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Cheese Balls
#1 Cheese Balls
cheese Mozzarella, Gouda, paximat, cheese sauce
2800 AMD

Hot Dishes
Chicken Cream
#13 Chicken Cream
chicken breast, mushroom and cream
4900 AMD

#15 4TEEN Hot
beef fillet, tomato, eggplant, cream
6200 AMD

4TEEN Ribs
#16 4TEEN Ribs
pork ribs, village potato, griled bbq pepper, and cherry tomato
6400 AMD

#17 4TEEN Mix
pork boneless, fried potato, fried pepper, cherry tomato
7400 AMD

#20 Strombli
ham, orange, cheese, pesto
4300 AMD

Salad with Prunes
#24 Salad with Prunes
chicken, orange, prunes, nut
3200 AMD

Salad Thai Beef
#26 Salad Thai Beef
beef, bell pepper, spicy pepper, arugula, lettuce, sesame, onion, cherry tomato
3800 AMD

Salad Cairo
#29 Salad Cairo
chicken breast, tomato, cheese Mozzarella, creckers
2900 AMD

Salad Caesar
#31 Salad Caesar
chicken breast, cherry tomato, creckers, cheese Parmesan, lettuce, sauce
3300 AMD

Salad with Quinoa
#34 Salad with Quinoa
quinoa, bell pepper, cherry tomato, cucumber, avocado,
3900 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#47 Pizza Pepperoni
25cm, cheese Mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce
3600 AMD

Pizza 4TEEN
#53 Pizza 4TEEN
25cm, ham, cherry tomato, cheese Mozzarella, arugula
4100 AMD

Pizza Veggie
#55 Pizza Veggie
25cm, eggplant, pumpkin, pepper, tomato, mushroom, tomato sauce
3300 AMD

Mini Burger with Beef
#62 Mini Burger with Beef
beef, tomato, cheese, pickled cucumber
6500 AMD

Mini Burger with Chicken
#65 Mini Burger with Chicken
chicken breast, tomato, cheese, pickled cucumber
6100 AMD

4TEEN with Beef
#68 4TEEN with Beef
beef, egg, onion, tomato, lettuce
3100 AMD

4TEEN with Chicken
#71 4TEEN with Chicken
chicken fillet, egg, onion, tomato, lettuce
2800 AMD

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