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Sushi Wok

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Sushi Wok

Fusion Roll
#28 Fusion Roll
8pcs, chicken breast, cheese, cucumber, masago, sesame seeds
4100 AMD

Unagi Roll
#29 Unagi Roll
8pcs, Eel, cucumber, chinese cabbage, sesame seeds
4900 AMD

Fhiladephia Roll cream cheese
#30 Fhiladephia Roll cream cheese
8pcs, salmon, cream cheese
4500 AMD

Vegetable Roll
#31 Vegetable Roll
8pcs, avocado, cucumber, chinese cabbage, pepper
3000 AMD

Texas Roll
#32 Texas Roll
8pcs, mussel, bacon, cucumber, cheese, sesame seeds
3700 AMD

Marocco Roll
#33 Marocco Roll
8pcs, salmon, cheese, crab, cucumber, masago, sesame seeds
4500 AMD

Philadelphia Eel Roll
#34 Philadelphia Eel Roll
8pcs, salmon, Eel, cheese
5500 AMD

Philadelphia Crab Roll
#35 Philadelphia Crab Roll
8pcs, salmon, crab, cheese
4200 AMD

Madagaskar Spicy Roll
#36 Madagaskar Spicy Roll
8pcs, Eel, crab, pepper, cucumber, green onion, cheese
4300 AMD

Philadelphia Shrimp Roll
#37 Philadelphia Shrimp Roll
8pcs, salmon, shrimp, cheese
4600 AMD

Philadelphia Mussel Roll
#38 Philadelphia Mussel Roll
8pcs, salmon, mussel, cheese
4000 AMD

Zim Zim Roll
#39 Zim Zim Roll
8pcs, salmon, cucumber, crab
3100 AMD

Picnic Roll
#40 Picnic Roll
8pcs, salmon, pepper, cucumber, dill, chinese cabbage, ginger
2900 AMD

Borneo Spicy Roll
#41 Borneo Spicy Roll
8pcs, chicken breast, cheese, chinese cabbage, pepper cucumber, sesame seeds
3200 AMD

Cunami Roll
#42 Cunami Roll
8pcs, smoked chicken breast, cheese, pepper, cucumber, French Fries
2800 AMD

Mizu Spicy Roll
#43 Mizu Spicy Roll
8pcs, salmon, cheese, cucumber, crab, masago, black sesame seeds
4500 AMD

Pyostri Roll
#44 Pyostri Roll
8pcs, salmon, masago, dill, tomato, cucumber, chinese cabbage
3000 AMD

Catana Roll
#45 Catana Roll
8pcs, masago, crab, cucumber, cheese, smoked chicken breast, French Fries
3700 AMD

Bravo Roll
#46 Bravo Roll
8pcs, cucumber, crab, salmon, cheese, masago
5850 AMD

California Sesame Roll
#47 California Sesame Roll
8pcs, crab, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds
3700 AMD

Prestige Roll
#48 Prestige Roll
8pcs, Eel, cheese, cucumber, sesame seeds, crab, masago
5450 AMD

Salmon Roll with Teriyaki sauce
#49 Salmon Roll with Teriyaki sauce
8pcs, salmon, cheese, tomato, chinese cabbage, masago, sesame seeds
3500 AMD

Tokyo Roll
#50 Tokyo Roll
8pcs, salmon, cheese, green onion, chinese cabbage, sesame seeds
3750 AMD

Fint Roll
#51 Fint Roll
8pcs, shrimp, cheese, masago, chinese cabbage, crab, sesame seeds
4800 AMD

California shrimp Roll
#52 California shrimp Roll
8pcs, crab, shrimp, masago, cucumber
3800 AMD

Tender Eel Roll
#53 Tender Eel Roll
8pcs, Eel, crab, avocado, cheese
6050 AMD

Philadelphia Chef Roll
#54 Philadelphia Chef Roll
8pcs, salmon, cucumber, cheese, avocado
4500 AMD

Philadelphia Roll
#55 Philadelphia Roll
8pcs, salmon, cheese, cucumber
4500 AMD

Fiesta Roll
#56 Fiesta Roll
8pcs, crab, chinese cabbage, cheese, sesame seeds
2700 AMD

Kiomi spicy Roll
#57 Kiomi spicy Roll
8pcs, shrimp, tomato, cheese, chinese cabbage, sesame seeds
3500 AMD

Philadelphia in Eel Roll
#58 Philadelphia in Eel Roll
8pcs, Eel, cheese, avocado, sesame seeds
4900 AMD

Nevada Roll
#59 Nevada Roll
8pcs, Eel, cheese, sesame seeds
4200 AMD

Philadelphia Shik Roll
#60 Philadelphia Shik Roll
8pcs, salmon, cheese, avocado, cucumber, masago
4500 AMD

California Masago Roll
#61 California Masago Roll
8pcs, crab, avocado, cucumber, masago
4100 AMD

Philadelphia Masago Roll
#62 Philadelphia Masago Roll
8pcs, salmon, cheese, cucumber, masago
4600 AMD

Fudji Spicy Roll
#63 Fudji Spicy Roll
8pcs, salmon, crab, tomato, cheese, spicy pepper
4500 AMD

Mini Roll
Mini Roll with cucumber
#65 Mini Roll with cucumber
8pcs, rice, nori, cucumber
1100 AMD

Mini Roll Crabic
#66 Mini Roll Crabic
8pcs, rice, nori, crab, cheese
2400 AMD

Mini Roll with salmon
#67 Mini Roll with salmon
8pcs, rice, nori, salmon
2450 AMD

Mini Spicy Roll with salmon
#68 Mini Spicy Roll with salmon
8pcs, rice, nori, salmon, spicy sauce
2550 AMD

Mini Roll with avocado
#69 Mini Roll with avocado
8pcs, rice, nori, avocado
1700 AMD

Mini Roll with chuka and cheese
#70 Mini Roll with chuka and cheese
8pcs, rice, nori, chuka, cheese
1800 AMD

Mini Roll with chuka
#71 Mini Roll with chuka
8pcs, rice, nori, chuka
1250 AMD

Mini Roll with cream cheese
#72 Mini Roll with cream cheese
8pcs, rice, nori, cheese
1250 AMD

Mini Roll salmon and cheese
#73 Mini Roll salmon and cheese
8pcs, rice, nori, salmon, cheese
2900 AMD

Mini Roll shrimps
#74 Mini Roll shrimps
8pcs, rice, nori, shrimp, cheese
2700 AMD

Mini Roll with Eel and cheese
#75 Mini Roll with Eel and cheese
8pcs, rice, nori, Eel, cheese
3100 AMD

Mini Roll with Eel
#76 Mini Roll with Eel
8pcs, rice, nori, Eel
2550 AMD

Sushi Salmon
#78 Sushi Salmon
1pc, rice, salmon
900 AMD

Sushi Shrimp
#79 Sushi Shrimp
1pc, rice, shrimp
900 AMD

Sushi Eel
#80 Sushi Eel
1pc, rice, Eel
1300 AMD

Sushi Chuka
#81 Sushi Chuka
1pc, rice, chuka
400 AMD

Sushi Masago
#82 Sushi Masago
1pc, rice, masago
700 AMD

Tori Unagi Spice
#83 Tori Unagi Spice
1pc, smoked chicken, Eel, sauce spice
950 AMD

Tori Spicy
#84 Tori Spicy
1pc, smoked chicken, sauce spice
600 AMD

Spicy Salmon
#85 Spicy Salmon
1pc, salmon, sauce spice
900 AMD

Spicy shrimp
#86 Spicy shrimp
1pc, shrimp, sauce spice
900 AMD

Spicy Eel
#87 Spicy Eel
1pc, Eel, sauce spice
1300 AMD

Spicy crab
#88 Spicy crab
1pc, crab, sauce
700 AMD

Spicy mussel
#89 Spicy mussel
1pc, mussel, sauce spice
700 AMD

Set N4
#91 Set N4
17pcs, Caliphornia in masago 8pc, Mini Roll Crabic 8pc, Spicy crab 1pc
6800 AMD

Set N9
#92 Set N9
25pcs, Catana 8pc, California with sesame seeds 8pc, Mini Roll Crab 8pc, Tori Spicy 1pc
9900 AMD

Set N2
#93 Set N2
18pcs, Fusion Roll 8pc, Kiomi Roll 8pc, Tori Spicy 1pc, Spicy Crab 1pc
8500 AMD

Set Magic of love
#94 Set Magic of love
32pcs, Philadelphia 8pc, Catana Roll 8pc, California in Masago 8pc, Mini Roll Crabic 8pc
14500 AMD

Set Filomania
#97 Set Filomania
32pcs, Philadelphia in masago 8pc, Philadelphia with cheese 8pc, Caliphornia sesame 8pc, Cucumber Roll 8pc
13800 AMD

Set N10
#98 Set N10
26pcs, Vegetable Roll 8pc, Mini Roll Avocado 8pc, Mini Roll Cucumber 8pc, Sushi Chuka 2pc
6500 AMD

Set N3
#100 Set N3
10pcs, Philadelphia with cheese 8pc, Tori Spicy 1pc, Sushi Shrimp 1pc
5800 AMD

Set N5
#101 Set N5
32pcs, Fusion Roll 8pc, Fiesta Roll 8pc, Mini Roll Crabic 8pc, Mini Roll with cucumber 8pc
9800 AMD

Set Super Shock
#102 Set Super Shock
32pc, California with sesame seeds 8pc, Fusion Roll 8pc, Mini Roll Crabic 8pc, Fudji Roll 8pc
14500 AMD

Soft Drinks
500 AMD

500 AMD

#110 Fanta
500 AMD

#111 Fanta
500 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

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