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Beijing Cascade.SaladsSalad Piggy ears Salad Soya-bean sprouts Vegetable salad Salad Chinesе black mushrooms with veal Salad Shrimps and mushrooms Salad of Seaweed Salad with sweet and sour peanut with parsleyVeal salad Chicken salad with Chinese noodles Fyn-SeCucumber in spicy sauce in Chinese style Salad Chicken with spicy seasonings Potatoes and veal salad Salad Red dragonSalad of sea-kale and soys-bean sprouts SoupsSeaweed soup Soup three flavorChinese fish soup Mushroom spicy soupSoup with meatballs Sour and spicy soupPork soup with mushroomsVeal soup with eggs Soup with corn and eggLamb soupSoup tomatoes and eggs Veal DishesSpicy veal in a sweet and sour sauce Veal with champignon Veal with vegetables Veal with bamboo shoots and aromatic mushrooms Veal in a ceramic pan Savory veal Veal with eggplant and tomato on hot pan Veal with champignon in bamboo Veal with potatoes Veal with black mushrooms in sweet and sour spicy sauce on hot pan Kjan So flavored veal with mushrooms in spicy sauce Veal with tomatoes on fire Srewed veal in spicy sauce Spicy veal with seasame Veal with black mushrooms in bamboo Veal with coriander Veal with broccoli Veal with tomato in spicy sauce on Hot Pan Chicken DishesChicken with mushrooms in bambooChicken in sweet and sour spicy sauceChicken with mushrooms Chicken with vegetables Chicken with bamboo shoots and aromatic mushrooms Chicken in ceramic pan Chicken with black mushrooms Fried chicken wings Chon-Chin Savoury chickenChicken Gum-Bao with peanutChicken with potatoes in Soy sauce Spicy fried chicken Chen-Chuan Chicken with sesameChicken with black mushrooms in sweet-sour-spicy sauce on hot panCrispy chicken Chicken in sweet and sour sauceOrange chicken Chicken with Cashew Nuts Chicken with shrimps Chicken with broccoli Chicken in soy sauce with champignonsChicken with black mushrooms in bamboo Chicken with tomatos in spicy sauce on hot pan Chicken with shrimps in bamboo Pork DishesPork with shrimps in bamboo Pork in a sweet-sour-spicy sauce Pork with mushrooms Pork with vegetables Pork with bamboo shoots and aromatic mushrooms Pork on hot pan Pork with black mushrooms Roast pork GulaoRoasted pork ribs in Soy saucePork with sesame Pork with potatoes in Soy sauce Pork with black mushrooms in sweet and sour spicy sauce on boardSavory pork Ma-La Roasted pork ribsPork with champignons in bamboo Pork Gum Bao in spicy sauce Pork with tomato in spicy sauce on hot panPork with eggplant and tomato on pan Lamb DishesLamb in beer Lamb with onions Savoury lamb Lamb with vegetables BBQLamb in ceramic pan Lamb with broccoliSpicy lamb Sun-Gou on fire Lamb with corianderDuck & Rabbit DishesBeijing duck Fried duck with Fyn-Se in spicy sauce on fireDuck with champignons Duck with vegetables Duck in ceramic pan Duck in spicy sauce Crispy fried duck Spicy fried duck in sweet and sour sauce Fried rabbit on hot pan Rabbit with champignons in bamboo Rabbit with vegetablesRabbit in spicy sauce Fish & Seafood DishesTiger shrimps, Cashew nuts on hot pan Pieces of fish in sweet and sour sauce Crispy fishFried fish with black mushrooms in Soy sauce Fish with vegetables Filet a starlet on panShrimps with bamboo shoots Shrimps with Cashew nuts Shrimps with champignonsShrimps with vegetables Gum-Bao shrimps Tiger shrimp with champignons in bamboo Squid in spicy sauce Fried calmari Crispy frog legs Tiger shrimps bread crumbs Salmon Gum-Bao with peanutSalmon fillet in pan Imperial DishesHappy family Imperial dish of seafoodRoyal shrimps on fire VegetablesVegetables with spicy-sweet-sour sauce on fire 361Broccoli with vegetables Fried eggplant in Soy sauce Eggplant, potatoes, peppers in Soy sauce Fried potatoes in Soy sauce French fries Rice and PastaRice Beijing Fried rice with three kinds of meat Fried rice with shrimps Fried rice with eggs Fried rice with fresh onion Fried rice with chicken in Curry sauce Fried rice with chicken Fried rice with vegetables Fried dumplingsStewed dumplings BreadChinese breadArmenian bread Chinese, Asian
Beijing Cascade

Chinese, Asian
Working hours
12:00 - 23:00

Beijing Cascade

Imperial Dishes
Happy family
#244 Happy family
choice of various meats on fire
7300 AMD

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10 Jan 2022
06 Nov 2021
Ալէքս Կ.
27 Oct 2021
the taste of the food is excellent as always BUT the packaging was so poor that the soups were all over the plastic bag and not eadible
24 Oct 2020
Մուշեղ Պ.
10 Jul 2020
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Beijing Cascade
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