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Armenian Omelet
#39 Armenian Omelet
two eggs with sautéed mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes and cheese
2200 AMD

Buttermilk Pancakes
#41 Buttermilk Pancakes
with syrup, honey or homemade preserves
2200 AMD

#44 Waffles
served with syrup
2200 AMD

Egg Sandwich
#46 Egg Sandwich
topped with cheese and ham
1920 AMD

American Breakfast
3100 AMD

Crunchy Breakfast
3100 AMD

Artbridge Olives
#67 Artbridge Olives
green olives marinated in pomegranate syrup
1650 AMD

Original Yogurt
#69 Original Yogurt
yogurt dip with chopped cucumbers, raisins and a touch of mint
1750 AMD

Red Caramel
#77 Red Caramel
red cabbage, with lightly sautéed apples, candied walnuts and Roquefort cheese
2350 AMD

Chicken Salad
#78 Chicken Salad
with apple and celery
2550 AMD

Bean Salad
#83 Bean Salad
red beans served warm, in a tomato sauce
1850 AMD

Salpi Special
#85 Salpi Special
shredded cabbage topped with lentils
1650 AMD

Mediterranean Salad
#87 Mediterranean Salad
strips of beef filet, on a bed of lettuce, with a special Zaatar sauce
3100 AMD

Watermelon Salad
2420 AMD

Sandwich with lavash
#117 Sandwich with lavash
ham, lettuce, tomato
1850 AMD

Lora Sandwich
#118 Lora Sandwich
cheese, vegetables in rolled lavash
2100 AMD

Chicken Tortilla
#122 Chicken Tortilla
with curried mayonnaise
2750 AMD

Beef Tortilla
#123 Beef Tortilla
with peppers, in spicy tomato sauce
3600 AMD

Hamburger small
#127 Hamburger small
100g beef patty, made to order, with French Fries
3600 AMD

Hamburger big
#128 Hamburger big
200g beef patty, made to order, with French Fries
4100 AMD

Chicken Burger
#129 Chicken Burger
grilled chicken breast, with French Fries
3300 AMD

Mediterranean Burger
#130 Mediterranean Burger
Fetta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes
4300 AMD

Waffle sandwich
#132 Waffle sandwich
bacon, tomato, cheese, mushroom, lettuce
2950 AMD

Steak Burger
#135 Steak Burger
with cheese sauce
3900 AMD

Lentil Burger
2750 AMD

Spaghetti Carbonara
#146 Spaghetti Carbonara
with ham, in a fresh tomato and cheese sauce
2850 AMD

Chicken Pasta
#148 Chicken Pasta
sautéed chicken and peppers in a sour cream-white wine sauce
2950 AMD

Meat Sauce Pasta
#149 Meat Sauce Pasta
spaghetti in a red meat sauce, with olives and basil
3100 AMD

Broccoli Pasta
#150 Broccoli Pasta
with Roquefort cheese
2950 AMD

Main Dishes
#160 Steak
beef fillet, cooked to order, topped with black pepper sauce, served with fried potatoes
6500 AMD

Chicken Breast
#161 Chicken Breast
topped with Artbridge sauce, served with pasta
4300 AMD

Green fish
#162 Green fish
out fillet  wrapped in grape leavestopped with cilantro sauce, served with cracked wheat pilaf
5300 AMD

Spinach Ravioli
#165 Spinach Ravioli
stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, served with parmesan sauce
2750 AMD

#166 Schnitzel
beef fillet, served with vegetables
5700 AMD

Chicken shnitzel
4700 AMD

Dolma with onion
#177 Dolma with onion
served with tomato and dried fruits sauce
4400 AMD

Pasta Angels hair
#178 Pasta Angels hair
broccoli, dried tomatoes, white wine and cheese
1800 AMD

Trout steak
#181 Trout steak
fish Trout, served with spiced rice and Artbridge sauce
5500 AMD

Emily Chicken
4800 AMD

The Taste of Middle East
#184 The Taste of Middle East
with yellow lentils and meat
3200 AMD

Coffee and Tea
#199 Glyasse
2350 AMD

Hot Americano
1400 AMD

Iced Americano
1400 AMD

Hot Latte
1500 AMD

Cold Latte
1500 AMD

Iced Cappucino
1500 AMD

Iced Orange Tea
1500 AMD

Grapefruit Cold Tea
1500 AMD

Soft Drinks
500 AMD

#210 Fanta
500 AMD

#211 Sprite
500 AMD

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Bianca B.
18 Feb 2017
Best breakfast in Armenia! French Toast is amazing, and the pancakes are perfectly fluffy.
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Artbridge
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