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Araks Restaurant.AppetizersHummusMoutabalChi KuftaMuhammaraChicken taratorLabnehYalanchiIshli KuftaPatties with meat and potatoToshkaKrdieByorekSamsakFrench friesSalad with olivesSaladsSalad with cabbageSalad JajikSalad FattoushSalad TabouleSalad GreekFalafel sandwichSandwichesSujukh sandwichGhaurma sandwichChicken sandwichCheese sandwichShish Taouk sandwichKebab sandwichKebab main dishMain dishesKhash-khash kebabIki birShish TaoukEscalope chickenEscalope chicken with cheeseFalafelLoshikBreadSoft drinksCoca-ColaFantaSpriteSpring water NoyTan Netta Eastern
Araks Restaurant

Working hours
12:00 - 21:30

Araks Restaurant

#1 Hummus
150g, chickpeas, tahini, lemon, olive oil
800 AMD

#5 Moutabal
150g, eggplant BBQ, tahini, garlic
1000 AMD

Chi Kufta
#12 Chi Kufta
150g, raw meat, bulgur, onion
2000 AMD

#14 Muhammara
150g, breadcrumbs, walnut, pomegranate sauce
1000 AMD

Chicken tarator
#16 Chicken tarator
150g, chicken, tahini, spices
1200 AMD

#18 Labneh
strained yogurt
800 AMD

#20 Yalanchi
4 pcs, grape leaves, rice, olive oil, lemon, pomegranate sauce
1000 AMD

Ishli Kufta
#23 Ishli Kufta
4pcs, bulgur, meat, spices
2000 AMD

#30 Toshka
bread, beef, cheese
1400 AMD

#33 Krdie
bread, cheese, tomato, pepper
1200 AMD

#36 Byorek
4pc, cheese in dough
1000 AMD

#39 Samsak
4pc, beef and rice in dough
1200 AMD

French fries
800 AMD

Salad with olives
#6 Salad with olives
300g, green olives, tomato, onion, pomegranate sauce, olive oil
1200 AMD

Salad with cabbage
#48 Salad with cabbage
300g, cabbage, mint, cumin, olive oil
800 AMD

Salad Jajik
#50 Salad Jajik
300g, yogurt, cucumber, mint, garlic
1000 AMD

Salad Fattoush
#54 Salad Fattoush
300g, cucumber, tomato, sumac, lemon, onion, pomegranate sauce, olive oil, fried bread
1000 AMD

Salad Taboule
#56 Salad Taboule
300g, parsley, bulgur, onion, tomato, lemon, olive oil
1000 AMD

Salad Greek
#58 Salad Greek
300g, cucumber, tomato, oregano, lettuce, olives, cheese Feta, olive oil
1200 AMD

Falafel sandwich
#7 Falafel sandwich
4pcs falafel, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, tahini, pickled cucumber
700 AMD

Sujukh sandwich
#67 Sujukh sandwich
sujukh, pickled cucumber, tomato
800 AMD

Ghaurma sandwich
#70 Ghaurma sandwich
ghaurma, pickled cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise
1000 AMD

Chicken sandwich
#72 Chicken sandwich
chicken, pickled cucumber, mayonnaise, ketchup
900 AMD

Cheese sandwich
#75 Cheese sandwich
cheese, mint, pepper, tomato
600 AMD

Shish Taouk sandwich
#78 Shish Taouk sandwich
chicken, fries, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce
1100 AMD

Kebab sandwich
#82 Kebab sandwich
beef, pepper, sauce, onion, parsley
1000 AMD

Main dishes
Kebab main dish
#8 Kebab main dish
3 skewers, ground beef, tomato, onion, pepper
2000 AMD

Khash-khash kebab
#88 Khash-khash kebab
3 skewers, ground beef, tomato, onion, pepper, parsley
2000 AMD

Iki bir
#91 Iki bir
beef, tomato, onion, pepper
3500 AMD

Shish Taouk
#94 Shish Taouk
chicken breast, French fries, garlic sauce
2200 AMD

Escalope chicken
#97 Escalope chicken
fried chicken breast, French fries
2400 AMD

Escalope chicken with cheese
#100 Escalope chicken with cheese
fried chicken breast, French fries, cheese
2800 AMD

600 AMD

150 AMD

Soft drinks
500 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

Spring water Noy
250 AMD

Tan Netta
400 AMD

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