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Sushika.SushiPhiladelphiaCanadaUnagi rollGreek rollChuka rollSet N1Set N2Set N3Set N4Set N5Set N6Set N7Set N8Set N9Set N10Set N11Set N12Set N13Set N14Set N15Set N16Set N17Set N18Set N19Set N20Set N51Set N52Set N53Set N54Set N55Set N56Set N57Set N58Set N59Set N60Set N61Set N62Set N63Set N64Set N65Set N80Set N81Set N82Set N83Set N84Set N85Set N86Set N87Set N88Set N89Set N90Sushi setSoft drinksCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lWater Byuregh 0․5Mineral water Jermuk 0․5 Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Sushi

Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Sushi
Working hours
10:30 - 23:00


#121 Philadelphia
8 pieces rice, cheese, cucumber, avocado, salmon
3000 AMD

#132 Canada
8 pieces rice, eel, cheese, avocado, cucumber, sesame, unagi sauce
4450 AMD

Unagi roll
#140 Unagi roll
8 pieces rice, eel, cucumber, avocado, sesame, unagi sauce
3550 AMD

Greek roll
#161 Greek roll
8 pieces rice, cheese, greens, cucumbers, peppers, olives
1500 AMD

Chuka roll
#167 Chuka roll
8 pieces rice, cucumber, avocado, caviar, chuka
1900 AMD

Sushi set
Set N1
#10 Set N1
24 pieces Philadelphia, California with shrimp, Yasa maki
11500 AMD

Set N2
#14 Set N2
24 pieces Avocado roll, Sake maki, Canada
8900 AMD

Set N3
#18 Set N3
24 pieces Greek roll, Cheese roll, California with salmon
10500 AMD

Set N4
#21 Set N4
32 pieces Philadelphia, Spice Tuna, Avocado roll, Caesar roll
9900 AMD

Set N5
#24 Set N5
32 pieces Canada, Chuka roll, Kapa maki, Greek roll
11200 AMD

Set N6
#27 Set N6
40 pieces Philadelphia, Canada, Avocado roll, Maguro maki, Ebi maki
13800 AMD

Set N7
#30 Set N7
40 pieces California with salmon, Spice tuna, Kapa maki, Caesar roll, Alaska roll
15500 AMD

Set N8
#33 Set N8
40 pieces Yasai maki, Avocado roll, Kapa maki, Cheese roll, Chuka roll
8500 AMD

Set N9
#37 Set N9
64 pieces Philadelphia, Canada, California with shrimps, California with eel, roll Alaska, Unagi roll, Yasai maki, Spice tuna
30500 AMD

Set N10
#41 Set N10
72 pieces Canada, Philadelphia, Ebi roll, Cheese roll, Kapa maki, Avocado roll, Maguro maki, Ebi maki, Spice tuna
21800 AMD

Set N11
#42 Set N11
24pcs, California, Canada, Philadelphia
15200 AMD

Set N12
#43 Set N12
32pcs, Chicken tataki, Yasai roll, Ebi Maki, Avocado maki
12600 AMD

Set N13
#44 Set N13
32pcs, Philadelphia tataki, Chicken tataki, Sake tataki, Tuna tataki
20800 AMD

Set N14
#45 Set N14
40pcs, Greek roll, Yasai roll, Cheese maki, Double cheese, Avocado maki
14400 AMD

Set N15
#46 Set N15
40pcs, Greek roll, Yasai roll, Capa maki, Avocado maki, Daikon maki
12600 AMD

Set N16
#47 Set N16
40pcs, Unagi black, Unagi maki, Sake tataki, Kapa maki, Avocado maki
20400 AMD

Set N17
#48 Set N17
40pcs, Avocado roll, Philadelphia, Sake tataki, Kani maki, Unagi maki
22400 AMD

Set N18
#49 Set N18
48pcs, Philadelphia tataki, California, Spice tuna, Sake tataki, Avocado maki, Unagi maki
24400 AMD

Set N19
#50 Set N19
56pcs, Philadelphia, California, Canada, Sesame roll, Avocado roll, Spice tuna, Unagi maki
26600 AMD

Set N20
#51 Set N20
56pcs, Sake tataki, Unagi maki, Unagi black, Sesame roll, California, Philadelphia, Tuna roll
30200 AMD

Set N51
#53 Set N51
24 pieces Philadelphia, Avocado roll, Daikon roll
8200 AMD

Set N52
#57 Set N52
24 pieces Canada, Cheese capa, Alaska
9200 AMD

Set N53
#59 Set N53
32 pieces Spice tuna, Kapa maki, Chicken roll, California
9600 AMD

Set N54
#62 Set N54
32 pieces Chuka roll, Ebi roll, Avocado maki, Daikon roll
10200 AMD

Set N55
#66 Set N55
40 pieces Unagi black, California, Philadelphia, Tuna roll, Cheesecake
14600 AMD

Set N56
#68 Set N56
40 pieces Capa maki, Maguro maki, Avocado roll, Ebi roll, Canada
13200 AMD

Set N57
#71 Set N57
48 pieces Yasayi roll, California, Philadelphia, Cheese roll, Kappa maki, Maguro maki
12900 AMD

Set N58
#73 Set N58
64 pieces Ebi maki, Syake maki, Avocado maki, Daikon maki, Spice tuna, Chuka roll, Chicken roll, Canada
21200 AMD

Set N59
#76 Set N59
72 pieces Unagi black, Canada, California, Chuka roll, Ebi roll, Cheese maki, Chicken maki, Philadelphia, Avocado maki
20500 AMD

Set N60
#79 Set N60
80 pieces California, Avocado roll, Daikon roll, Philadelphia, Tuna roll, Cheese roll, Yasai roll, Kapa maki, Daikon maki
26300 AMD

Set N61
#80 Set N61
40 pieces, Philadelphia, California, Roll Daikon, Kapa maki, Yasai roll
12600 AMD

Set N62
#82 Set N62
48 pieces, Canada, Philadelphia, Yasai roll, Spice tuna, Kapa maki, Avocado maki
13800 AMD

Set N63
#84 Set N63
56 pieces, Tuna roll, Yasai roll, Daikon roll, Cheese roll, California, Kapa maki, Spice tuna
15200 AMD

Set N64
#86 Set N64
64 pieces, California, Alaska, Canada, Philadelphia, Tuna roll, Kapa maki, Avocado maki, Daikon maki
17800 AMD

Set N65
#89 Set N65
72 pieces, Philadelphia, Canada, Spice tuna, Chicken roll, Tuna roll, Daikon roll, Kapa maki, Yasai roll, Avocado maki
19100 AMD

Set N80
#90 Set N80
24pcs, Tataki Philadelphia, Sake tataki, tataki tuna
13900 AMD

Set N81
#93 Set N81
24 pieces, Sesame roll, Philadelphia, Kapa maki
9800 AMD

Set N82
#96 Set N82
24 pieces, Philadelphia tataki, Avocado roll, Chicken roll
10500 AMD

Set N83
#99 Set N83
32 pieces, Philadelphia, Spice tuna, Double cheese, Avocado maki
11500 AMD

Set N84
#102 Set N84
32 pieces, Canada, Kapa maki, Chicken tataki, Tataki tuna
12300 AMD

Set N85
#104 Set N85
40 pieces, Kani maki, Kapa maki, Maguro maki, Yasai roll, Sake maki
11300 AMD

Set N86
#106 Set N86
48 pieces, Philadelphia, Chicken tataki, Tuna roll, Avocado roll, Sesame roll, Kapa maki
12300 AMD

Set N87
#108 Set N87
48 pieces, Ebi roll, California, Philadelphia tataki, Yasai roll, Avocado maki, Bonito roll
14800 AMD

Set N88
#110 Set N88
56 pieces, Sake tataki, Canada, Greek roll, Avocado roll, Kani maki, Kapa maki, Daikon maki
16800 AMD

Set N89
#112 Set N89
64 pieces, Sesame roll, Double cheese, Philadelphia, California, Yasai roll, Spice tuna, Kapa maki, Chicken roll
16500 AMD

Set N90
#114 Set N90
72 pieces, California, Unagi black, Tuna roll, Philadelphia tataki, Chicken tataki, Double cheese, Cheese kapa, Kani maki, Daikon maki
21900 AMD

Soft drinks
Water Byuregh 0․5
250 AMD

Mineral water Jermuk 0․5
250 AMD

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24 Jan 2022
15 Jan 2022
Arman B.
12 Jan 2022
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