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Family House Restaurant.Cold AppetizersMeat assortedVillage CheeseGhavurmaVeal tongueHomemade picklesFresh vegetablesFresh greensBlack and green olivesOlives and lemonLemonRejanStrained yogurtAssorted homemade meatBreadBread basketSaladsFamily saladCaesar saladChicken saladSummer saladHummusSorrel saladCabbage saladRed bean saladArarat saladTabuleGreek saladSurprise saladCrab saladSoupsPitiKharchoBorshchChicken soupRed bean soup with nutsSpasMushroom cream soupHot dishesHomemade chicken with porridgeFried chickChicken cutlet with garnishHarisaLamb shoulderLamb khashlamaLamb tjvjikPork ribs with saucePork with mushroomRoasted porkFamily HouseVeal loin with garnishVeal khashlamaTolma with grape leavesCabbage tolmaIshli kyuftaBeef tjvjikBoiled KhinkaliFried KhinkaliBoiled khinkali with cheeseFried khinkali cheesePelmeniSterled in ovenTroutLamb ribs BBQPork loin BBQPork ribs BBQPork boneless BBQPork neck BBQVeal sirloin BBQChicken breast BBQVegetable BBQPotato BBQExpress dishesJulienFried SuluguniPancake with beefOmeletteOmelette with basturmaOmelette with green peasOmelette with tomatoSunny side up eggsGarnishFried mandakFried sibekhFried green beanFried mushroom with potatoVillage potatoMashed potatoFrench friesArishtaSpaghettiBuckwheatRice Armenian
Family House Restaurant

Working hours
09:30 - 23:30

Family House Restaurant

Cold Appetizers
Meat assorted
#2 Meat assorted
200g, basturma, sujuk, bacon, fillet
2800 AMD

Village Cheese
1800 AMD

3800 AMD

Veal tongue
2000 AMD

Homemade pickles
#16 Homemade pickles
550g, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, hot pepper
1600 AMD

Fresh vegetables
#18 Fresh vegetables
400g, 1pc cucumber, 1pc tomato, 1pc pepper
1400 AMD

500 AMD

#29 Rejan
900 AMD

Strained yogurt
700 AMD

Bread basket
#35 Bread basket
3pcs matnaqash, 2pcs black bread, 2pcs lavash
500 AMD

Family salad
#38 Family salad
200g, veal fillet, eggplant, nuts, garlic, spices
2800 AMD

Caesar salad
#41 Caesar salad
200g, chicken breast, lettuce, sauce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, Cherry tomato
2500 AMD

Chicken salad
#45 Chicken salad
200g, chicken, nuts, carrot, mayonnaise
1800 AMD

Summer salad
#47 Summer salad
200g, cucumber, tomato, greens, onion
1600 AMD

#48 Hummus
200g, chickpeas, tahini
1200 AMD

Sorrel salad
#50 Sorrel salad
200g, sorrel, onion, nuts, garlic
1200 AMD

Cabbage salad
#52 Cabbage salad
300g, cabbage, carrot, greens, oil, lemon
1000 AMD

Red bean salad
#54 Red bean salad
bean, onion, greens, red pepper, nuts
1200 AMD

Ararat salad
#56 Ararat salad
veal fillet, eggplant, nuts, garlic, mayonnaise, spices
2800 AMD

#58 Tabule
bulgur, green onion, tomato sauce, greens, spices
1300 AMD

Greek salad
#60 Greek salad
tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives, cheese Feta, lemon juice, spices
2500 AMD

Surprise salad
#63 Surprise salad
beef tongue, bulgarian pepper, mayonnaise, sour cream, nuts
2300 AMD

Crab salad
#65 Crab salad
crab sticks, corn, chicken breast, lettuce
2000 AMD

#69 Piti
380-400g, lamb, chickpeas, spices, potato
1600 AMD

#71 Kharcho
380-400g, lamb, rice, spicy spices
1600 AMD

#73 Borshch
380-400g, beef, cabbage, carrot, beet, potato, greens
1400 AMD

Chicken soup
#75 Chicken soup
380-400g, chicken, carrot, rice
1200 AMD

Red bean soup with nuts
#77 Red bean soup with nuts
380-400g, red bean, nuts, potato, garlic
1200 AMD

#79 Spas
380-400g, groat, matsoni
1000 AMD

Mushroom cream soup
1700 AMD

Hot dishes
Homemade chicken with porridge
#88 Homemade chicken with porridge
1.2kg, half chicken, porridge
8000 AMD

Fried chick
#91 Fried chick
380g, served with garnish
2300 AMD

1400 AMD

Lamb shoulder
9000 AMD

Lamb khashlama
#104 Lamb khashlama
360g, lamb, potato, tomato, pepper
3500 AMD

Lamb tjvjik
2000 AMD

Pork ribs with sauce
#108 Pork ribs with sauce
380g, pork ribs, doshab and chili sauce
4900 AMD

Roasted pork
#112 Roasted pork
250g, pork, potato, onion
2200 AMD

Family House
#114 Family House
beef, mushroom, cognac, cream, spices
3800 AMD

Veal loin with garnish
16000 AMD

Veal khashlama
#121 Veal khashlama
360g, veal, potato, tomato, pepper
3400 AMD

Tolma with grape leaves
2400 AMD

Cabbage tolma
#125 Cabbage tolma
350g, 10-12pcs
2200 AMD

Ishli kyufta
#127 Ishli kyufta
200g, 4pcs
2300 AMD

Beef tjvjik
2000 AMD

Fried Khinkali
#133 Fried Khinkali
1pc, minimum order is 4 pieces/p>
350 AMD

1800 AMD

Sterled in oven
#142 Sterled in oven
price for 1kg, 1 whole starlet is 2-2·5kg, before ordering a whole fish, please contact operator to clarify the fish weight at the moment
10000 AMD

#144 Trout
4500 AMD

Express dishes
#167 Julien
180g, mushroom, chicken breast, onion, mayonnaise, Dutch cheese
2200 AMD

Fried Suluguni
1600 AMD

Pancake with beef
1300 AMD

#176 Omelette
2pcs eggs
800 AMD

Fried mandak
2400 AMD

Fried sibekh
2400 AMD

Fried green bean
1200 AMD

Village potato
1500 AMD

Mashed potato
800 AMD

French fries
800 AMD

1100 AMD

800 AMD

800 AMD

#211 Rice
800 AMD

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Xach K.
17 Jan 2022
12 Jan 2022
11 Jan 2022
29 Aug 2021
впервые разочаровались этим рестораном
25 Jul 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Family House Restaurant
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