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Cascade Steak and Seafood House.Lebanese BreakfastFattehVegetable PlateManakish ZaatarLunch (available till 15:00)Lunch with Chicken ShawarmaLunch with Beef ShawarmaLunch with Beef KebabLunch with Chicken PastaLunch with Chicken CurryLunch with 2 PizzasLunch with Beef Fillet and Grilled VegetablesLunch with Shish TawoukLunch with Falafel and HummusLunch with Chicken Breast and Grilled VegetablesCold AppetizersHummusHummus with MeatHummus with MuhamaraMoutabalStuffed Grape LeavesStuffed TomatoesHot AppetizersMakanek SpecialToshkaBatata HarrahLahmajunFalafelBasturma BeirutSaladsSalad TabboulehCrab SaladEech SaladSalad BeirutTuna SaladSalad CaesarSoupsLentil Cream-soupMushroom Cream-soupShawarmaBeirut Shawarma with BeefBeirut Shawarma with ChickenBeirut Mix ShawarmaMain DishesFrench Style Chicken BreastShrimp PastaMantiKibbeh Bill LabanSemi-cooked productIshli Kyufta Semi CookedManti Semi CookedSambusek Semi CookedNuggetsBarbecueBeirut Special KebabShish TawoukKebab with YogurtBBQ Mix SmallBBQ Mix LargeTrout BBQSquid PlateSandwich and BurgerClub SandwichClassic Burger with BeefClassic Burger with ChickenBeirut Special SandwichPizzaPizza Vegetarian Eastern, Lunch, Semi-cooked product
Cascade Steak and Seafood House

Eastern, Lunch, Semi-cooked product
Working hours
11:00 - 23:00

Cascade Steak and Seafood House

Lebanese Breakfast
#1 Fatteh
300-350g, chickpeas with pita bread, yoghurt and tahini paste
2500 AMD

Vegetable Plate
#2 Vegetable Plate
320g, tomato, cucumber, onion, pickled cucumber, mint, olives
1000 AMD

Manakish Zaatar
#4 Manakish Zaatar
70g, zatar, loshik
1000 AMD

Lunch (available till 15:00)
Lunch with Chicken Shawarma
#7 Lunch with Chicken Shawarma
chicken shawarma (chicken, tomato, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce, flatbread) + French fries + salad Armenian
1200 AMD

Lunch with Beef Shawarma
#8 Lunch with Beef Shawarma
beef shawarma (beef, tomato, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce, flatbread) + French fries + salad Armenian
1400 AMD

Lunch with Beef Kebab
#9 Lunch with Beef Kebab
120g, beef kebab, tomato, onion, pepper, mushroom, parsley + rice
1200 AMD

Lunch with Chicken Pasta
#10 Lunch with Chicken Pasta
200g, chicken breast, sauce, salad with chicken and mint
1500 AMD

Lunch with Chicken Curry
#11 Lunch with Chicken Curry
225g, chicken breast, curry, yellow rice, peas, corn
1500 AMD

Lunch with 2 Pizzas
#12 Lunch with 2 Pizzas
pizza Margherita 1pc + pizza Pepperoni 1pc + French fries, ketchup
1200 AMD

Lunch with Shish Tawouk
#14 Lunch with Shish Tawouk
shish tawouk + French fries + salad Tabbouleh + rice
1500 AMD

Lunch with Falafel and Hummus
#15 Lunch with Falafel and Hummus
hummus, 3pcs falafel, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, flatbread
1200 AMD

Cold Appetizers
#18 Hummus
300g, chickpeas, garlic, tahini and olive oil
1200 AMD

Hummus with Meat
#19 Hummus with Meat
330g, chickpeas, garlic, tahini, olive oil with minced beef
1600 AMD

#21 Moutabal
270-280g, roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil
1500 AMD

Stuffed Grape Leaves
#22 Stuffed Grape Leaves
260g, grape leaves stuffed with rice, and special sauce
1400 AMD

Stuffed Tomatoes
#23 Stuffed Tomatoes
160-165g, tomato stuffed with vegetables with Feta cheese
1500 AMD

Hot Appetizers
Makanek Special
#26 Makanek Special
360g, fried sausages with homemade sauce
2500 AMD

#28 Toshka
210g, pita bread with minced beef and cheese
1500 AMD

Batata Harrah
#29 Batata Harrah
400g, fried potatoes with special sauce
1300 AMD

1000 AMD

#31 Falafel
180g, served with tahin sauce and vegetables
2000 AMD

Basturma Beirut
#32 Basturma Beirut
200g, our special basturma plate of peppers, tomatoes and cheese
2500 AMD

Salad Tabbouleh
#35 Salad Tabbouleh
180-200g, parsley, tomato, onion, bulgur, flavoured with olive oil and lemon juice
1300 AMD

Crab Salad
#36 Crab Salad
200g, crab, lettuce, onion, mushrooms, corn topped dressed with a special sauce
3000 AMD

Eech Salad
#37 Eech Salad
250g, bulgur, parsley, onion and tomatoes
1200 AMD

Salad Beirut
#38 Salad Beirut
230g, fresh sorrel, tomatoes, olives and walnuts
2000 AMD

Tuna Salad
#39 Tuna Salad
320g, tuna fish, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, onions, peppers
2800 AMD

Salad Caesar
#40 Salad Caesar
180g, green salad, chicken breast, croutons, seasoned with Caesar sauce
2500 AMD

Lentil Cream-soup
1200 AMD

Beirut Shawarma with Beef
#45 Beirut Shawarma with Beef
500g, beef, tomato, onion, pickled cucumber, served with French fries and tahini sauce
2900 AMD

Beirut Shawarma with Chicken
#46 Beirut Shawarma with Chicken
450g, chicken, tomato, onion, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce, served with French fries and tahini sauce
2700 AMD

Beirut Mix Shawarma
#47 Beirut Mix Shawarma
475g, chicken, beef, tomato, onion, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce, served with French fries, tahini sauce and garlic sauce
3000 AMD

Main Dishes
French Style Chicken Breast
#49 French Style Chicken Breast
220g, chicken breast, spicy sauce with honey, served with grilled vegetables
4000 AMD

Shrimp Pasta
#51 Shrimp Pasta
330g, fettuccine, shrimp, sauce
3500 AMD

#52 Manti
2000 AMD

Kibbeh Bill Laban
2500 AMD

Semi-cooked product
Manti Semi Cooked
1700 AMD

900 AMD

Beirut Special Kebab
#67 Beirut Special Kebab
380g, 2pcs beef kebab wrapped in homemade bread, served with special tomato sauce
3500 AMD

Shish Tawouk
#68 Shish Tawouk
350g, 2pcs chicken breast served with French fries, garlic sauce
3000 AMD

Kebab with Yogurt
#70 Kebab with Yogurt
290g, 2pcs beef, served with tomato sauce and yoghurt, topped with crispy crust
3500 AMD

BBQ Mix Small
#71 BBQ Mix Small
200g, tikka kebab, beef kebab, chicken served with grilled potatoes, sauce
4000 AMD

BBQ Mix Large
#72 BBQ Mix Large
600g, tikka kebab, beef kebab, chicken, served with grilled potatoes , sauce
10000 AMD

Trout BBQ
#73 Trout BBQ
600g, grilled trout served with tartar sauce
7000 AMD

Squid Plate
#74 Squid Plate
100g, squid, served with a special sauce
5000 AMD

Sandwich and Burger
Club Sandwich
#76 Club Sandwich
ham, salami, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, pepper, served with French fries
2000 AMD

Classic Burger with Beef
#78 Classic Burger with Beef
beef cutlet, lettuce, pickled cucumber, pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup, served with French fries
1700 AMD

Classic Burger with Chicken
#79 Classic Burger with Chicken
chicken cutlet, lettuce, pickled cucumber, cabbage, pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup, served with French fries
1500 AMD

Beirut Special Sandwich
#82 Beirut Special Sandwich
beef fillet, soy sauce, garlic, cheese
1500 AMD

Pizza Vegetarian
#86 Pizza Vegetarian
20cm, 8pcs, pepper, corn, mushroom, olives, cheese Mozzarella, sauce
2600 AMD

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Невкусно. И размер порций разный со дня на день
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