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Flowers and Balloons
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Pledge of love
#43 Pledge of love
11 red Naomi roses 60-70cm
23700 AMD

Bouquet of 5 roses
#46 Bouquet of 5 roses
5 red roses, height of flowers 45-50cm
14200 AMD

Heart of white roses
#48 Heart of white roses
77 white roses, size 50x50cm
67400 AMD

Fascination of red roses
#50 Fascination of red roses
21 red roses, height of flowers 50-60cm
39700 AMD

#52 Fragility
19 white rose,height of flowers 45-50cm
38700 AMD

Basket of 25 red roses
#62 Basket of 25 red roses
25 dark red roses, height of roses 50-60cm
49400 AMD

51 Wonderful roses
#65 51 Wonderful roses
51 red roses, height of roses 40-50cm
94300 AMD

#69 Composition
3 red roses, alstroemeria, other plants, height of flowers 35x35cm
19300 AMD

Sparkling roses
#71 Sparkling roses
7 white and pink roses 60-70cm
15300 AMD

Cheerful mood
#73 Cheerful mood
27 red roses, size 40-50cm
55400 AMD

#77 Inspiration
7 yellow roses, height of flowers 60-70cm
15300 AMD

Charm of red roses
#83 Charm of red roses
15 Red Naomi roses, height of flowers 60-70cm
29300 AMD

Original gift
#89 Original gift
9 red roses in a glass container (15x15cm)
12500 AMD

Yellow roses
#91 Yellow roses
15 Dutch yellow roses, 50-60cm
38300 AMD

#93 Beauty
19 red and pink Dutch roses 50-60cm
38700 AMD

Wonderful combination
#95 Wonderful combination
21 Dutch yellow and pink roses 50-60cm MA-77
41400 AMD

Classic combination
#125 Classic combination
Bouquet of 11 red and white roses. Stem length: 45cm
21500 AMD

Bouquet of Scarlet Roses
#128 Bouquet of Scarlet Roses
Bouquet of 9 Holland Red Naomi sort red roses wrapped in white paper and tied with bow. Bouquet height is 50-60cm
19300 AMD

White and elegant
#130 White and elegant
15 white roses wrapped with paper. Stem length: 45-50cm
29400 AMD

Smile for Me
#134 Smile for Me
7 roses of Dutch sort Red Naomi designed with palm leaves and beutifully wrapped. Stem height is 60cm
15300 AMD

Pleasant Gift
#137 Pleasant Gift
7 yellow roses of Dutch sort Peni Lane designed with palm leaves and beutifully wrapped. Stem height is 60-70cm
15300 AMD

Colourful Roses
#143 Colourful Roses
bouquet of 17 colourful roses, wrapped in paper and tied with colourful bows, bouquet height is 45-50cm
35300 AMD

The Charm of the Red
#149 The Charm of the Red
the bouquet is made of 25 red roses and and ruskus leaves, wrapped in designer paper
53400 AMD

White Swan
#151 White Swan
bouquet of 25 white roses and ruskus, beautifully wrapped
53400 AMD

Classic Roses
#154 Classic Roses
bouquet made of 25 Holland sort Red Naomi roses, specially wrapped and designed 50-60cm
51000 AMD

#159 Roses
25 colourful roses of Dutch sort, 50-60cm
49700 AMD

Beautiful Combination
#168 Beautiful Combination
bouquet of 19 colorful roses, 45cm
39300 AMD

Colors of Summer
#172 Colors of Summer
bouquet of 25 colorful roses, 40-50cm
48300 AMD

Happy Mood
#174 Happy Mood
bouquet of 15 red, white and orange roses wrapped with paper
32400 AMD

Happy day
#178 Happy day
bouquet of 15 gerberas and ruskus leaves, designed in green like in photo, bouquet height is 40-50cm
21300 AMD

#180 Alstromerias
bouquet of 15 colourful alstroemerias, wrapped in green and tied with white bow, bouquet height is 50-60cm
19400 AMD

Bright Memory
#182 Bright Memory
7 red gerberas, leaves and decorative hearts
17300 AMD

Pink delight
#185 Pink delight
bouquet of 5 cute gerberas, wrapped in white and tied with pink bow
7200 AMD

Fragile bouquet
#187 Fragile bouquet
pink bouquet of 17 alstroemerias and seasonal small flowers, bouquet height is 45-50cm
24300 AMD

#189 Bouquet
bouquet of 17 colourful flowers, wrapped and tied with a bow
27400 AMD

Colourful Alstroemerias
#191 Colourful Alstroemerias
bouquet of 35 colourful alstroemerias wrapped in white.
27200 AMD

Pink roses and gerberas
#194 Pink roses and gerberas
this beautiful bouquet is made of 19 flowers in total
29400 AMD

Kiss of sun
#196 Kiss of sun
vivid bouquet of 21 colourful gerberas, the height of bouquet is 40-50cm
31300 AMD

Colorful bouquet
#198 Colorful bouquet
bouquet of 27 flowers designed as in the photo 15 roses, 11 alstroemeria, 3 gerberas
32400 AMD

#203 Rainbow
сolourful bouquet of 27 multicoloured gerberas, with the height of 40-50cm
31400 AMD

Happy Morning
#206 Happy Morning
pink bouquet of 21 flowers, designed and wrapped as in the photo, bouquet height is 40-50cm
32400 AMD

Pink roses and alstroemerias
#208 Pink roses and alstroemerias
bouquet of 29 flowers 9 roses, 20 stems of alstroemerias wrapped in pink
34500 AMD

Shining bouquet
#211 Shining bouquet
bouquet is made of 31 colourful gerberas, wrapped in green, bouquet height is 40-50cm
28500 AMD

Spring Magic
#214 Spring Magic
bouquet of 55 colorful alstromerias
38300 AMD

Fairy Bouquet
#216 Fairy Bouquet
bouquet of 9 pink roses and 15 alstromerias
27300 AMD

Smile Darling
#218 Smile Darling
bouquet of 17 colorful herberas
25400 AMD

Nice day
#395 Nice day
11 pink gerberas
14300 AMD

#405 Sunrise
15 Dutch Peni Lein roses with yelllow ribbon
19500 AMD

Basket Spring
#222 Basket Spring
wooden basket of 11 flowers, decorated with ruskus leaves
17200 AMD

Color game
#224 Color game
9 gerberas in a basket
19400 AMD

Floral Basket
#227 Floral Basket
a basket of 25 flowers, which include herberas, alstroemerias, greenery, 35X35cm
23200 AMD

Colourful basket
#229 Colourful basket
15 colourful gerberas designed with exotic leaves, basket size - 30X30cm
25400 AMD

Happy basket
#232 Happy basket
25 colourful gerberas designed in white-wood basket
34300 AMD

Basket of Alstroemerias
#234 Basket of Alstroemerias
55 colourful alstroemerias in a wooden basket
47400 AMD

Red Basket
#236 Red Basket
21 wonderful flowers are gathered in wooden basket, including 7 roses, 5 alstroemerias, 5 gerberas and 5 smallflowers, size is 40X30 cm
35400 AMD

Wonderful present
#254 Wonderful present
white basket of pink gerberas, pink and white alstroemerias, size is 40X30cm
27300 AMD

Loving Heart
#261 Loving Heart
heart arrangement of 77 pink and white roses
87400 AMD

Tasty Gift
#263 Tasty Gift
composition with soft bear and chocolates
32300 AMD

I Love You
#265 I Love You
compostition with colorful roses and Rafaello
27400 AMD

You are the only one
#415 You are the only one
8 red and 1 white rose in a vase, size 20x15cm
13700 AMD

Red and white fairy tale
#417 Red and white fairy tale
27 white and red roses, height 25X35cm
27400 AMD

Bear and roses
#425 Bear and roses
9 red roses in a glass container, white bear 35cm
23200 AMD

#428 Kindness
white bear 35cm, 8 red and 1 white roses in a glass container
23200 AMD

Beautiful collection
#439 Beautiful collection
11 white and red roses, grey bear 30cm, 3 heart-shaped balloons
38400 AMD

Sunny Day
#443 Sunny Day
bouquet of 11 colorful alstromerias
12300 AMD

Flowers in box
Rays of Sun
#297 Rays of Sun
9 yellow gerberas in a box
18400 AMD

#303 Tenderness
15 white roses in a box, arrangement size 50x30
27300 AMD

Fiery Love
#319 Fiery Love
35 red and orange roses in a box
42400 AMD

Bouquet of Spring
#321 Bouquet of Spring
15 colorful alstromerias in a box
27300 AMD

Spring Tenderness
#323 Spring Tenderness
7 colorful herberas in a box
27400 AMD

Simple and Beautiful
#325 Simple and Beautiful
15 yellow alstromerias in a box
24700 AMD

#327 Brightness
19 colorful herberas in a box
27500 AMD

Flowers and presents
Red and white roses in a box
#309 Red and white roses in a box
15 white and red roses in a box
27400 AMD

Bear and roses
#355 Bear and roses
red bear 60cm and an arrangement of 7 red roses with stem height of 50cm
42500 AMD

The best for my beloved
#358 The best for my beloved
red bear 35cm, 7 Holland sort red roses, chocolate pack Merci 250g
47300 AMD

Bear with roses
#375 Bear with roses
11 red and white roses in a vase and a teddy bear Me to You 17cm
28300 AMD

Flowers in vase
Wonderful gift
#331 Wonderful gift
21 colourful roses in a unique vase
27400 AMD

9 crimson roses in a glass vase
#340 9 crimson roses in a glass vase
9 crimson roses in a clear glass vase
14300 AMD

Soft Colors
#350 Soft Colors
21 colorful roses in a round glass vase, 25x20cm
37500 AMD

Paradise of Colors
#352 Paradise of Colors
25 colorful roses in a round glass vase
34500 AMD

Yellow smile balloons
#389 Yellow smile balloons
happy bouquet of 10 smiling balloons
3400 AMD

Colorful balloons
#392 Colorful balloons
bunch of 10 colourful balloons 
2800 AMD

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31 Jan 2022
19 Mar 2021
Все во время , всем рекомендую, организаторам респект
Diana P.
08 Mar 2021
04 Mar 2021
Ev puchiknery ev vardy chein hamapatasxanum patverin?, vardy yndhanrapes petq er spitak liner bayc karmir er, kncheve , shnorhakalutyun??, hajord angam anpayaman chenq ogtvi?❤️
15 Feb 2021
hin caxikner [email protected] sax sevacac er patvirel ei nveri hamar amot dzez
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