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Eat and Fit

European, Breakfast
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Eat and Fit

1200 AMD

Smoothie bowl with pineapple
#35 Smoothie bowl with pineapple
coconut cream, pineapple, banana, served with chia seeds
1200 AMD

Chia jam yogurt
#40 Chia jam yogurt
plain yogurt, homemade chia berry jam, honey, served with seasonal fruits or berries
1400 AMD

Omlette with mushrooms
#51 Omlette with mushrooms
oyster mushrooms, greens - served with whole grain toast
1600 AMD

Avocado toast
#54 Avocado toast
avocado puree, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, greens, scrambled eggs, served with two slices of whole grain toast
2500 AMD

Avocado toast with trout
#58 Avocado toast with trout
avocado puree, cream cheese, finely salted trout fillet, scrambled eggs, served with whole grain toast
3100 AMD

Mini avocado toast
#63 Mini avocado toast
avocado puree, cream cheese, scrambled eggs, served with whole grain bread
1900 AMD

Granola yogurt
#80 Granola yogurt
plain yogurt, homemade granola, honey, served with seasonal fruits or berries
1400 AMD

Oatmeal with fruits
#84 Oatmeal with fruits
oats, honey, served with seasonal fruits or berries
1100 AMD

Peanut butter oatmeal
#87 Peanut butter oatmeal
oats, peanut butter, flax seeds, honey, served with coconut milk
1200 AMD

#91 Pancake
served with honey, seasonal fruits or berries
1800 AMD

Egg wrap
#96 Egg wrap
boiled eggs, sour cream, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh greens, served with loshik
1400 AMD

Bagel with trout
#101 Bagel with trout
lightly salted trout, avocado egg salad, cucumbers,cream cheese served with whole grain bagel
3600 AMD

Chia pudding
#105 Chia pudding
served with coconut milk, seasonal fruits or berries
1500 AMD

Toast with ricotta and fruits
#129 Toast with ricotta and fruits
ricotta, dried fruits, served with whole grain toast
2000 AMD

Breakfast set
#130 Breakfast set
egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mozzarella, served with whole grain bread
3300 AMD

Breakfast set with halloumi
#133 Breakfast set with halloumi
cheese Halloumi, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, egg sauce, loshik
3100 AMD

Smoothie bowl with cocoa
#134 Smoothie bowl with cocoa
coconut milk, cocoa, banana, peanut butter, served with granola
1200 AMD

Smoothie bowl with raspberries
#135 Smoothie bowl with raspberries
raspberries, bananas, served with granola
1200 AMD

Arugula toast
#148 Arugula toast
arugula, grilled cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, cream cheese, served with whole grain toast
1800 AMD

Spring roll
#153 Spring roll
rice paper, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, marinated purple cabbage, served with cashew nut sauce
1700 AMD

Bruschetta set
#159 Bruschetta set
tapenada, cheese Parmesan, cream cheese, avocado, pesto, cherry tomatoes, served with whole grain bread
2700 AMD

Hummus plate
#163 Hummus plate
spinach humus, pepper humus, beet humus, mutabal, caramelized carrots, cucumber sticks, served with dry bread
3200 AMD

Mezze plate
#174 Mezze plate
hummus, dzadzik, guacamole, mutabal, tapenada, served with fresh vegetables, nuts and toast with bread
4000 AMD

Hummus toast
#183 Hummus toast
hummus, arugula, cherry tomatoes, served with whole grain toast and vegetable sticks
1300 AMD

Hot dishes
Zoodles with beef
#262 Zoodles with beef
ground beef , tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese
3200 AMD

Beef with quinoa
#269 Beef with quinoa
beef fillet, eggplant, zucchini, barberries and tahini sauce,served with quinoa
4600 AMD

Trout fillet with cherry tomatoes
#272 Trout fillet with cherry tomatoes
baked trout fillet with cherry tomatoes, mix rice, lemon
4800 AMD

Chicken souvlaki with cauliflower puree
#289 Chicken souvlaki with cauliflower puree
marinated chicken fillet, cauliflower, spinach, cheese Parmesan
3500 AMD

Buckwheat noodles with tomatoes and parmesan
1600 AMD

Wraps and sandwiches
Green burrito
#306 Green burrito
black beans, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, parmesan cheese, spinach loshik, served with lime
2600 AMD

Egg wrap
#310 Egg wrap
338g, two boiled eggs, tomato, cucumber, greens and sour cream, lavash, served with 100g summer salad   Calories    343 Proteins 18 Fats 19  Carbs 21
1400 AMD

Chicken sandwich
#311 Chicken sandwich
chicken fillet, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, homemade mayonnaise, whole grain toast, served with salad
2100 AMD

Tuna sandwich
#315 Tuna sandwich
tuna, green onions, quail eggs, fresh greens, sour cream, whole grain toast, served with vegetable sticks
2700 AMD

Vegan burger
#319 Vegan burger
mushrooms, tahini sauce, beijing cabbage, whole grain burger bread, served with salad
2300 AMD

Falafel wrap
#321 Falafel wrap
peas cutlets, tahini sauce, tomatoes, pickles, fresh greens, loshik, served with salad
2000 AMD

Pesto sandwich
#323 Pesto sandwich
homemade pesto, avocado, feta, tomato, spinach, whole grain toast, served with lime
2500 AMD

Tofu wrap
#327 Tofu wrap
tofu, humus, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach loshik, served with salad
2200 AMD

Chicken wrap
#331 Chicken wrap
chicken fillet, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, cashew nut sauce, loshik, served with salad
2700 AMD

Halloumi wrap
#334 Halloumi wrap
grilled halloumi cheese, eggplant, lettuce, beijing cabbage, loshik, served with salad
2300 AMD

Chicken burger
#337 Chicken burger
chicken fillet, cream cheese, avocado puree, lettuce, tomatoes, whole grain burger bread, served with salad
3400 AMD

Hummus wrap
#340 Hummus wrap
hummus, grilled bulgarian pepper, fresh spinach, avocado, served with salad
2200 AMD

Daily Lunch (available 12:00 - 15:00 only on Weekdays)
#140 Daily Lunch (available 12:00 - 15:00 only on Weekdays)
lunch offers are different every day, before ordering lunch of the day, please contact the operator to clarify the contents of the lunch for that day
2200 AMD

Quinoa tabbouleh salad
#189 Quinoa tabbouleh salad
quinoa, tomatoes, fresh greens, green onions seasoned with lemon
2000 AMD

Beet salad
#194 Beet salad
marinated beets, feta cheese, spinach, mint, boloki, avocado, cashew nuts
2700 AMD

Chicken bowl
#199 Chicken bowl
chicken breast, kale or spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, tahini sauce
3200 AMD

Avocado bowl
#202 Avocado bowl
kale or spinach, quinoa, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, avocado, tarragon sauce
3500 AMD

Quinoa bowl
#206 Quinoa bowl
kale or spinach, quinoa, shrimp, onion, cherry tomato, avocado
4600 AMD

Balsamic chicken bowl
#210 Balsamic chicken bowl
marinated chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, avocado, cherry tomatoes, lettuce
3800 AMD

Tofu Bowl
#213 Tofu Bowl
kale or spinach, tofu, dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, boloki, avocado, cucumber
3400 AMD

Grapefruit salad
#216 Grapefruit salad
kale or spinach, avocado, grapefruit, chia, lemon, honey, dijon mustard
3000 AMD

Grilled eggplant salad
#220 Grilled eggplant salad
eggplant, tahini sauce, spinach, dried tomatoes, pine nuts, mustard, balsamic vinegar
2600 AMD

Trout bowl
#244 Trout bowl
lightly salted trout, avocado, various greens
3500 AMD

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