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Aragast.AppetizersItalian Meat Assorted SmallItalian Meat Assorted BigAlpine Cheese Assorted SmallAlpine Cheese Assorted BigBeef TongueSalmon CarpaccioSalmon RollHerring with PotatoRoyal RoeBruschetta with Chicken and MushroomCrostini with RoastbeefBruschetta with SeafoodSaladsSalad AragastBroccoli SaladCaesar with shrimpsCaesarSalad TricoloreSalad CapitalSalad FreshSalad with Chicken LungThai SaladGreek saladSalad CapreseSummer SaladSalad CairoSalad AppetiteMoscow SaladSalad with SorrelLebanese SaladPizzaPizza AragastPizza CaesarPizza CapresePizza ArmenioMain DishesMedallion from VealChicken Breast with VegetablesStuffed Veal SirloinPork Roll with Mushroom and PepperSalmon with Roe SauceSenatorBakaraLanguette with VegetablesChickVeal KhashlamaLamb KhashlamaValentinaQuailPork RoastVeal Roast with MushroomVeal Sirloin with VegetablesThai Pad-ThaiTolma with Grape LeavesSouvlakiSterlet from ChefRed River TroutTrout with VegetablesVegetable GrillRoyal ShrimpChicken WingsSausagesSausages Assorted SmallSausages Assorted BigHot Pork RibsPork MachaBBQPork BBQ LoinPork BBQ RibsPork BBQ SoftVeal BBQ SirloinVegetable BBQMushroom BBQPotato BBQ PletchSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lFanta 0.5lSprite 0.5lNatural Juice Dobri 0.33lNatural Juice Dobri 0.2lPulpy Orange 0.5lSpring water Noy 0.5l European

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Italian Meat Assorted Small
#1 Italian Meat Assorted Small
120g, prosciutto, pancetta, chorizo, pansetta
2750 AMD

Italian Meat Assorted Big
#2 Italian Meat Assorted Big
240g, prosciutto, pancetta, chorizo, pansetta
5500 AMD

Alpine Cheese Assorted Small
#3 Alpine Cheese Assorted Small
120g, cheese Brie, Leblue, Chevr, Sneka, Parmesan, creckers, honey
3500 AMD

Alpine Cheese Assorted Big
#4 Alpine Cheese Assorted Big
240g, cheese Brie, Leblue, Chevr, Sneka, Parmesan, creckers, honey
7000 AMD

Beef Tongue
#5 Beef Tongue
100g, marinated beef tongue, mustard
1600 AMD

Salmon Carpaccio
#7 Salmon Carpaccio
100g, marinated salmon, mix salad, cheese Parmesan, cream balsamic
3000 AMD

Salmon Roll
#8 Salmon Roll
100g, marinated salmon, capers, anchovy olives, cream balsamic, pesto sauce
3200 AMD

Herring with Potato
#9 Herring with Potato
300g, boiled potato, marinated cucumber, onion, herring
2400 AMD

Royal Roe
#10 Royal Roe
250g, egg, red roe, cheese Parmesan, butter, mayonnaise
5900 AMD

Bruschetta with Chicken and Mushroom
#11 Bruschetta with Chicken and Mushroom
2pcs, 150g, chicken breast, champignon, Dutch cheese, cream, baguette
1800 AMD

Crostini with Roastbeef
#12 Crostini with Roastbeef
2pcs, 150g, veal fillet, vegetable, green salad, cheese Parmesan, baguette
2100 AMD

Bruschetta with Seafood
#13 Bruschetta with Seafood
2pcs, 150g, seafood, vegetables, Dutch cheese, cream, baguette
2500 AMD

Salad Aragast
#14 Salad Aragast
200g, cucumber, cherry tomato, Dutch cheese, caesar sauce, cheese Parmesan
2800 AMD

Broccoli Salad
#15 Broccoli Salad
200g, broccoli, cheese Parmesan, soy sprouts, nutmeg, soy sauce, sauce
2600 AMD

Caesar with shrimps
#16 Caesar with shrimps
200g, shrimp, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, sauce caesar
3600 AMD

#17 Caesar
200g, chicken breast, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, cherry tomato, croutons
2300 AMD

Salad Tricolore
#18 Salad Tricolore
200g, colorful penne, pancetta gruda, champignon, cheese Mozzarella
2600 AMD

Salad Capital
#19 Salad Capital
200g, beef, green peas, potatoes, carrot, pickled cucumbers
2100 AMD

Salad Fresh
#20 Salad Fresh
200g, green salad, vegetables, balsamic sauce
1900 AMD

Salad with Chicken Lung
#21 Salad with Chicken Lung
200g, green salad, chicken lung, berries, walnut, champignon
2300 AMD

Thai Salad
#22 Thai Salad
200g, veal sirloin, cucumber, tomato, cheese Parmesan, lettuce
2300 AMD

Greek salad
#23 Greek salad
200g, tomatoes, cucumber, Feta cheese, lettuce, olives, onion, bell pepper
2200 AMD

Salad Caprese
#24 Salad Caprese
200g, cheese Mozzarella, olive oil, tomato
2200 AMD

Summer Salad
#25 Summer Salad
200g, tomato, cucumber, onion, greens, oil
1700 AMD

Salad Cairo
#26 Salad Cairo
200g, chicken breast, Dutch cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, black croutons
2100 AMD

Salad Appetite
#28 Salad Appetite
200g, beef, cucumber, white sauce, garlic, dill
2100 AMD

Moscow Salad
#29 Moscow Salad
200g, beef fillet, beef tongue, ham, bell pepper, white sauce
2100 AMD

Salad with Sorrel
#30 Salad with Sorrel
200g, sorrel, bell pepper, garlic, onion
1600 AMD

Lebanese Salad
#31 Lebanese Salad
200g, beef, mushroom, eggplant, bell pepper, mayonnaise, lettuce
1800 AMD

Pizza Aragast
#32 Pizza Aragast
25cm, 6pcs, ham prosciutto, mix salad, tomato, bell pepepr, cheese Mozzarella
4000 AMD

Pizza Caesar
#33 Pizza Caesar
25cm, 6pcs, chicken breast, sauce Caesar, cheese Parmesan, Mozzarella, lettuce
2800 AMD

Pizza Caprese
#34 Pizza Caprese
25cm, 6pcs, tomato, basil, cheese Mozzarella
2800 AMD

Pizza Armenio
#35 Pizza Armenio
25cm, 6pcs, chicken breast, champignon, basturma, ham, cheese Mozzarella
2800 AMD

Main Dishes
Medallion from Veal
#36 Medallion from Veal
250g, veal sirloin, vegetables, cream, mix salad, potato
3500 AMD

Chicken Breast with Vegetables
#37 Chicken Breast with Vegetables
250g, chicken breast, vegetables, soy sauce
2400 AMD

Stuffed Veal Sirloin
#40 Stuffed Veal Sirloin
200g, veal sirloin, dried apricot, walnut, spinach, berry sauce
3800 AMD

Pork Roll with Mushroom and Pepper
#41 Pork Roll with Mushroom and Pepper
250g, pork fillet, champignon, bell pepper, onion, berry sauce
3000 AMD

Salmon with Roe Sauce
#42 Salmon with Roe Sauce
350g, salmon, roe, cream, balsamic cream, rice
6200 AMD

#43 Senator
300g, pork, chicken, veal, bell pepper, cream, dill, garlic, potato, cheese Parmesan
2800 AMD

#44 Bakara
350g, chicken breast, champignon, bell pepper, onion, cream, pine nuts
2400 AMD

Languette with Vegetables
#45 Languette with Vegetables
300g, veal sirloin, mushroom, tomato, bell pepper, mayonnaise, Dutch cheese
2800 AMD

#46 Chick
350g, chick, French fries
2300 AMD

Veal Khashlama
#48 Veal Khashlama
350g, veal, potato, onion, butter, tomato, pepper, greens
3200 AMD

Lamb Khashlama
#49 Lamb Khashlama
350g, lamb, potato, onion, butter, tomato, pepper, greens
4100 AMD

#50 Valentina
300g, chicken breast, ham, mushroom, Dutch cheese, bell pepper
2200 AMD

#51 Quail
2400 AMD

Pork Roast
#52 Pork Roast
300g, pork, potato, bell pepper, onion
2400 AMD

Veal Roast with Mushroom
#53 Veal Roast with Mushroom
300g, veal, mushroom, onion, potato
2900 AMD

Veal Sirloin with Vegetables
#54 Veal Sirloin with Vegetables
250g, veal sirloin, tomato, pepper, carrot, cauliflower, lettuce
2900 AMD

Thai Pad-Thai
#55 Thai Pad-Thai
300g, noodles, chicken breast, egg, bell pepper, cabbage
2100 AMD

Tolma with Grape Leaves
#56 Tolma with Grape Leaves
200g, 5pcs tolma, matzoun
2300 AMD

#57 Souvlaki
250g, pork, bell pepper, mushroom
2200 AMD

Sterlet from Chef
#58 Sterlet from Chef
250g, sterlet, tomato, lemon, pepper, narsharab
3900 AMD

Red River Trout
10000 AMD

Vegetable Grill
#61 Vegetable Grill
150g, bell pepper, champignon, onion, eggplant, zucchini, cherry tomato, potato, balsamic sauce
1800 AMD

Royal Shrimp
#62 Royal Shrimp
220g, royal shrimp, garlic, white sauce
8900 AMD

Chicken Wings
#63 Chicken Wings
200g, wings, butter, red hot sauce, chips
2000 AMD

#64 Sausages
250g, 3pcs, sausage, potato, pickled cabbage, mustard
4500 AMD

Sausages Assorted Small
#65 Sausages Assorted Small
500g, 11pcs, german sausages, potato, pickled cabbage, ketchup, mustard
6500 AMD

Sausages Assorted Big
#66 Sausages Assorted Big
1kg, 12pcs, German sausages, potato, pickled cabbage, ketchup, marinated cucumber, French mustard, sauce Heinz, BBQ sauce, mustard
12000 AMD

Hot Pork Ribs
#67 Hot Pork Ribs
400g, ribs, potato, hot pepper, tghemali
5200 AMD

Pork Macha
#68 Pork Macha
400g, pork macha 2pcs, mashed potato, mustard, tghemali, marinated pepper
4200 AMD

Pork BBQ Loin
#69 Pork BBQ Loin
300g, 2pcs
3200 AMD

Pork BBQ Ribs
#70 Pork BBQ Ribs
300g, 4-5pcs
3200 AMD

Pork BBQ Soft
#71 Pork BBQ Soft
300g, 4-5pcs
3200 AMD

Veal BBQ Sirloin
#72 Veal BBQ Sirloin
300g, 4-5pcs
3200 AMD

Vegetable BBQ
#74 Vegetable BBQ
250g, tomato, eggplant, pepper, butter
1500 AMD

Mushroom BBQ
1500 AMD

Potato BBQ Pletch
1000 AMD

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06 Nov 2021
вкусные блюда
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Aragast
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