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Elie s Lahmajun.SaladsFattoushSummer SaladSummer Salad ExtraHummusMutabbalLabneLahmajun and Dough DishesLahmajun ClassicLahmajun Classic with CheeseElie s LahmajunFatayer with Meat and CheeseFatayer DamasFatayer with Meat and PivasFatayer Zaatar ClassicFatayer Zaatar ExtraFatayer Zaatar SpecialFatayer Cheese ExtraFatayer Krdiye CheeseFatayer with PepperFatayer Qastal CheeseFatayer with Pepper and CheeseFatayer with Pepper and ZatarSamsakPie with Cheese ClassicPie with SujukPie with Sujuk and CheesePie with OlivesPie with Olives and CheesePie with SpinachDough with GhavurmaDough with ChickenSandwichSoujoukh sandwichChicken sandwichHummus sandwichPizzaPizza with ChickenPizza with SujukPizza with MeatPizza MargheritaPizza Pepperoni with CheeseHot DishesIshli QyuftaSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lCoca-Cola Zero 0.5lFanta 0.25lFanta 0.5lSprite 0.25lSprite 0.5lNatural juice Dobri 0.33lTan Bio 0.33lSpring water Sil 0.5lCarbonated water Sil 0.5l Syrian
Elie s Lahmajun

Working hours
10:00 - 20:30

Elie s Lahmajun

#2 Fattoush
300g, tomato, cucumber, radish, cheese, croutons, mint
750 AMD

Summer Salad
#3 Summer Salad
220g, tomato, cucumber, lettuce
650 AMD

Summer Salad Extra
#4 Summer Salad Extra
tomato, cucumber, olives, mint
750 AMD

#5 Hummus
750 AMD

850 AMD

#7 Labne
130g, strained yogurt, powder of pepper, mint
600 AMD

Lahmajun and Dough Dishes
Lahmajun Classic
#8 Lahmajun Classic
1pc, 20cm, beef, tomato, parsley
500 AMD

Lahmajun Classic with Cheese
#17 Lahmajun Classic with Cheese
1pc, 20cm, beef, tomato, cheese, parsley
800 AMD

Elie s Lahmajun
#19 Elie s Lahmajun
1pc, 30cm, beef, eggplant caviar, mint, cress
1600 AMD

Fatayer with Meat and Cheese
800 AMD

Fatayer Damas
#24 Fatayer Damas
1pc, 15-20cm, beef, tomato, green pepper
1300 AMD

Fatayer with Meat and Pivas
#26 Fatayer with Meat and Pivas
1pc, 15-20cm, half part with beef, the other part are hot spices, onion and parsley
800 AMD

Fatayer Zaatar Classic
#27 Fatayer Zaatar Classic
1pc, 15-20cm, with sesame seeds
400 AMD

Fatayer Zaatar Extra
#28 Fatayer Zaatar Extra
1pc, 15-20cm, tomato, olives, mint
550 AMD

Fatayer Zaatar Special
#29 Fatayer Zaatar Special
1pc, 15-20cm, strained yogurt, tomato, olives, mint
550 AMD

Fatayer Cheese Extra
#30 Fatayer Cheese Extra
1pc, 15-20cm, cheese, tomato, olives, mint
550 AMD

Fatayer Krdiye Cheese
#31 Fatayer Krdiye Cheese
1pc, 15-20cm, tomato, cheese, green pepper
500 AMD

Fatayer with Pepper
#32 Fatayer with Pepper
1pc, 15-20cm, pepper sauce
300 AMD

Fatayer Qastal Cheese
#33 Fatayer Qastal Cheese
1pc, 30cm, tomato, cheese, olives, green pepper, oregano
800 AMD

Fatayer with Pepper and Cheese
#34 Fatayer with Pepper and Cheese
1pc, 15-20cm, pepper sauce, cheese
500 AMD

Fatayer with Pepper and Zatar
#35 Fatayer with Pepper and Zatar
1pc, 15-20cm, sesame, pepper
500 AMD

#36 Samsak
3pcs, fried dough with beef
600 AMD

Pie with Cheese Classic
#37 Pie with Cheese Classic
1pc, cheese, green pepper
400 AMD

Pie with Sujuk
#38 Pie with Sujuk
1pc, sujuk, garlic
700 AMD

Pie with Sujuk and Cheese
#39 Pie with Sujuk and Cheese
1pc, sujuk, garlic, cheese
900 AMD

Pie with Olives
#41 Pie with Olives
1pc, black and green olives
500 AMD

Pie with Olives and Cheese
#42 Pie with Olives and Cheese
1pc, black and green olives, cheese
700 AMD

Pie with Spinach
#44 Pie with Spinach
1pc, spinach, onion
400 AMD

Dough with Ghavurma
#46 Dough with Ghavurma
1pc, meat, tomato, green pepper, sauce
1000 AMD

Dough with Chicken
#47 Dough with Chicken
1pc, chicken, sauce, mayonnaise, tomato, pepper, spices
800 AMD

Soujoukh sandwich
#49 Soujoukh sandwich
beef, tomato, pickled cucumber, cheese
1000 AMD

Chicken sandwich
#50 Chicken sandwich
chicken, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, French Fries, mayonnaise, ketchup
1000 AMD

Hummus sandwich
#51 Hummus sandwich
hummus, tomato, pickled cucumber
650 AMD

Pizza with Chicken
#53 Pizza with Chicken
30cm, 8pcs,  chicken, cheese, sauce
1700 AMD

Pizza with Sujuk
#54 Pizza with Sujuk
30cm, 8pcs, cheese, beef with sujuk spices, sauce
2000 AMD

Pizza with Meat
#55 Pizza with Meat
30cm, 8pcs, beef, cheese, sauce
1600 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#56 Pizza Margherita
30cm, 8pcs, cheese, pepper, olives, sauce
1200 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni with Cheese
#57 Pizza Pepperoni with Cheese
30cm, 8pcs, cheese, sausage pepperoni, sauce
1500 AMD

Hot Dishes
Ishli Qyufta
300 AMD

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