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Rio Bar.Main DishesChivito Beef SandwichChivito Chicken SandwichSpecial Chivito Beef SandwichSpecial Chivito Chicken SandwichMilanesa Beef SandwichMilanesa Chicken SandwichMilanesa BeefMilanesa ChickenMilanesa Beef NapolitanaMilanesa Chicken NapolitanaEmpanada Beef and EggEmpanada Ham and CheeseEmpanada CapreseHot SandwichGramajoPastaPizzaGarnishFrench FriesMixed SaladDessertSauceKetchupMayonnaiseSauce GolfSoft DrinksPepsi 0.25lMirinda 0.25l7Up 0.25lSpring water Noy 0.5lMineral water Bjni 0.5lBeerBeer Kotayk Gold 0.5lBeer Stella Artois 0.33l European
Rio Bar

Working hours
18:00 - 23:30

Rio Bar

Main Dishes
Chivito Beef Sandwich
#1 Chivito Beef Sandwich
360g, bread, beef, ham, cheese Mozzarella, egg, tomato, lettuce
2100 AMD

Chivito Chicken Sandwich
#2 Chivito Chicken Sandwich
360g, bread, chicken, ham, cheese Mozzarella, egg, tomato, lettuce
2100 AMD

Special Chivito Chicken Sandwich
#4 Special Chivito Chicken Sandwich
406g, bread, chicken, ham, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce
2500 AMD

Milanesa Beef Sandwich
#5 Milanesa Beef Sandwich
362g, bread, beef, lettuce, tomato
2100 AMD

Milanesa Chicken Sandwich
#6 Milanesa Chicken Sandwich
362g, bread, chicken, lettuce, tomato
2100 AMD

Milanesa Beef
1900 AMD

Milanesa Chicken
1900 AMD

Milanesa Beef Napolitana
#9 Milanesa Beef Napolitana
360g, beef, ham, cheese Mozzarella, sauce, tomato
2500 AMD

Milanesa Chicken Napolitana
#10 Milanesa Chicken Napolitana
360g, chicken, ham, cheese Mozzarella, sauce, tomato
2500 AMD

Empanada Beef and Egg
#11 Empanada Beef and Egg
250g, 1pc, dough, beef, egg, onion
600 AMD

Empanada Ham and Cheese
#12 Empanada Ham and Cheese
160g, 1pc, dough, ham, cheese Mozzarella
600 AMD

Empanada Caprese
#13 Empanada Caprese
170g, 1pc, dough, tomato, cheese Mozzarella
600 AMD

Hot Sandwich
#14 Hot Sandwich
105g, bread, ham, cheese Mozzarella, butter
900 AMD

#15 Gramajo
490g, French fries, egg, ham, bacon, cheese Mozzarella, parsley
1500 AMD

French Fries
700 AMD

Mixed Salad
#33 Mixed Salad
160g, lettuce, tomato, onion
1000 AMD

200 AMD

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Jacob B.
05 Mar 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Rio Bar
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