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Mam.GameGame What is in the bagGame Let us playLet us get ready for school Made in Armenia

Made in Armenia
Working hours
09:00 - 00:00
Delivery fee 400AMD


Game What is in the bag
#1 Game What is in the bag
27 subject images, bag, 2 big cards, 9 two-sided cards, van be played in 7 ways, The game items are made of thick and high-quality cardboard made of ecologically clean materials.
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6900 AMD

Game Let us play
#2 Game Let us play
The game contains 48 subjective image-cards, 1 cards with question mark, 1 two-sided card for two and three drawings. The game can be played in many ways.
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6400 AMD

Let us get ready for school
#3 Let us get ready for school
107 game-exercises developing small-scale mobility, attention, spatial orientation, speech, and thinking in one book
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3900 AMD

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