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Emily Flower Shop.RosesRose JumiliaRose JumiliaRose JumiliaRose JumiliaRose JumiliaRose DolomitiRose DolomitiRose DolomitiRose Dolomiti Rose Dolomiti Rose Red Naomi Rose Red Naomi Rose Red NaomiRose Red Naomi Rose Red Naomi Yellow Dutch rose Yellow Dutch rose Yellow Dutch rose Yellow Dutch roseYellow Dutch rose Clustered rosesClustered roses yellowClustered roses redClustered roses orangeClustered roses pinkClustered roses whiteCompositionsComposition HeartComposition HappinessComposition AwakeningComposition MerrimentComposition FireComposition White pearlsComposition TendernessComposition Spring moodComposition with white rosesComposition Pink paradiseComposition DessertComposition Abstract Composition SunComposition JoyBouquetsColourful bouquetWhite bouquetBouquet with Dutch rosesBouquet RainbowBouquet Snowy valleyBouquet White FontainBouquet Green natureBouquet TendernessBouquet MiracleTender bouquetBouquet ChameleonBouquet BridgesLuxurious bouquetBouquet Pomegranate seedBouquet with gerberas and chrysanthemumSmiling bouquetBouquet 3in 1Bouquet LightBouquet Spring of loveBouquet Spring moodBouquet Feeling of loveBouquet White fieldBouquet Happy moodBouquet with white tulipsBouquet with orchids and rosesBouquet with yellow tulipsBouquet with pink tulipsBouquet with yellow tulips and orchidsBouquet Gentle shadesBouquet with white tulips and orchidsBouquet with NarcissusBouquet Welcome springColor decorated bouquet Flowers and Balloons
Emily Flower Shop

Flowers and Balloons
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Emily Flower Shop

Rose Jumilia
#1 Rose Jumilia
50cm, 1pc
800 AMD

Rose Jumilia
#2 Rose Jumilia
60cm, 1pc
900 AMD

Rose Jumilia
#3 Rose Jumilia
70cm, 1pc
1000 AMD

Rose Jumilia
#4 Rose Jumilia
80cm, 1pc
1200 AMD

Rose Jumilia
#5 Rose Jumilia
90cm, 1pc
1400 AMD

Rose Dolomiti
#6 Rose Dolomiti
50cm, 1pc
800 AMD

Rose Dolomiti
#7 Rose Dolomiti
60cm, 1pc
900 AMD

Rose Dolomiti
#8 Rose Dolomiti
70cm, 1pc
1000 AMD

Rose Dolomiti
1200 AMD

Rose Dolomiti
1400 AMD

Rose Red Naomi
800 AMD

Rose Red Naomi
900 AMD

Rose Red Naomi
1000 AMD

Rose Red Naomi
1200 AMD

Rose Red Naomi
1400 AMD

Yellow Dutch rose
800 AMD

Yellow Dutch rose
900 AMD

Yellow Dutch rose
1000 AMD

Yellow Dutch rose
1200 AMD

Yellow Dutch rose
1400 AMD

Clustered roses
Clustered roses yellow
1500 AMD

Clustered roses red
1500 AMD

Clustered roses orange
1500 AMD

Clustered roses pink
1500 AMD

Clustered roses white
1500 AMD

Composition Heart
#21 Composition Heart
15 Dutch roses, gibsofilia
36000 AMD

Composition Happiness
#22 Composition Happiness
5 gerbera, spray roses, limonium, Dutch plant
36000 AMD

Composition Awakening
#23 Composition Awakening
spray roses, 2 Dutch anthurium, limonium, gibsofilia
36000 AMD

Composition Merriment
#24 Composition Merriment
15 roses, Dutch chrysanthemum, 3 anthurium, Dutch plants
50000 AMD

Composition Fire
#25 Composition Fire
13 Dutch roses, gibsofilia
40000 AMD

Composition White pearls
#26 Composition White pearls
41 Dutch roses, gibsofilia
90000 AMD

Composition Tenderness
#27 Composition Tenderness
3 Liliums, 3 Dutch roses, Dutch leaves, gibsofilia
22000 AMD

Composition Spring mood
#28 Composition Spring mood
9 Dutch roses, Dutch leaves
22000 AMD

Composition with white roses
#29 Composition with white roses
15 Dutch roses, Dutch leaves
35000 AMD

Composition Pink paradise
28000 AMD

Composition Dessert
#34 Composition Dessert
13 roses, 1 anthorium, Dutch greenery, with beautiful vase
34000 AMD

Composition Abstract
#35 Composition Abstract
7 Dutch roses, chrysanthemum, greenery
13000 AMD

Composition Sun
#37 Composition Sun
15 gerberas, 4 anthorium, Dutch greenery, order a day before delivery
33000 AMD

Composition Joy
#534 Composition Joy
2pcs orchids, spray roses, freesia, limonium
13000 AMD

Colourful bouquet
#38 Colourful bouquet
7 gerberas, spray roses, limonium, Dutch plants
25000 AMD

White bouquet
#39 White bouquet
11 Dutch roses, Alstroemerias, greens, limonium
28000 AMD

Bouquet with Dutch roses
#40 Bouquet with Dutch roses
15 Dutch roses, greens
27000 AMD

Bouquet Rainbow
#41 Bouquet Rainbow
19 Gerberas, gibsofilia, greens
16000 AMD

Bouquet Snowy valley
#46 Bouquet Snowy valley
21 Dutch roses, dutch leaves
30000 AMD

Bouquet White Fontain
#47 Bouquet White Fontain
chrysanthemum, 19 Dutch roses and Dutch leaves
28000 AMD

Bouquet Green nature
#48 Bouquet Green nature
13 Dutch roses, anthurium, chrysanthemum, Dutch leaves, order a day before delivery
48000 AMD

Bouquet Tenderness
#49 Bouquet Tenderness
11 Dutch roses, Eucalipt, white butterflies
25000 AMD

Bouquet Miracle
#50 Bouquet Miracle
9 gerberas, 3 roses and decores
23000 AMD

Tender bouquet
#51 Tender bouquet
25 Dutch roses and other small branches
33000 AMD

Bouquet Chameleon
#52 Bouquet Chameleon
21 Dutch roses and Dutch gypsophila, order a day before delivery
38000 AMD

Bouquet Bridges
#53 Bouquet Bridges
15 Dutch rose and Dutch greenery
25000 AMD

Luxurious bouquet
#54 Luxurious bouquet
35 Dutch roses and Dutch greenery, order a day before delivery
70000 AMD

Bouquet Pomegranate seed
#55 Bouquet Pomegranate seed
5 gerberas, spray roses and Dutch greenery
19000 AMD

Bouquet with gerberas and chrysanthemum
#56 Bouquet with gerberas and chrysanthemum
5 gerberas, chrysanthemum and greenery
9000 AMD

Smiling bouquet
#57 Smiling bouquet
11 roses, lisianthus and limonium
35000 AMD

Bouquet 3in 1
#58 Bouquet 3in 1
3 Dutch roses, gypsophila and Dutch leaves
14000 AMD

Bouquet Light
#59 Bouquet Light
3 Dutch roses, Elianthus, eucalipt, decors
15000 AMD

Bouquet Spring of love
#60 Bouquet Spring of love
3pcs Dutch roses, spray roses, 5pcs tulips, freesia, eucalyptus
15000 AMD

Bouquet Feeling of love
#65 Bouquet Feeling of love
5pcs roses, gypsophila, limonium, freesia, Dutch leaves
17000 AMD

Bouquet White field
#66 Bouquet White field
2pcs roses, 3pcs gerbera, gypsophila, limonium
11000 AMD

Bouquet Happy mood
#522 Bouquet Happy mood
spray roses, orchids, 3pcs gerberas, gypsofila
15000 AMD

Bouquet with white tulips
#523 Bouquet with white tulips
7pcs tulips , freesia, limonium
15000 AMD

Bouquet with orchids and roses
#524 Bouquet with orchids and roses
3pcs roses, spray roses, 2pcs orchids, wheat, eucalyptus
19000 AMD

Bouquet with yellow tulips
#525 Bouquet with yellow tulips
7pcs tulips, freesia, limonium
15000 AMD

Bouquet with pink tulips
#526 Bouquet with pink tulips
7pcs tulips, gypsofila, eucalyptus
12000 AMD

Bouquet with yellow tulips and orchids
#527 Bouquet with yellow tulips and orchids
5pcs tulips, spray roses, 3pcs orchids, freesia
19000 AMD

Bouquet Gentle shades
#528 Bouquet Gentle shades
5pcs tulips, spray roses, 2pcs orchids, freesia, gypsophila
20000 AMD

Bouquet with white tulips and orchids
#529 Bouquet with white tulips and orchids
5pcs tulips, spray roses, 2pcs orchids, 3pcs arum-lily, eucalyptus, gypsophila
28000 AMD

Bouquet with Narcissus
#530 Bouquet with Narcissus
narcissus, limonium
13000 AMD

Bouquet Welcome spring
#531 Bouquet Welcome spring
4pcs roses, 5pcs tulips, freesia
15000 AMD

Color decorated bouquet
#532 Color decorated bouquet
11pcs roses, spring roses, palm leaves, gypsofila
20000 AMD

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myus [email protected] [email protected] tapelu ban en exel. Es chem haskanum vonca etenc kareli ???????
08 Mar 2021
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06 Jun 2020
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