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Espress It by Coffeeshop.BreakfastCanadian Sweet and SavouryClassic French breakfastCroissant Ham and CheeseCroissant Brie Cheese and Cranberry JamEnglish CookedGerman PlatedPretzel Omеlette ClassicPretzel Omеlette With BaconPretzel Omеlette With CheesePretzel Omеlette With TomatoSweet PancakesSwiss FitSaladsCaesar SaladChickpeas with ChorizoQuinoa TaboulehRosted Zaatar ZucchiniStilton and Celery with Greek DressingSoupChicken SoupPumpkin Cream SoupSpicy Tomato Cream SoupHot DishesRoast Beef and Quinoa BowlTeriyaki and Chicken BowlPastaAl Arabiatta with ChickenPasta BolognesePasta CarbonaraLasagneMacn CheesePasta Gorgonzola ZucchiniPizzettiPizzetti Butter ChickenPizzetti Chorizo with Texan SalsaPizzetti Cream Cheese BaconPizzetti Roasted VegetablesPizzetti Tomato MozzarellaBaguette SandwichBeef Ham SandwichIndian Butter Chicken SandwichOven Roasted Vegetables SandwichSmoked Salmon SandwichThe Ruben SandwichTomato Mozzarella SandwichSandwich Tuna with Greek YoghurtSandwich Salsa ClubSlider BurgerClassic French BurgerFeta and Butter Chicken BurgerFrench Brie BurgerSlider Mix BurgerGarnishRiceFrench FriesHomemade FriesDessertApple PieCarrot CakeRed VelvetCake Triple ChocolateHot CoffeeEspresso SingleEspresso DoubleEspresso Macchiato SingleEspresso Macchiato DoubleCaffe Latte SCaffe Latte MCappuchino SCappuchino MMoccachino Dark SMoccachino Dark MMoccachino White SMoccachino White MCaramel Macchiato SCaramel Macchiato MAmericano SAmericano MNougat MoccachinoWiener MelangeMocca Blonde SMocca Blonde MLong EspressoLong Espresso BlondeHot DrinksDark Choco LatteWhite Choco LatteChai LatteIced Coffee And ShakesIced Banana Choco LatteIced Caffe Latte with Flavour MIced Caffe Latte with Flavour LIced Moccachino Dark MIced Moccachino Dark LIced Moccachino White MIced Moccachino White LIced Caramel Moccachino MIced Caramel Moccachino LIced Chai Latte MIced Chai Latte LIced Chocolate Dark MIced Chocolate Dark LIced Chocolate White MIced Chocolate White LIced Americano MIced Americano LIced Cappucchino MIced Cappucchino LBanana Vanilla ShakeStrawberry Vanilla ShakeOreo ShakeSmoothie and YogiTropical Dreams SmoothieTropical Dreams YogiPeach and Berry SmoothiePeach and Berry YogiBerry Love SmoothieBerry Love YogiSpecial Iced TeaBerry Iced TeaLemon and Lime Iced TeaPeach and Lemon Balm Iced TeaOrganic LemonadesLime Ginger and Mint SLime Ginger and Mint XLRaspberry and Lemon SRaspberry and Lemon XLElder and Lemon Balm SElder and Lemon Balm XLLime Ginger and Minth FrozenRaspberry and Lemon FrozenElder and Lemon Balm FrozenArt of TeaEnglish BreakfastEarl GreyPremium DarjeelingFruit Triole FlavourFruit NatureBlossoms Of CamomilePure MintpowerRooibushHerbal SweetnessGreen JasmineGyokure ShadowedChai ChaiSoft DrinksNatural Juice 0.3lPepsi 0.33lMirinda 0.33l7up 0.33lSpring water Byuregh 0.33lMineral water Jermuk 0.33lRed Bull 0.25l European
Espress It by Coffeeshop

Working hours
09:00 - 02:00

Espress It by Coffeeshop

Canadian Sweet and Savoury
#1 Canadian Sweet and Savoury
mini pancake, mini sausage, homemade fries, bacon, maple syrup, egg
2600 AMD

Classic French breakfast
#2 Classic French breakfast
classic croissant, cheese Brie, Emmental, strawberry, butter, jam
2400 AMD

Croissant Ham and Cheese
#4 Croissant Ham and Cheese
classic croissant, cream cheese, ham beef, cheese Emmental, butter
1800 AMD

Croissant Brie Cheese and Cranberry Jam
#5 Croissant Brie Cheese and Cranberry Jam
cream cheese, brie cheese, cranberry jam
2400 AMD

English Cooked
#7 English Cooked
egg, beans with tomatoes, mini sausage, homemade potatoes, bacon, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms
3500 AMD

German Plated
#9 German Plated
cheese Emmental, gouda, brie, cream cheese, cucumber, strawberry, hem beef
3900 AMD

Pretzel Omеlette Classic
#11 Pretzel Omеlette Classic
cream cheese, 2 eggs, cream
1500 AMD

Pretzel Omеlette With Bacon
#12 Pretzel Omеlette With Bacon
cream cheese, 2 eggs, cream, nacon
1900 AMD

Pretzel Omеlette With Cheese
#13 Pretzel Omеlette With Cheese
cream cheese, 2 eggs, cream, cheese
1900 AMD

Pretzel Omеlette With Tomato
#14 Pretzel Omеlette With Tomato
cream cheese, 2 eggs, cream, tomato
1700 AMD

Sweet Pancakes
#15 Sweet Pancakes
pancake, banana, greek yogurt, kiwi, strawberry, orange, mint, powdered sugar
1400 AMD

Swiss Fit
#17 Swiss Fit
muesli, peach juice, milk, strawberry, mint, banana, orange, kiwi, nut, honey
1500 AMD

Caesar Salad
#20 Caesar Salad
chicken, Caesar sauce, lettuce, bacon, croutons, cheese Parmesan
2400 AMD

Chickpeas with Chorizo
#21 Chickpeas with Chorizo
chorizo, peas, bulgarian pepper, onion caramelized, feta, honey mustard sauce
2500 AMD

Quinoa Tabouleh
#23 Quinoa Tabouleh
quinoa, salsa sauce, greens, pomegranate
1500 AMD

Rosted Zaatar Zucchini
#24 Rosted Zaatar Zucchini
zucchini, zaatar, apple, spinach, sauce
1800 AMD

Stilton and Celery with Greek Dressing
#25 Stilton and Celery with Greek Dressing
celery, grape, Greek yogurt, cheese Roquefort
2400 AMD

Chicken Soup
#27 Chicken Soup
chicken, farfalle, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli
1300 AMD

Pumpkin Cream Soup
#29 Pumpkin Cream Soup
pumpkin, cream, spices
900 AMD

Spicy Tomato Cream Soup
#30 Spicy Tomato Cream Soup
tomato, hot spices
1100 AMD

Hot Dishes
Roast Beef and Quinoa Bowl
#32 Roast Beef and Quinoa Bowl
quinoa, roast beef, vegetables
3900 AMD

Teriyaki and Chicken Bowl
#33 Teriyaki and Chicken Bowl
rice, chicken, teriyaki sauce, vegetables
2800 AMD

Al Arabiatta with Chicken
#36 Al Arabiatta with Chicken
linguine, chicken, bacon, spicy tomato sauce, vegetables, cheese Parmesan
1900 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#39 Pasta Bolognese
linguine, bolognese sauce, cheese Parmesan
2100 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#41 Pasta Carbonara
linguine, bacon, prosciutto champagne, bechamel sauce, cheese Parmesan, egg
2500 AMD

#43 Lasagne
cheese Mozzarella, spinach, sauce Bechamel, Bolognese,cheese Parmesan, Cheddar
2900 AMD

Macn Cheese
#44 Macn Cheese
bacon, bechamel sauce, cheese Roquefort, Parmesan
2500 AMD

Pasta Gorgonzola Zucchini
#46 Pasta Gorgonzola Zucchini
fettuccine, zucchini, sauce Bechamel, cheese Gorgonzola
2500 AMD

Pizzetti Butter Chicken
#49 Pizzetti Butter Chicken
30x15cm, 6 slices, sauce, chicken in cream, cherry tomato, cheese Cheddar, Emmetnal
1900 AMD

Pizzetti Chorizo with Texan Salsa
#50 Pizzetti Chorizo with Texan Salsa
30x15cm, 6 slices, sauce, chorizo, spinach, cheese Cheddar, Emmental, Feta, Salsa sauce
1700 AMD

Pizzetti Cream Cheese Bacon
#51 Pizzetti Cream Cheese Bacon
30x15cm, 6 slices, sour cream, onion, bacon, cheese Cheddar, Emmental
1800 AMD

Pizzetti Roasted Vegetables
#52 Pizzetti Roasted Vegetables
30x15cm, 6 slices, sauce, roasted vegetables, cheese Cheddar, Emmental
1600 AMD

Pizzetti Tomato Mozzarella
#53 Pizzetti Tomato Mozzarella
30x15 cm, 6 pieces sauce, cheese Mozzarella, tomato, pesto sauce, Cheddar
2100 AMD

Baguette Sandwich
Beef Ham Sandwich
#56 Beef Ham Sandwich
cream cheese, beef ham, cheese Emmental, butter, salt
2200 AMD

Indian Butter Chicken Sandwich
#57 Indian Butter Chicken Sandwich
cream cheese, chicken in cream, cheese Emmental, cranberry sauce, lettuce
2300 AMD

Oven Roasted Vegetables Sandwich
#58 Oven Roasted Vegetables Sandwich
cream cheese, lettuce, vegetables, cheese Emmental, tomato puree
1900 AMD

Smoked Salmon Sandwich
#60 Smoked Salmon Sandwich
cream cheese, lettuce, onion, salmon, honey mustard sauce
2900 AMD

The Ruben Sandwich
#61 The Ruben Sandwich
cream cheese, lettuce, Coleslaw salad, roast beef, cheese Emmental
3200 AMD

Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
#62 Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
cream cheese, cress, tomato, cheese Mozzarella
1900 AMD

Sandwich Tuna with Greek Yoghurt
#63 Sandwich Tuna with Greek Yoghurt
cream cheese, lettuce, tuna, Greek yogurt
2500 AMD

Sandwich Salsa Club
#64 Sandwich Salsa Club
bacon, chicken, salsa sauce, cream cheese, lettuce, egg
2400 AMD

Slider Burger
Classic French Burger
#66 Classic French Burger
3pcs, beef cutlet, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise
2400 AMD

Feta and Butter Chicken Burger
#67 Feta and Butter Chicken Burger
3pcs, cream cheese, lettuce, chicken in cream, cheese Feta
2900 AMD

French Brie Burger
#68 French Brie Burger
3pcs, cheese Brie, cream cheese, lettuce, onion, beef cutlet, pomegranate
3900 AMD

Slider Mix Burger
#71 Slider Mix Burger
1 Indian Butter chicken burger, 1 Bacon cheese, 1 Cheddar cheese burger
2800 AMD

800 AMD

Hot Coffee
Espresso Single
1200 AMD

Espresso Double
1700 AMD

Caffe Latte S
1800 AMD

Caffe Latte M
1950 AMD

Cappuchino S
1800 AMD

Cappuchino M
2050 AMD

Moccachino Dark S
1950 AMD

Moccachino Dark M
2100 AMD

Moccachino White S
1950 AMD

Moccachino White M
2100 AMD

Caramel Macchiato S
1900 AMD

Caramel Macchiato M
2050 AMD

Americano S
1650 AMD

Americano M
1850 AMD

Nougat Moccachino
2250 AMD

Wiener Melange
1900 AMD

Mocca Blonde S
1300 AMD

Mocca Blonde M
1750 AMD

Long Espresso
1200 AMD

Hot Drinks
Dark Choco Latte
2300 AMD

White Choco Latte
2300 AMD

Chai Latte
1850 AMD

Special Iced Tea
Berry Iced Tea
1950 AMD

Art of Tea
Earl Grey
1350 AMD

Fruit Nature
1350 AMD

Pure Mintpower
1350 AMD

1350 AMD

Herbal Sweetness
1350 AMD

Green Jasmine
1350 AMD

Gyokure Shadowed
1350 AMD

Chai Chai
1350 AMD

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02 Jan 2022
Nayr M.
30 Nov 2021
08 Oct 2021
I ordered chamomile tea which says 10 pieces but was one cup of tea
21 Jun 2021
Narek M.
19 Mar 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Espress It by Coffeeshop
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