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Chaihona.SnacksBruschetta with goat cheeseHummusBabaganushBunch of vegetablesBruschetta with cod pateBruschetta with hummus and vegetablesDynamite shrimpDynamite chickenAssorted European cheesesPickles plateKhivaRoasted peppers with goat cheeseKataif with shrimpsArmenian cheesesMeat platterFried suluguniPkhali setDishes for large companiesBBQ set Sterlet 1kgPig earsChinese chicken with mashroomsChicken Gong BaoVeal with vegetablesMongolian beefPoke bowlFyn-se with chickenFyn-se with shrimpChinese dishesArishta with baconArishta with turkeyGan FanDin din somyanMakbousArishtaGrilled asparagusMashed potatoesBuckwheatSteamed vegetablesCountry fried potatoesSide dishesTulumbaChuck ChuckDessertsShamaliAssortment of Eastern sweetsBaklavaCoconutBrownieTiramisuSeint SebastianTart with seasonal fruitsAssorted fruitsHot dishesChirchik beef burgerpilaf "Chaihona"Filet mignonMongolian BeefTrout with quinoa risottoChicken masala with lentilsKazan kebabUzbek shawarma with beefUzbek shawarma with chickenPilaf "Tashkent"MansafUchkuduk lamb burger Jambay Eastern SigRib-eyeSamsa paiSurkyaliTajineBeef cutlet Buzara FritesBBQ and kebabGrilled lamb ribsGrilled lamb loinGrilled lamb filletGrilled chicken breastGrilled pork ribsGrilled pork loinGrilled pork filletChicken kebabBeef kebabGrilled chicken thighsGrilled chicken filletShish tawookVeal tenderloinUrgutKebab SharanSaladsSummerCaesar with chickenCaesar salad with shimpCaesar salad with salmonSalad with turkey and Teryaki sauceGreek Eggplant Tempura with mozzarella Salad Pig EarsSalad Fyn-Se with ShrimpsSalad Fyn-Se with ChickenAndijan Burrata with pumpkin and seaberry pureeTabbouleh with fetaTurkey with Teriyaki sauseMillefuille with strained matsunMaklubeNukus Shakhrisab Chimbai Jizak with armenian pestoSamarkandSoft drinksPepsi 0.25lMirinda 0.25l7up 0.25lSpring water Byuregh 0.33lMineral water Jermuk 0.33lSoupsChicken Tom-YamLagmanKharchoBorschtTalimarjin with barley and sorrel soupChorbaPitiDough dishesAdjarian khachapuriMegrelian khachapuriUzbek pancakesPide BolognesePizza MargheritaPizza Quattro FormaggiPizza PepperoniGosh nan Eastern

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Bruschetta with goat cheese
#85 Bruschetta with goat cheese
Homemade croutons, sour cream, Armenian goat cheese flavored with coriander, homemade sun-dried tomatoes. Served with daikon greens.
1300 AMD

#88 Hummus
Paste made of peas and buttermilk, served with red pepper, olive oil and sumac.
1200 AMD

#91 Babaganush
Hummus made from grilled eggplant. Served with eggplant chips made of semolina.
1300 AMD

Bunch of vegetables
#92 Bunch of vegetables
Mix of fresh greens cherry tomatoes cucumber bell pepper sliced carrot
3500 AMD

Bruschetta with cod pate
#94 Bruschetta with cod pate
Homemade croutons, cod liver pate, fresh cucumber with spiced mayonnaise, green onions, quail egg and barberry.
1500 AMD

Bruschetta with hummus and vegetables
#95 Bruschetta with hummus and vegetables
Homemade croutons, hummus, quick fried vegetables. Served with fresh cherry tomatoes and daikon greens.
1400 AMD

Dynamite shrimp
#96 Dynamite shrimp
Fried shrimps. Served with corn popcorn, green with onions and hot and sweet sauce.
4300 AMD

Dynamite chicken
#97 Dynamite chicken
Fried chicken with . Served with corn popcorn, green with onion and spicy-sweet sauce.
3300 AMD

Assorted European cheeses
#98 Assorted European cheeses
4 types of cheese are served 1) Roquefort 2) Gauda 3) Parmesan 4) Chedars Served with honey and dried fruits.
4200 AMD

Pickles plate
#100 Pickles plate
Vegetable mix
1500 AMD

#101 Khiva
Served with squeezed yogurt mousse.
1500 AMD

Roasted peppers with goat cheese
#102 Roasted peppers with goat cheese
Grilled red bell pepper, yogurt mousse, Armenian goat cheese. Served with nuts, herbs and mix pieces.
2600 AMD

Kataif with shrimps
#103 Kataif with shrimps
Shrimp wrapped in the famous Arabic kataif dough. Served with sweet wasabi sauce and tobiko caviar.
5300 AMD

Armenian cheeses
#107 Armenian cheeses
6 types of cheese are served 1) Armenian Lori 2) with Armenian Lori tarragon 3) chanakh 4) hard cheese 5) yarn cheese 6) sheep cheese Served with onion.
2400 AMD

Meat platter
#109 Meat platter
1) with chicken roll 2) pork bujinya 3) basturma 4) sujukh 5) pepperoni sausage Served with mustard.
5000 AMD

Fried suluguni
#111 Fried suluguni
Famous Georgian suluguni cheese, fried with breadcrumbs. Served with nasharab.
2000 AMD

Pkhali set
#112 Pkhali set
Walnut kernel made of 3 types of puff pastry with spices and vegetables. 1. with red beans (served on a pillow) 2. with spinach (served with pomegranate seeds) 3. Beetroot (served with nuts)
2700 AMD

Dishes for large companies
BBQ set
#25 BBQ set
Grilled pork, lamb and chicken on 2 skewers, served with baked potato cheese, grilled bell pepper, fresh hot pepper and pickled onion.
20000 AMD

Sterlet 1kg
#26 Sterlet 1kg
Served with grilled lemon, fresh mix with salad and sauce. 1kg
9000 AMD

Chinese dishes
Pig ears
#3 Pig ears
White and black Chinese mushrooms, fresh carrots and cucumbers, seasoned with red oil and vinegar.
2400 AMD

Chinese chicken with mashrooms
#4 Chinese chicken with mashrooms
Delicious chicken breast, champignon mushrooms with spicy-sweet-sour sauce. Served with green onions.
3000 AMD

Chicken Gong Bao
#5 Chicken Gong Bao
Marinated chicken breast with stewed vegetables and peanuts, spicy-sweet sauce.
3800 AMD

Veal with vegetables
#6 Veal with vegetables
Marinated veal fillet with quickly fried vegetables.
3900 AMD

Mongolian beef
#7 Mongolian beef
Beef tenderloin with hot peppers and spicy-sweet-sour sauce.
4400 AMD

Poke bowl
#8 Poke bowl
Fresh poke bowl made of boiled shrimp, served with citrus ponzi sauce.
4500 AMD

Fyn-se with chicken
#9 Fyn-se with chicken
Chinese noodle salad with fresh carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers, shredded chicken breast and Chinese sauce, chicken salad․
2300 AMD

Fyn-se with shrimp
#11 Fyn-se with shrimp
Chinese noodle salad with fresh carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers, shredded chicken breast and Chinese shrimp salad with shrimp.
5300 AMD

Arishta with bacon
#12 Arishta with bacon
Made with bacon ham, spicy tomato sauce and black olives.
2800 AMD

Arishta with turkey
#13 Arishta with turkey
Made with turkey breast, white sauce, served with parmesan cheese.
3700 AMD

Gan Fan
#14 Gan Fan
Dry lagma made with basmati rice and beef tenderloin.
2900 AMD

Din din somyan
#15 Din din somyan
Dry lagma made with rosemary paste.
3900 AMD

#16 Makbous
Royal Arabic rice dish made with lamb macha and Arabic spices.
6300 AMD

#39 Tulumba
It is made of fried dough, which is covered with syrup made of honey.
1500 AMD

Chuck Chuck
#41 Chuck Chuck
Fried delicious yeast balls, poured with honey syrup and peas.
1700 AMD

#52 Shamali
Made with buckwheat, yogurt, lemon juice. Served with English cream and fruit.
1500 AMD

#56 Baklava
Made from thin crunchy layers of walnuts and from cinnamon kernels, drenched in delicious honey.
1200 AMD

#58 Coconut
We have collected all subtropical scents in one delicious mango, coconut, marjoram on the plate. And this everything is covered in chocolate and crunchy sugar dough.
1900 AMD

#61 Brownie
Traditional American cake, made from high quality chocolate and nuts. Served: with chocolate sauce and ice cream.
2400 AMD

#63 Tiramisu
Traditional Italian dessert, made with mascarpone cheese, coffee and alcohol.
2400 AMD

Tart with seasonal fruits
#66 Tart with seasonal fruits
Famous Breton French Sable Pie Stuffed with cream and seasonal fruits.
1600 AMD

Hot dishes
Chirchik beef burger
#239 Chirchik beef burger
Burger bread, yogurt-mint sauce, fresh lettuce, fresh cucumber, juicy tomatoes, angus cutlet, cheddar cheese. Served with village potatoes.
3200 AMD

pilaf "Chaihona"
#245 pilaf "Chaihona"
Traditional Uzbek pilaf made from beef is served with achik-chuk tomato salad.
3300 AMD

Filet mignon
#247 Filet mignon
Beef tenderloin, cooked to your preferred degree, served with cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, New York sauce and grilled corn.
5900 AMD

Mongolian Beef
#249 Mongolian Beef
560g, veal, chilli pepper, chinese sauces
4400 AMD

Trout with quinoa risotto
#261 Trout with quinoa risotto
Roasted trout fillet, served with beet and quinoa risotto and spinach mousse.
6100 AMD

Chicken masala with lentils
#262 Chicken masala with lentils
Oven-fried marinated chicken breast served with Arabic spices made of lentils.
3600 AMD

Kazan kebab
#263 Kazan kebab
Fried lamb and potatoes with Uzbek spices, served with pomegranate seeds and coriander.
3500 AMD

Uzbek shawarma with beef
#264 Uzbek shawarma with beef
Seasoned and grilled veal fillet with fresh tomatoes, yogurt sauce, kimchi mayonnaise, feta mousse, served with chili threads and greens.
3300 AMD

Uzbek shawarma with chicken
#265 Uzbek shawarma with chicken
Seasoned and grilled chicken breast with pickles, cherry tomatoes, onions, yogurt and sauces and feta mousse.
2300 AMD

Pilaf "Tashkent"
#266 Pilaf "Tashkent"
Traditional Uzbek pilaf, made from lamb and peas, is served in the form of boiled quail, with achik-chuk tomato and pepper salad.
4300 AMD

#267 Mansaf
Arabian pilaf with lamb, saffron and toast, served with pomegranate seeds.
3600 AMD

Uchkuduk lamb burger
#269 Uchkuduk lamb burger
Burger bread, ketchup, mayonnaise, fresh lettuce, vegetable sauce with mustard, juicy tomatoes, lamb cutlet. Served with village potatoes.
3500 AMD

Jambay Eastern Sig
#272 Jambay Eastern Sig
Whole Armenian whitefish, cooked in a spicy-sweet sauce in the oven. Served with a mix of salad and lemon.
5900 AMD

#273 Rib-eye
Grilled Angus meat to your preferred degree, served with cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, New York sauce and grilled corn.
14000 AMD

Samsa  pai
#274 Samsa pai
Veal and lamb, mashed potatoes, covered with dough and cooked in the oven.
3600 AMD

#275 Surkyali
Minced lamb, seasoned with spices, made with eggplant and tomato sauce in the oven.
4900 AMD

#276 Tajine
A traditional Arabic dish made of lamb, bulgur and vegetables.
4300 AMD

Beef cutlet  Buzara
#277 Beef cutlet Buzara
Angus cutlet, fried in a bazaar sauce, served with mashed potatoes.
3600 AMD

#278 Frites
Michelin-starred fast food made from spiced ground beef, yogurt sauce, kimchi mayonnaise, served with village potatoes, cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers.
2700 AMD

BBQ and kebab
Grilled lamb ribs
#280 Grilled lamb ribs
Grilled, served with oven-baked potatoes with cheese, yoghurt sauce, pickled onions. 350 g
4300 AMD

Grilled lamb loin
#283 Grilled lamb loin
Grilled, served with oven-baked potatoes with cheese, yoghurt sauce, pickled onions. 350 g
4300 AMD

Grilled lamb fillet
#286 Grilled lamb fillet
Grilled, served with oven-baked potatoes with cheese, yoghurt sauce, pickled onions. 350 g
3600 AMD

Grilled chicken breast
#289 Grilled chicken breast
Served with tartar sauce. 390 g
2600 AMD

Grilled pork ribs
#291 Grilled pork ribs
Served with pickled onions. 320 g
3700 AMD

Grilled pork loin
#294 Grilled pork loin
Served with pickled onions. 400 g
3900 AMD

Grilled pork fillet
#297 Grilled pork fillet
Served with pickled onions. 320 g
3500 AMD

Chicken kebab
#303 Chicken kebab
Served with pickled onions.
1300 AMD

Beef kebab
#305 Beef kebab
Served with pickled onions.
1500 AMD

Grilled chicken thighs
#308 Grilled chicken thighs
Served with fried tomatoes, hot peppers and with pickled onions.
4500 AMD

Grilled chicken fillet
#309 Grilled chicken fillet
Chicken fillet marinated with Arabic spices It is prepared on the grill, served with pickled onions and tartar sauce (mayonnaise, sour cream, cucumber, lemon juice).
2400 AMD

Shish tawook
#310 Shish tawook
Chicken breast, marinated according to a special recipe, made with fresh grilled bell peppers, served with sour pepper salad and pickled onions.
3300 AMD

Veal tenderloin
#311 Veal tenderloin
Veal fillet with marinated dried basil, cooked on the grill. Served with pickled onions.
4000 AMD

#312 Urgut
Spicy lamb kebab, served with basmati rice, grilled tomatoes, peppers and pickled onions.
3900 AMD

Kebab Sharan
#313 Kebab Sharan
Beef kebab with grilled vegetables, served with pickled onions.
3300 AMD

#116 Summer
Classic summer salad
1700 AMD

Caesar with chicken
#121 Caesar with chicken
Classic Caesar salad.
2600 AMD

Caesar salad with shimp
#125 Caesar salad with shimp
350g, shrimp, lettuce, tomato, Parmesan cheese, croutons
3500 AMD

Caesar salad with salmon
#128 Caesar salad with salmon
Classic Caesar with salmon.
3000 AMD

Salad with turkey and Teryaki sauce
#131 Salad with turkey and Teryaki sauce
350g, turkey, sesame, carrot, pumpkin, avocado, Teryaki sauce
2700 AMD

#140 Greek
Classic Greek salad․
3800 AMD

 Eggplant Tempura with mozzarella
#144 Eggplant Tempura with mozzarella
Eggplant made by tempura method. Served with fresh mozzarella, juicy tomatoes, spicy-sweet sauce and crushed walnuts.
2300 AMD

Salad Pig Ears
#148 Salad Pig Ears
230g, carrot, cucumber, white and black mushrooms, chinese sauces
2400 AMD

Salad Fyn-Se with Shrimps
#150 Salad Fyn-Se with Shrimps
500g, noodles funchoza, carrot, cucumber, shrimp, bell pepper, chinese sauces
5300 AMD

Salad Fyn-Se with Chicken
#152 Salad Fyn-Se with Chicken
500g, noodles funchoza, carrot, cucumber, chicken breast, chinese sauces
2300 AMD

#155 Andijan
Salad with sumakh and red pepper, fried peas, juicy tomatoes, diced onions and a mix of greens.
1800 AMD

Burrata with pumpkin and seaberry puree
#157 Burrata with pumpkin and seaberry puree
Served with home-made sea buckthorn and pumpkin, served with pumpkin slices and daikon with micro greens.
4900 AMD

Tabbouleh with feta
#163 Tabbouleh with feta
Traditional tabouleh made with fresh hot pepper. Served with feta cheese, toast and fresh mint.
1700 AMD

Turkey with Teriyaki sause
#165 Turkey with Teriyaki sause
Mix salad, fresh carrots, fresh cucumbers, fresh peppers, with turkey sauce fried with turkey breast. Served with onion chips and salted peanuts.
3300 AMD

Millefuille with strained matsun
#168 Millefuille with strained matsun
Dry bread made from red wheat lavash, squeezed yogurt mousse, the core is red lentils, bulgur, fried garlic, onion and bakmaz pepper paste. Served with walnuts, sunflower sprouts and red pepper olive oil.
1800 AMD

#172 Maklube
Arabian salad made from basmati rice, veal fillet, served with tomatoes, bell peppers, fried eggplant, edamame beans, black lavash rusks and yogurt greens.
2700 AMD

#175 Nukus
Fresh salad made of bulgur, pomegranate, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, seasoned with sour sauce, served with micro greens.
3300 AMD

#178 Shakhrisab
Veal salad made with fried raspberry vinegar. Served with a mixed salad, juicy tomatoes, two types of corn, red onion, seasoned with vinaigrette sauce (mustard-based sauce).
4500 AMD

#180 Chimbai
Salad made of boiled eggplant, which is served on a pad of squeezed yogurt and sour cream, seasoned with greens and nuts.
1700 AMD

Jizak with armenian pesto
#183 Jizak with armenian pesto
Suluguni cheese, juicy tomatoes, pesto sauce made from Armenian herbs, served with a mixture of greens.
3000 AMD

#185 Samarkand
Summer salad seasoned with red hot chili peppers, red wine vinegar and roasted crushed walnuts.
2800 AMD

#188 Chicken
Chicken soup with rosemary paste.
1500 AMD

#190 Tom-Yam
Thai spicy soup with shrimp, mushrooms and coconut milk. Served with rice.
4200 AMD

#192 Lagman
Famous Uzbek egg noodle soup, made from beef, vegetables, seasoned with Uzbek spices.
3600 AMD

#194 Kharcho
Spicy Georgian soup made of beef and rice.
2500 AMD

#203 Borscht
Traditional Ukrainian vegetable soup with beef. Served with sour cream, Borodino bread and pork chops.
1500 AMD

Talimarjin with barley and sorrel soup
#204 Talimarjin with barley and sorrel soup
Soup made with aveluk and barley, served with pomegranate syrup and squeezed yogurt.
1500 AMD

#206 Chorba
Traditional Uzbek soup made with lamb machete and vegetables.
5200 AMD

#207 Piti
Spicy soup made of lamb and peas.
2100 AMD

Dough dishes
Adjarian khachapuri
#211 Adjarian khachapuri
Khachapuri with cheese filling, made in the oven. Served with eggs.
1300 AMD

Megrelian khachapuri
#214 Megrelian khachapuri
Famous Georgian khachapuri with cheese filling.
2300 AMD

Pide Bolognese
#220 Pide Bolognese
The famous bolognese filling in the dough, made by heating. Served with walnuts and fresh green basil.
2500 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#222 Pizza Margherita
Pizza made with tomato sauce, juicy tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.
2200 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi
#224 Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Pizza made with 4 types of cheese (Parmesan, Roquefort, Mozzarella, Gouda)
2800 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#226 Pizza Pepperoni
Pizza made with pepperoni sausage, tomato sauce and mozzarella.
2600 AMD

Gosh nan
#228 Gosh nan
Traditional Uzbek pancake with minced lamb and spices, cooked in the oven.
4700 AMD

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