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Santa Familia.Fresh meatPork ham Pork ham without bonesChicken breastHomemade chickenBeef osso bucoBeef loinBeef ham filletBeef back filetBeef filet Beef T boneBeef Ribeye steakPork loinPork ribsLamb machaLamb loinLamb ham rollLamb ham Lamb ribsLamb neckMinced meat without fatCheeseCheese SuluguniSheeps cheeseCheese Parmesan ZanettiCheese Lori IgitGoat horats cheese with greensGoat cheese with greensSheep Italian cheese Pecorino with tomatoesSheep Italian cheese Pecorino with rucolaSheep Italian cheese Pecorino with mushrooms tartufoCheese Dor BlueCheese GoudaSemi cooked productRavioli with beefRavioli with cheeseRavioli with vegetablesItalian meatballs chickenItalian meatballs beefBeef cutletChicken cutletIshli kuftaPancakeDolma with grape leavesDolma with cabbageAppetizersGavurmaSut dolma in grape leavesSalsa tomato sauceBorak with cheeseBorak with meatSujukh smallSujukh bigBasturma with fatBasturmaBasturma from back filletOlivesPork ham in ovenPashtet with beanLenten dolmaBreakfastBasturma omeletteTomato omelettePiesPie with meatPie with basturmaPie with potatoSaladPasta broccoli saladCabbage saladHummusTabuleSalad with beans and chickpeaSalad with potatoSandwichesBasturma omelette sandwichSujuk omelette sandwichRoast beef and cheese sandwichBasturma and cheese sandwichIshli Qufta with sauteed vegetablesDessertPakhlava dolmamaRoll with figs and walnutsHoney Semi-cooked product, Fresh Meat and Meat Products, Grocery store
Santa Familia

Semi-cooked product, Fresh Meat and Meat Products, Grocery store
Working hours
10:00 - 19:30

Santa Familia

Fresh meat
Pork ham
8000 AMD

Chicken breast
5000 AMD

Homemade chicken
#30 Homemade chicken
1 whole chicken, order a day before delivery
5000 AMD

Beef osso buco
7000 AMD

Beef loin
5000 AMD

Beef ham fillet
8000 AMD

Beef back filet
10000 AMD

Beef filet
10000 AMD

Beef T bone
7500 AMD

Beef Ribeye steak
8500 AMD

Pork loin
7500 AMD

Pork ribs
7000 AMD

Lamb macha
4500 AMD

Lamb loin
7500 AMD

Lamb ham roll
5500 AMD

Lamb ham
7500 AMD

Lamb ribs
7500 AMD

Lamb neck
4500 AMD

Semi cooked product
Ravioli with beef
6000 AMD

Beef cutlet
950 AMD

Chicken cutlet
950 AMD

Ishli kufta
900 AMD

400 AMD

Dolma with grape leaves
500 AMD

Dolma with cabbage
500 AMD

#83 Gavurma
the price is for 1kg, please contact operotor to clarify the gaurma weight at the moment
13000 AMD

Sut dolma in grape leaves
300 AMD

Salsa tomato sauce
#86 Salsa tomato sauce
price for 1kg, the whole weight is 400-450g, before ordering please contact operator 
1500 AMD

Borak with meat
800 AMD

Sujukh small
14000 AMD

Sujukh big
14000 AMD

Basturma with fat
1400 AMD

#92 Basturma
1490 AMD

550 AMD

Pork ham in oven
13500 AMD

Pashtet with bean
500 AMD

Lenten dolma
1000 AMD

Pie with meat
350 AMD

Cabbage salad
500 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

Pakhlava dolmama
1000 AMD

750 AMD

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