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Fika Coffee.Coffee RobustaCoffee IndonesiaCoffee KamerunCoffee UgandaCoffee ArabicaCoffee EutopiaCoffee HondurasCoffee ColumbiaCoffee SupremoCoffee GuatemalaCoffee NicaraguaCoffee SidamoCoffee YirgacheffeCoffee Costa RicaInstant CoffeeInstant Coffee ClassicInstant Coffee GoldMix FikaCoffee Robusta MixCoffee Arabica and Robusta mixCoffee Arabica MixEspresso CoffeeEspresso N1Espresso N2Espresso N3 Coffee and Tea
Fika Coffee

Coffee and Tea
Working hours
09:00 - 18:00

Fika Coffee

Coffee Robusta
Coffee Indonesia
1500 AMD

Coffee Kamerun
1700 AMD

Coffee Uganda
1900 AMD

Coffee Arabica
Coffee Eutopia
3000 AMD

Coffee Honduras
4000 AMD

Coffee Columbia
5000 AMD

Coffee Supremo
5500 AMD

Coffee Guatemala
5000 AMD

Coffee Nicaragua
4000 AMD

Coffee Sidamo
6000 AMD

Coffee Yirgacheffe
7000 AMD

Coffee Costa Rica
5500 AMD

Instant Coffee
Mix Fika
Coffee Robusta Mix
2500 AMD

Coffee Arabica Mix
5000 AMD

Espresso Coffee
Espresso N1
#18 Espresso N1
500g, 20% Robusta, 80% Arabica
5000 AMD

Espresso N2
#19 Espresso N2
500g, 10% Robusta, 90% Arabica
7000 AMD

Espresso N3
#20 Espresso N3
500g, 100% Arabica
9000 AMD

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