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Dargett.Draft beer in plastic bottleDreft beer Bavarian Weizen 1l plasticDraft beer Bohemian Pilsner 1l plasticDraft beer Golden Lager 1l plasticDraft beer Vienna Lager 1l plasticDraft beer Blonde Ale 1l plasticDraft Beer Biere Blanche 1l plasticDraft Beer American Wheat Ale 1l plasticDraft Beer American Pale Ale 1l plasticDraft Beer India Pale Ale 1l plasticDraft Beer Imperial IPA 1l plasticDraft Beer Black IPA 1l plasticDraft Beer Apple cider 1l plasticDraft Beer Apricote Ale 1l plasticDraft Beer Belgian Tripel 1l plasticDraft Beer Oatmeal stout 1l plasticDraft Beer Baltic Porter 1l plasticDraft Beer Imperial Stout 1l plasticDraft beer in growlerDreft beer Bavarian Weizen 1l growlerDraft beer Bohemian Pilsner 1l growlerDraft beer Golden Lager 1l growlerDraft beer Vienna Lager 1l гролерDraft Beer Blond Ale 1l growlerDraft Beer Biere Blanche 1l growlerDraft Beer American Wheat Ale 1l growlerDraft Beer American Pale Ale 1l growlerDraft Beer India Pale Ale 1l growlerDraft Beer Imperial IPA 1l growlerDraft Beer Black IPA 1l growlerDraft Beer Apple cider 1l growlerDraft Beer Cherry Ale 1l growlerDraft Beer Apricote Ale 1l growlerDraft Beer Belgian Tripel 1l growlerDraft Beer Oatmeal stout 1l growlerDraft Beer Baltic Porter 1l growlerDraft Beer Imperial Stout 1l growlerBeerBeer Apricote Ale 0.33lBeer Belgian Tripel 0.33lBeer Pale Ale 0.33lBeer Stout 0.33lBeer Vienna Lager 0.33lBeer Weizen 0.33lBeer Pilsner 0.33lStartersHummus and pita breadFried falafel cheese ballsMozzarella sticksChicken stripsFrench friesVillage potatoesFried cauliflower with cheese saucePlattersDargett s grilled cheese platterDargett s charcuterie platterSmoked fish platterFish fryCalamar ringsThe Big Catch largeSalmon steakSaladsLevantine saladGreek Horiatiki saladChicken Caesar saladGallopavo turkey and quinoa saladSoupMexican chilli bean and beef soupChicken Cheese soupHot DishesPork ribs with teriyaki sauceAmerican style BBQ pork ribsPork ribs with buffalo sauceMixed grilled platterXLarge BBQ platterPork souvlakiChicken souvlakiCrispy chicken wingsBuffalo wingsSpicy Habanero chicken wingsDarget chicken wings platter bigMushroon Bacon PoutineGrilled seasonal vegetablesChicken with MozzarellaChicken shnidzelBeef Manhattan with whiskey cream sauceTex-MexMexican style loaded potato wedgesFahitaChicken QuesadillaPizzaPizza MargheritaPizza DiavolaPizza Di ParmaPizza BiancaPizza A La CreamaBurger and sandwichSausagesChipolata mini sausagesSausage platter smallSausage platter largeSoft DrinksPepsi 0.25lMirinda 0.25l7UP 0.25lSpring water Byuregh 0.33lMineral water Jermuk 0.33l European

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Draft beer in plastic bottle
Draft beer Vienna Lager 1l plastic
1500 AMD

Draft beer Blonde Ale 1l plastic
1500 AMD

Draft Beer Biere Blanche 1l plastic
1500 AMD

Draft Beer Imperial IPA 1l plastic
2500 AMD

Draft Beer Black IPA 1l plastic
2000 AMD

Draft Beer Oatmeal stout 1l plastic
1500 AMD

Beer Apricote Ale 0.33l
750 AMD

Beer Belgian Tripel 0.33l
750 AMD

Beer Pale Ale 0.33l
#620 Beer Pale Ale 0.33l
IBU 40, ALC 5.5%
750 AMD

Beer Stout 0.33l
#621 Beer Stout 0.33l
IBU 30, ALC 4.8%
750 AMD

Beer Vienna Lager 0.33l
750 AMD

Beer Weizen 0.33l
#623 Beer Weizen 0.33l
IBU 20, ALC 5%
750 AMD

Beer Pilsner 0.33l
#624 Beer Pilsner 0.33l
IBU 42, ALC 5%
750 AMD

Smoked fish platter
#14 Smoked fish platter
250g, trout, butter, croutons
5700 AMD

Fish fry
Calamar rings
#15 Calamar rings
150g, 8pcs
3200 AMD

The Big Catch large
#18 The Big Catch large
600g, fish chips, calamari rings, shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, mussels
11000 AMD

Salmon steak
#19 Salmon steak
300g, served with spinach sauce and asparagus
7200 AMD

Levantine salad
#20 Levantine salad
360g, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, tahin and strained yogurt sauce, radish
2200 AMD

Greek Horiatiki salad
#21 Greek Horiatiki salad
350g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, cheese Feta
2400 AMD

Chicken Caesar salad
#22 Chicken Caesar salad
250g, paximated chicken, croutons, lettuce, caesar sauce, cheese Parmesan
2800 AMD

Mexican chilli bean and beef soup
#25 Mexican chilli bean and beef soup
350g, bean, beef, cheese, nachos
2500 AMD

Chicken Cheese soup
#26 Chicken Cheese soup
350g, chicken, cheese, bacon
2700 AMD

Hot Dishes
Pork ribs with teriyaki sauce
#27 Pork ribs with teriyaki sauce
400g, served with  pickled cabbage, and gherkin
4600 AMD

American style BBQ pork ribs
#28 American style BBQ pork ribs
400g, served with  pickled cabbage, and gherkin
4600 AMD

Pork ribs with buffalo sauce
#29 Pork ribs with buffalo sauce
400g, served with  pickled cabbage, and gherkin
4600 AMD

Mixed grilled platter
#44 Mixed grilled platter
800g, grilled pork, beef, chicken fillet
9000 AMD

XLarge BBQ platter
#45 XLarge BBQ platter
800g, chicken wings, chicken breast, pork loin, beef fillet, hot pepper, potato, 2 types of sauce
15000 AMD

Pork souvlaki
#43 Pork souvlaki
served with pita bread and tzatziki
3600 AMD

Chicken souvlaki
#42 Chicken souvlaki
served with pita bread and tzatziki
3300 AMD

Crispy chicken wings
3200 AMD

Buffalo wings
#31 Buffalo wings
400g, 6-7pcs, chicken wings, sauce
3600 AMD

Spicy Habanero chicken wings
3400 AMD

Darget chicken wings platter big
#36 Darget chicken wings platter big
900g, 5pcs of each type
9900 AMD

Chicken shnidzel
#48 Chicken shnidzel
300g, chicken shnidzel, fried bean, lemon
2900 AMD

#56 Fahita
250g, chicken, fried pepper
3500 AMD

Chicken Quesadilla
#57 Chicken Quesadilla
250g, chicken, bell pepper, caesar sauce
3500 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#58 Pizza Margherita
cheese Mozzarella, tomato sauce, basilic
3000 AMD

Pizza Diavola
#61 Pizza Diavola
28cm, 8pcs, spicy Italian Salami, cheese Mozzarella, tomato sauce
3900 AMD

Pizza Di Parma
#63 Pizza Di Parma
28cm, 8pcs, cheese Mozzarella, prosciutto Parma, rucola, tomato sauce, grana padano
4200 AMD

Pizza Bianca
#64 Pizza Bianca
28cm, 8pcs, chicken breast, cheese Mozzarella, sauce Pesto
3900 AMD

Pizza A La Creama
#65 Pizza A La Creama
28cm, 8pcs, chicken, pochini mushroom, Alfredo sauce, grana padano
4500 AMD

Burger and sandwich
Chipolata mini sausages
#78 Chipolata mini sausages
300g, Buffalo or BBQ of your choice
3500 AMD

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09 Jan 2022
09 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021
the dosh was completely cold and also it was too much expensive.
21 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021
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