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Crumbs.BreadBaguetteOlive breadBrown bread with seedsRound wheat bread with seedsBrown baguette with seedsWalnut breadBuckweat breadBread croutonsGerman breadDessertClassic CroissantCroissant with almond creamCroissant with chocolateLemon tart smallChocolate tart bigChocolate tart smallBrowniePain au raisinCheesecakeChocolate eclairStrawberry eclair smallPistachio ÉclairVanilla eclairHoney Ginger cookiesChocolate cookiesChocolate chip cookiesFlan Chocolate cookiesCake with caramel and nutsCake with 3 chocolateTart with apricot, pistachio and cherryHoney cakeBreakfastVana eggsHoney pieceOmelette with ham and cheeseOmelette cheese and mushroomSandwichesGaprese grilled cheeseVegan sandwichBLT sandwichFrench burgerHam and cheese PaniniToasted croissant with ham and cheeseToasted chiabatta chickenCrumbs sandwichBuffalo sandwichToast breadEskulap sandwichFalafel sandwichSundried tomato chiabatta sandwichBacon sandwichPiesEmpanda pie with vealEmpanda pie with Feta cheeseEmpanda pie with potatoesBagelBagel with smoked Trout and dillBagel with Chorizo, egg and JalapenoBagel with cream cheese and vegetablesDaily soupDaily soupSaladsTuna SaladCaesar SaladFeta SaladGreek saladDelicious saladSoft drinksByureghJermukCoca-Cola 0.25lCoca-Cola zero 0.25lFanta 0.25lHot drinksEspressoAmericanoCapuccinoLatteMacchiatoCrumbs tea with honey, ginger and orangeFresh squeezed juicesApple and carrot juice with gingerOrange and cucumber juice with gingerApple, lemon and banana juiceOrange juiceHomemade lemonadesBerries and lemon lemonadesLavanda and lemon lemonadesGinger and lemon lemonadesLemon lemonadeMilk shakesMilk shake with bananaMilk shake with banana and chocolateMilk shake with chocolate cookiesMilk shake with strawberry and dewberry Bakery, Burger and Sandwich

Bakery, Burger and Sandwich
Working hours
09:00 - 23:00


#1 Baguette
400 AMD

Olive bread
#2 Olive bread
780 AMD

Brown bread with seeds
500 AMD

Walnut bread
850 AMD

Buckweat bread
780 AMD

Bread croutons
120 AMD

German bread
1500 AMD

Vana eggs
#158 Vana eggs
tomato, pepper, basil
1900 AMD

Honey piece
#159 Honey piece
with milk and almond
1700 AMD

Gaprese grilled cheese
#169 Gaprese grilled cheese
toast bread, pesto, tomato, mozzarella
2200 AMD

Vegan sandwich
#170 Vegan sandwich
lentil and carrot cutlet, tomato
2200 AMD

BLT sandwich
#172 BLT sandwich
toast bread, bacon, iettuce, tomato, fried eggs
2350 AMD

French burger
#174 French burger
with cheese, seasoned beef, bacon, tomato, tahini and lettuce
2500 AMD

Ham and cheese Panini
#175 Ham and cheese Panini
ham, cheese, sauce
2000 AMD

Toasted chiabatta chicken
#179 Toasted chiabatta chicken
toasted chiabatta, chicken breast, spiced with oliv's oil, pepper, tomato
2350 AMD

Crumbs sandwich
#185 Crumbs sandwich
turkey, pickled vegetables, sauce
2850 AMD

Buffalo sandwich
#186 Buffalo sandwich
beef, caramelized onion
2500 AMD

Toast bread
#187 Toast bread
chicken, mozzarella, tomato
2700 AMD

Eskulap sandwich
#191 Eskulap sandwich
bbq vegetables, pesto sauce, lebanese hummus
2200 AMD

Falafel sandwich
#192 Falafel sandwich
pickled cucumber, salad, tain sauce
2350 AMD

Sundried tomato chiabatta sandwich
#193 Sundried tomato chiabatta sandwich
bbq pepper, sundried tomato, Lori cheese
2100 AMD

Bacon sandwich
#194 Bacon sandwich
bacon, eggs, lettuce
2350 AMD

Daily soup
Tuna Salad
#213 Tuna Salad
vegetables, tuna fish, eggs
2500 AMD

Caesar Salad
#214 Caesar Salad
chicken breast, lettuce, croutons
2700 AMD

Feta Salad
#215 Feta Salad
feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, lettuce, fresh spinach
2350 AMD

Greek salad
#216 Greek salad
tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, feta cheese , olives
2350 AMD

Delicious salad
#217 Delicious salad
fusili pasta, tomato, fresh spinach
2500 AMD

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