6-8 person
6800 AMD

No results found
Mushegh H.
18 Jan 2022
Gayaneh O.
16 Dec 2021
Frida V.
27 Sep 2021
Sidney N.
22 Aug 2021
usually ok, but today Apple tart & box ice cold like it come out of refrigerator. crossant hard as rock
12 Aug 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Louis Charden
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