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Baffles.Bubble WaffleMake Bubble waffleBubble waffle with BananaBubble waffle with StrawberryBubble waffle with Banana, StrawberryBubble waffle with Banana, Strawberry and NutellaBubble waffle with Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla Ice-cream, Nutella, M and MsOreo Bubble waffle with vanilla Ice-cream and NutellaKinder Bubble waffle with vanilla Ice-cream and NutellaTwix Bubble waffle with vanilla Ice-cream and NutellaSnickers Bubble waffle with vanilla Ice-cream and NutellaBubble waffle with vanilla Ice-cream and NutellaKit-Kit Bubble waffle with vanilla Ice-cream and NutellaPancakeMake PancakePancake with nutellaPancake with nutella and strawberryPancake with nutella and bananaPancake with nutella banana and strawberryPancake with Nutella, banana, strawberry and ice creamPancake with caramel, banana, strawberry and ice creamBelgian wafflesMake Belgian waffleBelgian waffle with nutellaBelgian waffle with nutella and strawberryBelgian waffle with nutella and bananaBelgian waffle with nutella, strawberry and bananaBelgian waffle with strawberry, nutella and ice creamBelgian waffle with banana, nutella and ice creamBelgian waffle with ice cream, banana, strawberry and NutellaSmoothieBanana, orange Grapefruit, orange Strawberry, milk Banana, strawberry, milk Lime, strawberry Banana strawberry smoothieBanana, strawberry, milk, ice creamBanana, lime smoothieBanana, milk, ice cream smoothiePineapplePineapple, bananaStrawberry, lime, mint smoohieStrawberry, ice cream, milk smoothiePineapple, strawberryPineapple, limeBananaBanana, milk smoothieBanana, kiwiStrawberryLime smoothieLime, lemon smoothieGrapefruitKiwiLime, lemon, mint smoothieKiwi, strawberryOrangeLemon smoothieLime, mint smoothiePineapple, orange smoothieApple smoothieOrange, strawberry smoothieFresh Squeezed JuiceFresh Squeezed OrangeFresh Squeezed GrapefruitFresh Squeezed Orange and GrapefruitLemonadePassion Fruit LemonadeMojito Non AlcoholCitrus Mix LemonadeStrawberry Mojito Non AlcoholMilkshakesBanana, strawberry, ice cream, nutellaBanana, ice cream, nutella smoothieOreo ShakeKit Kat shakeRafaello shakeTwix shakeVanillaKinder milkshakeSneakers milkshakeBanana, Coffee, Ice-Cream MilkshakeIced CoffeeIced AmericanoIced CappuccinoIced LatteIced GlaceIced FrappeIced Chocolate FrappuccinoIced Caramel FrappuccinoIce Dolce GustoIced NescafeIced Maccoffee Dessert, Fresh, Ice Cream

Dessert, Fresh, Ice Cream
Working hours
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 20:00


Fresh Squeezed Juice
Oreo Shake
#202 Oreo Shake
0.5l, oreo, milk, coffee, chocolate ice cream
1500 AMD

Kit Kat shake
1500 AMD

Rafaello shake
1600 AMD

Twix shake
1500 AMD

800 AMD

Kinder milkshake
1600 AMD

Iced Coffee
Iced Americano
500 AMD

Iced Cappuccino
700 AMD

Iced Latte
800 AMD

Iced Glace
800 AMD

Iced Frappe
800 AMD

Ice Dolce Gusto
500 AMD

Iced Nescafe
400 AMD

Iced Maccoffee
400 AMD

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Sasun G.
21 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022
Привезли Латте наполовину пустой. При том что ничего не разлилось
28 May 2022
Maria T.
21 May 2022
Мне привезли вафлю вместо заказанного фреша. Зачем мне три вафли и один фреш?
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