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Coffeeshop Company.BreakfastViennese breakfastSweet breakfastAustrian breakfastGourmet breakfast for 2 personsSalmon breakfast for 2 personEgg Sunny side up in a bagelBacon and eggs in a bagelHam and eggs in a bagelEgg sunny side upScrambled eggsSoft boiled eggsStuffed croissant with Gouda and CheddarStuffed croissant with ham, cheese and eggsChocolate cereal with bananaFruit cerealPancake or wafflePancake with maple syrupPancake with sour cream - berry syrupCottage Cheese PancakesOmelette with Frankfurter sausagesOmelette with baconOmelette with cheeseOmelette with tomatoCroque Monsieur Croque madameSaladsTomato and Mozzarella saladCairo saladCaesar saladGreek saladChinese veggie saladSoupsChicken soupCream soup with mushroomsFrench soup with vegetablesYogurt soup Cream soup with ChedderSandwichesBagel smoked salmonBagel smoked turkey and GoudaBagel beefBagel cream cheeseBagel CaesarCiabatta ham and cheeseCiabatta clubCiabatta Feta and Pesto RossoWrap ham and cheeseWrap chickenWrap tomato and MozzarellaCroissant smoked SalmonCroissant ham and cheeseCroissant tomato and MozzarellaToast ClubVeggie TacoPizzaProsciutto and Honey Baked Ham Tortilla PizzaThree Cheese Tortilla PizzaChicken and jalapenos tortilla pizzaPizza DiavolaPastaPenne Quattro FormaggiPenne AlfredoLinguine CarbonaraLinguine BologneseLinguni Pesto GenoveseHot DishesViennese SchnitzelViennese sausages with cheese and baconFrankfurter sausagesChicken blue with riceFillet steak with RoquefortFillet steak with black pepperChicken quesadillaCordon BlueCheesy BeefThai ShrimpsGarnishesRiceFrench friesVillage style potatoesHashbrownsDessertsOreo cheesecakeClassic cheesecakeFruit cheesecakeFruit MeringueEsquimoFruit tarteChocolate profiterolesRed velvet cakeCarrot-walnut cakeMuffinMacaroonCookiesCroissant with cream and raisinsCroissant classicCroissant chocoCroissant cream chocoNutella banan strawberry pancakeApple and cinnamon pancakeChoco oreo pancakeWaffleChoco Oreo cheesecakeCoffeeCoffee LatteCoffee CappuccinoCoffee MoccacinoՍուրչ Menage a TroisCoffee Caramel MacchiatoCaffe AmericanoCoffee EspressoCoffee Espresso MacchiatoEspresso Con PannaCoffee Nougat MoccacinoCoffee Coconut LatteCoffee Miss BaileysCoffee Mocca Blonde singleMocca Blonde doubleCoffee Triple NutCoffee Wiener Melange smallCoffee Wiener Melange petitIced CoffeeIced Caffe Latte flavouredIced CappuccinoIced MoccacinoIced Coffee AmericanoIced Caramel MoccacinoViennese Iced MoccacinoIced coffee Black AlaskaMiss Baileys Ice ColdMiss Vienna Ice ColdHot DrinksHot Matcha LatteDark RistrettoChai LatteSteamerHot Vanilla Choco LateHot Marshmallow Choco LateHot or Iced TeaTea Fruit triple flavorTea Pure MintpowerTea Blossoms of CHamomileTea Earl Grey premium leavesTea Green JasmineTea English breakfast leavesTea Herbal SweetnessTea Fruit natureTea Chai ChaiTea Premium SF darjeelingTea Gyokurd shadowedTea Rooibush high gradeTea Barista special citrus Tea Barista special sandthorn Tea Barista special gloggyIced tea BerryIced tea Cranberry, limeIced tea Lemon, limeIced tea Peach, lemonbalmIced tea Rooibush orangeBarista Special Honey Ginger TeaIced Shakes and drinksIced chocolateIced Chai LatteOreo ShakeBrownie shakeCookie shakePeanut Butter ShakeIced Matcha LatteShake Strawberry Vanilla Banan Vanilla shakeSmoothieFresh squeezed juiceIced Banan CHOCO LATEYoghurt Cooler Berry LoveYoghurt Cooler Peach and BerryYoghurt Cooler Tropical DreamBio lemonadesLemon lemonadeLemonade Elder MelissaLemonade Raspberry, lemonLemonade lime, ginger, mintFrozen lemonade lime, ginger, mintFrozen lemonade Elder lemonbalmFrozen lemonade raspberry, lemonMerchandisingCoffee Intense blendCoffee Intense blendCoffee Strong blendCoffee Strong blendRegular BlendCoffee Regular BlendTea Art of tea pack of 10Coffee S. O. PeruCoffee S. O. NicaraguaCoffeeshop Bio-syrupSoft DrinksPepsiMirinda7upByureghJermukAcqua pannaSan PellegrinoRed BullRoyal ClubNatural juiceAperol ShpritsBeerHeinekenCoronaAlexandrapolKotayq GoldMythos European
Coffeeshop Company

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Coffeeshop Company

Viennese breakfast
#12 Viennese breakfast
hot drink of your choice, classic croissant, butter
2350 AMD

Sweet breakfast
#13 Sweet breakfast
hot drink of your choice, mini pancake or waffle with syrup
2450 AMD

Austrian breakfast
#14 Austrian breakfast
juice, fried eggs, bacon, cheese, sausage, toast, salad
3200 AMD

Gourmet breakfast for 2 persons
#17 Gourmet breakfast for 2 persons
hot drink of your choice (1pc), juice (1pc), classic croissant (1pc), bagel (1pc), bread (2pcs), butter, herb cream cheese, scrambled egg, ham, cheese, vegetables
5900 AMD

Salmon breakfast for 2 person
#18 Salmon breakfast for 2 person
2 drink of your choice, classic croissant, bagel, butter, herb cream cheese, oil-mustard sauce, smoked Salmon, vegetables
6900 AMD

Egg sunny side up
950 AMD

Soft boiled eggs
700 AMD

Stuffed croissant with ham, cheese and eggs
#28 Stuffed croissant with ham, cheese and eggs
classic croissant, cream cheese, ham, cheese Gouda, egg
1800 AMD

Fruit cereal
#32 Fruit cereal
1pc, with fresh strawberries and milk
1350 AMD

Pancake or waffle
#33 Pancake or waffle
2pcs, addition of your choice
1450 AMD

Croque Monsieur
#600 Croque Monsieur
toast bread, cream cheese, Bechamel sauce, bujenina, Cheddar cheese, salad(lettuce, cherry tomato, basil)
2400 AMD

Croque madame
#38 Croque madame
toast bread, egg, cream cheese, Bechamel sauce, bujenina, Cheddar cheese, salad(lettuce, cherry tomato, basil)
2500 AMD

Tomato and Mozzarella salad
#40 Tomato and Mozzarella salad
tomato, Mozzarella cheese, basil, Pesto sauce, balsamic vinegar
2750 AMD

Cairo salad
#41 Cairo salad
chicken breast, Gouda cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, oil, black zwieback
2650 AMD

Caesar salad
#42 Caesar salad
chicken breast, lettuce, Caesar sauce, Parmesan cheese, zwieback with garlic
2700 AMD

Greek salad
#43 Greek salad
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, Feta cheese, oregano, balsamic vinegar, oil
1950 AMD

Chinese veggie salad
#45 Chinese veggie salad
marinated mushrooms, broccoli, bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, chili pepper, pumpkin seeds, chinese sauce
2500 AMD

Chicken soup
#46 Chicken soup
chicken fillet, potatoes, carrot, tomato, vermicelli, coriander
1500 AMD

Cream soup with mushrooms
#47 Cream soup with mushrooms
mushroom, cream, onion, oil. rosemary
1600 AMD

French soup with vegetables
#48 French soup with vegetables
carrot, pumpkin seeds, potatoes, mushrooms, bell pepper, oil, dill
1400 AMD

Yogurt soup
#49 Yogurt soup
groat, sour cream, coriander, yogurt
1200 AMD

Cream soup with Chedder
#300 Cream soup with Chedder
Cheddar cheese, Gouda, oregano, chili pepper, carrot
1600 AMD

Bagel smoked salmon
#50 Bagel smoked salmon
salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber, honey-mustard sauce, bagel bread
2950 AMD

Bagel smoked turkey  and Gouda
#51 Bagel smoked turkey and Gouda
turkey ham, cream cheese,lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese Gouda, danish remoulade sauce, bagel bread
2750 AMD

Bagel beef
#52 Bagel beef
beef fillet, cream cheese, lettuce, pickles, mayonnaise, tomato, bagel bread
2850 AMD

Bagel cream cheese
#54 Bagel cream cheese
cream cheese, oregano, bagel bread
1950 AMD

Bagel Caesar
#55 Bagel Caesar
chicken breast, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Caesar sauce, bagel bread
1950 AMD

Ciabatta ham and cheese
#56 Ciabatta ham and cheese
cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ham, gouda, danish remoulade sauce,  ciabatta bread
2550 AMD

Ciabatta club
#57 Ciabatta club
chicken breast, bacon, boiled egg, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise, ciabatta bread
2850 AMD

Ciabatta Feta and Pesto Rosso
#58 Ciabatta Feta and Pesto Rosso
cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, Feta cheese, Pesto rosso sauce, ciabatta bread,
1950 AMD

Wrap ham and cheese
#59 Wrap ham and cheese
ham, gouda cheese, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber
2550 AMD

Wrap chicken
#60 Wrap chicken
chicken breast, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Caesar sauce, Gouda cheese
2650 AMD

Wrap tomato and Mozzarella
#61 Wrap tomato and Mozzarella
cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, Mozzarella cheese, Pesto sauce
1950 AMD

Croissant smoked Salmon
#62 Croissant smoked Salmon
classic croissant, salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber, honey-mustard sauce
2800 AMD

Toast Club
#302 Toast Club
chicken breast, ham, lettuce, sauce, French fries, ketchup
3200 AMD

Veggie Taco
#113 Veggie Taco
Tortilia Bread, cauliflower, red Cabbage, curry Paste, Vegan Sauce, coriander, pumpkin Seeds
2600 AMD

Prosciutto and Honey Baked Ham Tortilla Pizza
#126 Prosciutto and Honey Baked Ham Tortilla Pizza
8pcs, Prosciutto, Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, tomato sauce
3800 AMD

Three Cheese Tortilla Pizza
#127 Three Cheese Tortilla Pizza
8pcs, Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, tomato sauce
3200 AMD

Chicken and jalapenos tortilla pizza
#128 Chicken and jalapenos tortilla pizza
8pcs, chicken breast, jalapeno, olives, Gouda, Cheddar, tomato sauce
2800 AMD

Pizza Diavola
#129 Pizza Diavola
Pepperoni, Gouda, Cheddar, tomatos, tortilia, sauce, Rocket Salad ,cherry tomato
3600 AMD

Linguni Pesto Genovese
#135 Linguni Pesto Genovese
Linguine, Pesto sauce, Parmesan, Cherry Tomato, Basil, Lettuce
2700 AMD

Hot Dishes
Viennese Schnitzel
#137 Viennese Schnitzel
with garnish and salad, beef, chicken
3200 AMD

Frankfurter sausages
#140 Frankfurter sausages
served with salad
2200 AMD

Cheesy Beef
#147 Cheesy Beef
Beef, brocoli, sweet paper, Roquforet Sauce
4900 AMD

Thai Shrimps
#148 Thai Shrimps
Shrimps, mayonnaise, Soya sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, bell Paper, dill, cucumber, lettuce
3950 AMD

900 AMD

#171 Hashbrowns
Potatoes, zucchini, Vegan Sauce
2400 AMD

Coffee Latte
1800 AMD

Coffee Cappuccino
1900 AMD

Coffee Moccacino
#218 Coffee Moccacino
S, M or L, dark or white
1950 AMD

Սուրչ Menage a Trois
2500 AMD

Coffee Caramel Macchiato
1950 AMD

Caffe Americano
1750 AMD

Coffee Espresso
#223 Coffee Espresso
single or double
1250 AMD

Coffee Espresso Macchiato
1400 AMD

Espresso Con Panna
#225 Espresso Con Panna
single or double
1450 AMD

Coffee Miss Baileys
2550 AMD

Coffee Triple Nut
2350 AMD

Iced Coffee
Iced Cappuccino
1950 AMD

Iced Moccacino
2350 AMD

Hot Drinks
Hot Matcha Latte
2400 AMD

Chai Latte
#255 Chai Latte
S, M or L
1700 AMD

#256 Steamer
S, M or L
1300 AMD

Hot or Iced Tea
Tea Fruit triple flavor
#268 Tea Fruit triple flavor
natural fruit tea
1400 AMD

Tea Pure Mintpower
#269 Tea Pure Mintpower
natural herb tea
1400 AMD

Tea Blossoms of CHamomile
1400 AMD

Tea Green Jasmine
1400 AMD

Tea Herbal Sweetness
#274 Tea Herbal Sweetness
natural herb tea
1400 AMD

Tea Fruit nature
#275 Tea Fruit nature
natural fruit tea
1400 AMD

Tea Chai Chai
#276 Tea Chai Chai
natural herb tea
1400 AMD

Tea Premium SF darjeeling
1400 AMD

Tea Gyokurd shadowed
1400 AMD

Tea Rooibush high grade
1400 AMD

Iced tea Berry
1950 AMD

Iced Shakes and drinks
Iced chocolate
2200 AMD

Iced Chai Latte
1950 AMD

Oreo Shake
2950 AMD

Brownie shake
2700 AMD

Cookie shake
2700 AMD

Peanut Butter Shake
2900 AMD

Iced Matcha Latte
2400 AMD

Banan Vanilla shake
2500 AMD

1950 AMD

Bio lemonades
Lemon lemonade
#331 Lemon lemonade
0.5l, still or sparkling
1850 AMD

Lemonade Elder Melissa
#332 Lemonade Elder Melissa
0.5l, still or sparkling
2650 AMD

Lemonade Raspberry, lemon
#333 Lemonade Raspberry, lemon
0.5l, still or sparkling
2650 AMD

Lemonade lime, ginger, mint
#334 Lemonade lime, ginger, mint
0.5l, still or sparkling
2650 AMD

Coffee Strong blend
11900 AMD

Regular Blend
9900 AMD

Tea Art of tea pack of 10
#354 Tea Art of tea pack of 10
tea type of your choice
6900 AMD

Coffee S. O. Peru
9900 AMD

Soft Drinks
#367 Pepsi
600 AMD

600 AMD

#373 7up
600 AMD

400 AMD

400 AMD

Acqua panna
1600 AMD

San Pellegrino
1800 AMD

Red Bull
1500 AMD

Royal Club
800 AMD

Natural juice
800 AMD

Aperol Shprits
#382 Aperol Shprits
300ml, champagne, aperol
3500 AMD

1500 AMD

1500 AMD

1300 AMD

Kotayq Gold
1200 AMD

1200 AMD

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