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Panda Yerevan.AppetizersPink hummus, avocado and goat cheeseSushi taco with salmonSpring roll with shrimpsBao with chickenSushi taco with vealBao with vealCaesar with crispy chickenThai beefGreekWith shrimps and avocadoWith funchoza and chickenSalmon poke bowlSaladsSliced steakOrange chickenHalal guysTempura shrimpAsian-style vealChicken with teriyaki sauceMain dishesChorizo quesadillaBurritoCrispy chicken burgerJack Daniels burgerJapanese hot dogFrench friesLoaded fries with chicken and baconLoaded fries with beefShrimp burgerChicken burger with sweet and spicy sauceChicken quesadillaClub sandwichFastfoodMargheritaPepperoniWith shrimpsChorizo and potatoSpicy chickenQuattro formaggiWith nutellaProsciutto - arugulaHam - mushroomPizzaSoft drinksMineral water Jermuk 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5lCoca-Cola 0.25lCoca-Cola Zero 0․25lSprite 0.25lFanta 0.25lBeerAlexandropol 0.33Corona 0.33Stella 0.33Ayinger 0.33Weihenstephan 0.5Fruh Kolsch 0.33 Asian, Pizza, European
Panda Yerevan

Asian, Pizza, European
Working hours
12:00 - 01:40

Panda Yerevan

Pink hummus, avocado and goat cheese
#85 Pink hummus, avocado and goat cheese
350 g pink hummus, avocado, goat cheese
2200 AMD

Sushi taco with salmon
#88 Sushi taco with salmon
2 pieces, 420 gr nori, rice, fresh salmon, chuka, sesame sauce, wasabi
3400 AMD

Spring roll with shrimps
#91 Spring roll with shrimps
8 pieces, 300 g carrots, ginger, funchosa, mango chili sauce, green onions
3500 AMD

Bao with chicken
#94 Bao with chicken
2 pieces, 280 gr crispy chicken, chinese cabbage, spicy sauce, coriander
2400 AMD

Sushi taco with veal
#96 Sushi taco with veal
2 pieces 450 gr, nori, toempura, rice, veal fillet, Chinese cabbage.
3500 AMD

Bao with veal
#97 Bao with veal
2 pieces 280 gr, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, veal fillet.
2700 AMD

Caesar with crispy chicken
#5 Caesar with crispy chicken
250 gr crispy chicken, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, new chips, caesar sauce
3300 AMD

Thai beef
#77 Thai beef
500 gr beef tenderloin, colored pepper, coriander, sauce
3600 AMD

#78 Greek
700 gr mix leaves, colored peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, rusks
2800 AMD

With shrimps and avocado
#79 With shrimps and avocado
400 gr mix leaves, shrimp, cucumber, pumpkin, avocado, cherry tomato, sauce
4300 AMD

With funchoza and chicken
#81 With funchoza and chicken
350 gr chicken breast, funchosa, carrot, cucumber, soybeans, sauce
2200 AMD

Salmon poke bowl
#82 Salmon poke bowl
Salmon, avocado, chuka, red cabbage, rice, Asian cucumber.
4200 AMD

Main dishes
Sliced steak
#6 Sliced steak
420 gr beef tenderloin, potatoes, stuffed hot peppers, sauce
5400 AMD

Orange chicken
#38 Orange chicken
600 gr rice, chicken, sweet and sour sauce, orange
3700 AMD

Halal guys
#39 Halal guys
650 gr rice, curry, chicken, tomato, sauce
3200 AMD

Tempura shrimp
#44 Tempura shrimp
Tempura, shrimp, udon, bell pepper, eggplant, pumpkin.
5100 AMD

Asian-style veal
#45 Asian-style veal
Tempura, veal fillet, bell pepper, eggplant, pumpkin, funchosa, green onion.
4900 AMD

Chicken with teriyaki sauce
#46 Chicken with teriyaki sauce
Chicken fillet, Chinese cabbage, white mushrooms, pickles, coriander.
3600 AMD

Chorizo quesadilla
#7 Chorizo quesadilla
4 pieces, 360 gr quesadilla with chorizo, tomato, coriander, jalapeno, sauces
3700 AMD

#50 Burrito
2 pieces, 500 gr rice, meat filling, jalapeno, tomato, cheddar, spicy chips, sauces
4100 AMD

Crispy chicken burger
#52 Crispy chicken burger
500 gr tomatoes, cucumbers, crispy chicken, cheddar, sauce, french fries
3300 AMD

Jack Daniels burger
#54 Jack Daniels burger
520 gr tomatoes, pickles, beef, jalapeno, cheddar, sauce, french fries
4300 AMD

Japanese hot dog
#56 Japanese hot dog
3 pieces, 260 gr chinese cabbage, shrimp, spicy sauce, lime
3600 AMD

French fries
1100 AMD

Loaded fries with chicken and bacon
#58 Loaded fries with chicken and bacon
500 gr chicken, bacon, jalapeno, tomato, cheddar, sauce, french fries
3900 AMD

Loaded fries with beef
#59 Loaded fries with beef
600 gr tomatoes, jalapeno, beef, cheddar, sauce, french frie
4300 AMD

Shrimp burger
#60 Shrimp burger
Shrimp, tempura, cheese, french fries, coriander.
4600 AMD

Chicken burger with sweet and spicy sauce
#61 Chicken burger with sweet and spicy sauce
Chicken fillet, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, french fries.
3500 AMD

Chicken quesadilla
#62 Chicken quesadilla
Chicken fillet, Bulgarian pepper, cheese, tomato, jalapeno.
3300 AMD

Club sandwich
#63 Club sandwich
Chicken fillet, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, cheese, french fries.
3500 AMD

#8 Margherita
50 cm, 8 pieces mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil
3800 AMD

#65 Pepperoni
50 cm, 8 pieces mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, basil
4100 AMD

With shrimps
#68 With shrimps
50 cm, 8 pieces mozzarella, white spicy sauce, shrimp, onion, coriander
5700 AMD

Chorizo and potato
#69 Chorizo and potato
50 cm, 8 pieces french fries, mozzarella, chorizo, white spicy sauce
5200 AMD

Spicy chicken
#70 Spicy chicken
50 cm, 8 pieces french fries, mozzarella, chorizo, white spicy sauce
4500 AMD

Quattro formaggi
#71 Quattro formaggi
50 cm, 8 pieces mozzarella, gouda, blue cheese, parmesan, basil
4100 AMD

With nutella
#72 With nutella
30 cm, 6 pieces nutella, lime, strawberry, walnut, basil
3100 AMD

Prosciutto - arugula
#73 Prosciutto - arugula
50 cm 8 pieces, tomato sauce, prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella.
5400 AMD

Ham - mushroom
#74 Ham - mushroom
50 cm 8 pieces, pesto sauce, pork, mushrooms, parmesan, mozzarella, green olives.
5400 AMD

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