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Express Panda.Big Sales from 01․10.20 till 28․10․20Chicken with black pepperKung Pao Chicken with eggplantHot dishesBeijing vealVeal with broccoliEggplant TofuChicken with mushroom and eggplantOrange chickenShanghai Veal FilletString bean with chicken breastSweetfire chicken breastRice with vegetables and eggGarnishFried riceBreadChinese breadSoft drinksCoca-Cola 0.25lCoca-Cola 0.33lFanta 0.25lFanta 0.33lSprite 0.25lSprite 0.33lLemonade Natakhtari 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.33lMineral water Dilijan 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5l Chinese, Asian
Express Panda

Chinese, Asian
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Express Panda

Big Sales from 01․10.20 till 28․10․20
Chicken with black pepper
#2 Chicken with black pepper
400-450g, chicken, celery, onion, soy sauce, garlic
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1850 AMD

Kung Pao Chicken with eggplant
#5 Kung Pao Chicken with eggplant
400-450g, chicken, eggplant, peanut, chilli pepper, green and red pepper
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1950 AMD

Hot dishes
Beijing veal
#1 Beijing veal
400-450g, veal, red and green pepper, onion, tangi sauce
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5200 AMD

Veal with broccoli
#3 Veal with broccoli
400-450g, veal, broccoli, garlic, sauce
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5600 AMD

Eggplant Tofu
#4 Eggplant Tofu
400-450g, eggplant, tofu, red and green pepper
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3400 AMD

Chicken with mushroom and eggplant
#6 Chicken with mushroom and eggplant
400-450g, chicken, eggplant, champignon, ginger, onion
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3800 AMD

Orange chicken
#7 Orange chicken
400-450g, chicken, orange juice, chilli pepper
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3900 AMD

Shanghai Veal Fillet
#8 Shanghai Veal Fillet
400-450g, veal, bean, champignon, onion
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5400 AMD

String bean with chicken breast
#9 String bean with chicken breast
400-450g, chicken, bean, onion, spices
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3900 AMD

Sweetfire chicken breast
#10 Sweetfire chicken breast
400-450g, chicken, onion, red and green pepper, pineapple, chilli pepper
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4200 AMD

Rice with vegetables and egg
#11 Rice with vegetables and egg
400-450g, rice, peas, corn, eggs, carrot, cucumber
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1500 AMD

Fried rice
#12 Fried rice
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1100 AMD

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10 Aug 2020
Безумно вкусно!
27 Oct 2019
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Express Panda
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