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MilAni.New Year OfferNew Year Composition N1 New Year Composition N2New Year Composition N3BouquetsBouquet N8Bouquet N29Bouquet N30Bouquet N31Bouquet N32Bouquet N36Bouquet N37Bouquet N38Bouquet N39Bouquet N40Bouquet N41Bouquet N42Bouquet N43Bouquet N44Bouquet N46Bouquet N47Bouquet N48Bouquet N49Bouquet N51Bouquet N52Bouquet N54Bouquet N57Bouquet N60Bouquet N61Bouquet N62Bouquet N63Bouquet N64Bouquet N65Bouquet N66Bouquet N67Bouquet N68Bouquet N69Bouquet N70Bouquet N72Bouquet N73Bouquet N74Bouquet N75Bouquet N77Bouquet N78Bouquet N79Bouquet N80Bouquet N81Bouquet N82Bouquet N83Bouquet N84Bouquet N85Bouquet N86Bouquet N87Bouquet N88Bouquet N89Bouquet N90Bouquet N91Bouquet N92Bouguet N93Bouquet N94Bouquet N95Bouquet N96Bouquet N97Bouquet N98Bouquet N99Bouquet N100Bouquet N101Bouquet N102Bouquet N103Bouquet N104Bouquet N105Bouquet N106Bouquet N107Bouquet N108Bouquet N109Bouquet N110Bouquet N111Bouquet N112Bouquet N113Bouquet N114Bouquet N115Bouquet N116Bouquet N117Bouquet N118Bouquet N119Bouquet N120Bouquet N121Bouquet N122Bouquet N123Bouquet N124Bouquet N125Bouquet N126Bouquet N127Bouquet N128Bouquet N129Bouquet N130Bouquet N131Bouquet N132Fruits Mix N1Fruits Mix N2Ferero RocherCompositionsComposition N1Composition N2Composition N4Composition N5Composition N6Composition N10Composition N11Composition N12Composition N13Composition N14Composition N18Composition N19Composition N20Composition N21Composition N22Composition N23Composition N27Composition N28Composition N29Composition N31Composition N32Composition N33Composition N34Composition N35Composition N36Composition N37Composition N38Composition N40Composition with teddyComposition N41Composition N42Composition N43Composition N44Composition N45Composition N46Composition N47Composition N48Composition N49Composition N50Composition N51Composition N52Composition N53Mens BoxComposition N54Composition N55Composition N56Composition N57Composition N58Composition N59Composition N60Composition N61Composition N62Composition N63Teddy BearRoses101 red roses101 white roses101 yellow rosesBalloonsBalloons N1Balloons N2Balloons N3Balloons N4Balloons N5Balloon N6Balloon N7Balloon N8 Flowers and Balloons

Flowers and Balloons
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New Year Offer
New Year Composition N1
#1 New Year Composition N1
30*45, flower, kit-kat, kinder, flakes, toys, symbolic decorative images
32000 AMD

 New Year Composition N2
#3 New Year Composition N2
25/45, Fir branches, candle, kinder candy 5 pieces, cones, toy
22000 AMD

New Year Composition N3
#4 New Year Composition N3
30*30, spruce branches, 2 candles, cones, decorative branches, fluff, cotton flower
22500 AMD

Bouquet N8
#14 Bouquet N8
80-90cm, 25pcs 
40000 AMD

Bouquet N29
#35 Bouquet N29
roses, alstromeria, green leaves, seasonal flowers
12000 AMD

Bouquet N30
12000 AMD

Bouquet N31
#37 Bouquet N31
roses, alstromeria, tulips, seasonal flowers
12000 AMD

Bouquet N32
#38 Bouquet N32
gerbera, tulips
10000 AMD

Bouquet N36
#42 Bouquet N36
7 Ecuador roses, clustered roses
15000 AMD

Bouquet N37
#43 Bouquet N37
alstromeria, roses, gerbera, green leaves
12000 AMD

Bouquet N38
#44 Bouquet N38
40cm, Dutch roses, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Bouquet N39
#45 Bouquet N39
roses, chrisants, freesia, gypsofila
12000 AMD

Bouquet N40
#46 Bouquet N40
roses, alstromerias, chrisants, clustered roses, green leaves, sesaonal flowers
20000 AMD

Bouquet N41
#47 Bouquet N41
gerbera, seasonal flowers, roses, green leaves
13500 AMD

Bouquet N42
#48 Bouquet N42
gerbera, seasonal flowers, roses, green leaves
13500 AMD

Bouquet N43
#49 Bouquet N43
Roses, seasonal flowers
13500 AMD

Bouquet N44
#50 Bouquet N44
Roses, seasonal flowers
16000 AMD

Bouquet N46
#52 Bouquet N46
Roses, spray roses, Dutch leaves
20000 AMD

Bouquet N47
#53 Bouquet N47
roses, gypsophila, seasonal flowers
24000 AMD

Bouquet N48
#54 Bouquet N48
roses, seasonal flowers
17000 AMD

Bouquet N49
#55 Bouquet N49
60cm, Dutch roses, gerbera, spring roses, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Bouquet N51
#57 Bouquet N51
roses, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Bouquet N52
#58 Bouquet N52
50-70cm, 15pcs Dutch roses
25000 AMD

Bouquet N54
#60 Bouquet N54
tulips, alstroemeria, eucalyptus
14500 AMD

Bouquet N57
#63 Bouquet N57
5pcs roses, 3pcs spray roses, 3pcs gerbera, gypsophila, alstroemeria, chrysanthemum
18000 AMD

Bouquet N60
#66 Bouquet N60
7pcs Dutch roses, 7pcs spray roses, gypsophila, alstroemeria
25000 AMD

Bouquet N61
#67 Bouquet N61
19pcs, 60cm roses Jumilia
22000 AMD

Bouquet N62
#68 Bouquet N62
roses, seasonal flowers
12000 AMD

Bouquet N63
#69 Bouquet N63
14000 AMD

Bouquet N64
#70 Bouquet N64
101pcs pink roses
98000 AMD

Bouquet N65
#71 Bouquet N65
101pcs red and white roses
98000 AMD

Bouquet N66
#72 Bouquet N66
51pcs roses
59000 AMD

Bouquet N67
#73 Bouquet N67
roses, seasonal flowers
22000 AMD

Bouquet N68
#74 Bouquet N68
19 gerbera
13000 AMD

Bouquet N69
#75 Bouquet N69
roses, gypsophila
17000 AMD

Bouquet N70
#76 Bouquet N70
roses, gypsophila, alstroemeria, seasonal flowers
15000 AMD

Bouquet N72
#77 Bouquet N72
Jumilia roses
20000 AMD

Bouquet N73
#78 Bouquet N73
roses, seasonal flowers
18000 AMD

Bouquet N74
#79 Bouquet N74
roses, gerbera, seasonal flowers
15000 AMD

Bouquet N75
#80 Bouquet N75
roses, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Bouquet N77
#82 Bouquet N77
5pcs roses, 3pcs gerberas, astromeria, seasonal flowers
18500 AMD

Bouquet N78
#83 Bouquet N78
11pcs roses, fruitage, seasonal lisianthus, green
23000 AMD

Bouquet N79
#84 Bouquet N79
9pcs roses, chrysanthemum, lisianthus seasonal, seasonal flowers, fruitage
23000 AMD

Bouquet N80
#85 Bouquet N80
5pcs roses, colored astromeria, gerbera, green
18000 AMD

Bouquet N81
#86 Bouquet N81
5pcs roses, astromeria, lisianthus, seasonal flowers
18500 AMD

Bouquet N82
#87 Bouquet N82
660-70cm, 15pcs dutch rose
21000 AMD

Bouquet N83
#88 Bouquet N83
60-70cm, 29pcs dutch rose Jumilia
35000 AMD

Bouquet N84
#89 Bouquet N84
60-70cm, 21pcs dutch rose
24000 AMD

Bouquet N85
#90 Bouquet N85
60-70cm, 15pcs dutch rose
21000 AMD

Bouquet N86
#91 Bouquet N86
60-70cm, 29pcs dutch rose
35000 AMD

Bouquet N87
#92 Bouquet N87
Dutch roses 3 pcs, gerbera 3pcs, alstromeria, seasonal flowers
18000 AMD

Bouquet N88
#93 Bouquet N88
35sm, Dutch roses 7pcs, alstromeria, chrisants, seasonal flowers and leaves
22000 AMD

Bouquet N89
#94 Bouquet N89
35sm, Datch roses 5pcs, gerbera 2pcs, greens, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Bouquet N90
#95 Bouquet N90
30sm, Dutch roses 7pcs, seasonal flower
18000 AMD

Bouquet N91
#96 Bouquet N91
25sm, gerbera, alstromeria, chrisants
13000 AMD

Bouquet N92
#97 Bouquet N92
30sm, Dutch roses 5pcs, alstromeria, gipsofila, Dutch leaves
20000 AMD

Bouguet N93
#98 Bouguet N93
30sm, gerbera 2pcs, clustered, filed flowers
16800 AMD

Bouquet N94
#99 Bouquet N94
Dutch roses 7pcs, alstromeria, chrisants, Dutch leaves, gipsofila
24000 AMD

Bouquet N95
#100 Bouquet N95
chisants, alstromeria, greens, field flowers
13000 AMD

Bouquet N96
#101 Bouquet N96
30sm, Dutch roses 5pcs, gerbera 3pcs, seasonal flowers, greens
16800 AMD

Bouquet N97
#102 Bouquet N97
30sm, Dutch roses, alstromeria, seasonal flowers, greens
16800 AMD

Bouquet N98
#103 Bouquet N98
25pcs, 60cm, dutch roses
36000 AMD

Bouquet N99
#104 Bouquet N99
30cm, roses, astromeria, gypsophila, seasonal flowers, eucalyptus
14500 AMD

Bouquet N100
#105 Bouquet N100
30cm, roses, freesia, seasonal flowers
14500 AMD

Bouquet N101
#106 Bouquet N101
30cm, roses, gypsophila, eucalyptus, astromeria
14500 AMD

Bouquet N102
#107 Bouquet N102
35cm, roses, astromeria
14500 AMD

Bouquet N103
#108 Bouquet N103
25cm, roses, astromeria, seasonal flowers
14500 AMD

Bouquet N104
#109 Bouquet N104
25cm, roses, seasonal flowers
14500 AMD

Bouquet N105
#110 Bouquet N105
50-60cm, 11pcs, dutch roses
17500 AMD

Bouquet N106
#111 Bouquet N106
38cm, color gypsophila
20000 AMD

Bouquet N109
#114 Bouquet N109
35cm, roses, seasonal flowers
15000 AMD

Bouquet N110
#115 Bouquet N110
40sm, lisianthus
40000 AMD

Bouquet N113
#118 Bouquet N113
roses, lisianthus, seasonal flowers
17500 AMD

Bouquet N114
#119 Bouquet N114
roses, lisianthus, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Bouquet N115
#120 Bouquet N115
roses, lisianthus, chrysanthemum
22000 AMD

Bouquet N116
#121 Bouquet N116
roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus, seasonal flowers
24000 AMD

Bouquet N117
#122 Bouquet N117
40sm, Lisianthus
40000 AMD

Bouquet N118
#123 Bouquet N118
roses, seasonal flowers
17900 AMD

Bouquet N119
#124 Bouquet N119
roses, lisianthus, astromeria, seasonal flowers, 50 cm
30000 AMD

Bouquet N120
#125 Bouquet N120
jumilia roses, seasonal flowers, dutch leaves, 35 cm
22000 AMD

Bouquet N121
#126 Bouquet N121
bouquet of roses, gypsophila, chrysanthemum, 25 cm
20000 AMD

Bouquet N122
#127 Bouquet N122
roses, astromeria, lisianthus, seasonal flowers, 55cm
35500 AMD

Bouquet N123
#128 Bouquet N123
roses, hyposphila, hollandae leaves, seasonal flowers, 50cm
30000 AMD

Bouquet N124
#129 Bouquet N124
roses, chrysanthemum, gypsophila, green
24000 AMD

Bouquet N125
#130 Bouquet N125
roses, chrysanthemums, fruits
20000 AMD

Bouquet N126
17000 AMD

Bouquet N127
#132 Bouquet N127
roses, astromeria, seasonal flowers, 40cm
25000 AMD

Bouquet N128
#133 Bouquet N128
roses, astromeria, seasonal flowers, 30cm
22500 AMD

Bouquet N129
#134 Bouquet N129
roses, seasonal flowers, 28cm
17000 AMD

Bouquet N130
#135 Bouquet N130
roses, lisianthus, astromeria, 30cm
20000 AMD

Bouquet N131
#136 Bouquet N131
gerbera, astromeria, roses, chrysanthemum, 30cm
22000 AMD

Bouquet N132
#138 Bouquet N132
30cm, 5dutch roses, chrysanthemums, pampas, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Fruits Mix N1
#139 Fruits Mix N1
30cm, fruit mix, seasonal flowers
22000 AMD

Fruits Mix N2
#140 Fruits Mix N2
30cm, fruit mix, seasonal flowers
24000 AMD

Ferero Rocher
#141 Ferero Rocher
20pcs, gypsophilia
30000 AMD

Composition N1
35500 AMD

Composition N2
30000 AMD

Composition N4
63500 AMD

Composition N5
45000 AMD

Composition N6
37000 AMD

Composition N10
20500 AMD

Composition N11
27000 AMD

Composition N12
#178 Composition N12
7 tulips, clustered roses
28000 AMD

Composition N13
#179 Composition N13
5 Dutch roses, tulip, clustered roses, seasonal flowers
25000 AMD

Composition N14
#180 Composition N14
roses, chrisants
12000 AMD

Composition N18
#184 Composition N18
Dutch roses, alstromerias, Dutch leaves
21000 AMD

Composition N19
#185 Composition N19
11 Dutch roses
28000 AMD

Composition N20
#186 Composition N20
soft bear, Ferrero Rocher candies, honey
50000 AMD

Composition N21
#187 Composition N21
Panda soft toy, Panda candies
30000 AMD

Composition N22
#188 Composition N22
gerbera, chrisants, alsotromeria
12500 AMD

Composition N23
#189 Composition N23
gerbera, alstromeria, green leaves
12500 AMD

Composition N27
49900 AMD

Composition N28
#194 Composition N28
Kinder candies
35500 AMD

Composition N31
#197 Composition N31
5 Dutch roses, 5 gerberas, Dutch leaves, alstromeria, field flowers
22000 AMD

Composition N32
#198 Composition N32
pink Dutch clustered roses, gipsofila, chrisants
22000 AMD

Composition N33
#199 Composition N33
5 Dutch roses, gerbera, chrisants
20000 AMD

Composition N34
#200 Composition N34
3 Dutch roses, 3 gerbera, field flowers
16000 AMD

Composition N35
#201 Composition N35
yellow roses, gipsofila, seasonal flowers
21000 AMD

Composition N36
#202 Composition N36
Dutch roses, lisiantus, gipsofila, chrisants
25000 AMD

Composition N37
#203 Composition N37
gerbera, Dutch roses, lisiantus, Dutch leaves
30000 AMD

Composition N38
#204 Composition N38
roses, chrisants, seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Composition N40
#206 Composition N40
alstromeria, clustered pink and white roses, Dutch leaves, lilia, seasonal flowers, green leaves
15500 AMD

Composition with teddy
#208 Composition with teddy
alstromeria, gipsofila, roses, gerbera, seasonal flowers, soft bear
16000 AMD

Composition N41
#209 Composition N41
11 Dutch roses, 5 Gerberas, Gipsofila, Dutch leaves, the box is included
30000 AMD

Composition N42
#210 Composition N42
Dutch roses and leaves, seasonal leaves
24000 AMD

Composition N43
#211 Composition N43
Roses, Alstroemeria, Gipsofila
28000 AMD

Composition N44
#212 Composition N44
straberry bouquet
24000 AMD

Composition N45
#213 Composition N45
roses, greens, seasonal flowers
24000 AMD

Composition N46
#214 Composition N46
seasonal flowers
20000 AMD

Composition N47
20000 AMD

Composition N48
#216 Composition N48
gerbera, roses, seasonal flowers
15800 AMD

Composition N49
#217 Composition N49
5pcs spray roses, gypsophila, alstroemeria, tulip, wooden box
18000 AMD

Composition N50
20000 AMD

Composition N51
28000 AMD

Composition N52
#220 Composition N52
Kinder collection
16000 AMD

Composition N53
#221 Composition N53
roses, gerbera, sesaonal flowers
16000 AMD

Mens Box
26000 AMD

Composition N54
#223 Composition N54
7pcs Dutch roses, local roses, astromeria, green
21000 AMD

Composition N55
#224 Composition N55
8pcs roses, seasonal lisianthus, gypsophila, green
23000 AMD

Composition N56
#225 Composition N56
35cm, 15pcs dutch rose, gypsophila
22000 AMD

Composition N57
#226 Composition N57
40cm, 9-11pca dutch rose, gypsophila, chrysanthem, seasonal flowers
24000 AMD

Composition N58
#227 Composition N58
Raffaello box, 28pcs Kinder
28000 AMD

Composition N59
#228 Composition N59
30cm, 7pcs dutch rose, 3pcs gerbera, chrysanthem, fruits box included
18500 AMD

Composition N60
#229 Composition N60
40cm, 21pcs dutch rose, candy
38000 AMD

Composition N61
#230 Composition N61
Kitkat 25pcs, Kitkat bar, Kinder 2pcs, Nutella, soft toy
22000 AMD

Composition N62
#231 Composition N62
wine, Merci, Kitkat candies, Nestle bar, candles
26000 AMD

Composition N63
#232 Composition N63
Kit Kat 35 pieces, Nestle chocolate bar 10 pieces, Kinder egg 3 pieces, Kinder 12 pieces, bear 5 pieces, Nutella in a glass container 2 pieces, Nutella in a polymer box 3 pieces, Twix small 7 pieces
100000 AMD

Teddy Bear
#233 Teddy Bear
Snickers small 13pcs, Milka 4pcs, Milka chocolate 2pcs
360000 AMD

101 red roses
98000 AMD

101 white roses
98000 AMD

101 yellow roses
98000 AMD

Balloons N1
#239 Balloons N1
10pcs, helium gas, red, gold, silver, pink, green, blue
15000 AMD

Balloons N2
#240 Balloons N2
10pcs, helium gas, red, blue, green, yellow, orange blue, white
10000 AMD

Balloons N3
#241 Balloons N3
10pcs, khrom helium gas, red, gold, silver, pink, turquoise, purple, blue
12000 AMD

Balloons N4
#242 Balloons N4
10pcs, helium gas, gold
15000 AMD

Balloons N5
#243 Balloons N5
10pcs, helium gas, colorfull
15000 AMD

Balloon N6
#244 Balloon N6
12pcs, helium gas, mix
15000 AMD

Balloon N7
#245 Balloon N7
10pcs, latex helium gas balloons
13000 AMD

Balloon N8
#246 Balloon N8
10pcs, pastel helium gas balloons
12000 AMD

No results found
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