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Filomena.BouquetsBouquet N1Bouquet N2Bouquet N3Bouquet N4Bouquet N5Bouquet N6Bouquet N7Bouquet N8Bouquet N9Compositions with natural flowersComposition N1Composition N2Composition N3Composition N4Composition N5Composition N6Composition N7Composition N8Composition N9Composition N10Composition N11Composition N12Composition N13Composition N14Composition N15Composition N16Composition N40Composition N42Composition N43Compositions with natural flowers and candiesComposition N17Composition N18Composition N44Composition N45Compositions with artificial flowers and candiesComposition N19Composition N20Compositions with candiesComposition N21Composition N22Composition N23Composition N24Composition N25Composition N26Composition N41Compositions with soft toysComposition N27Composition N28Composition N29Composition N30Composition N31Composition N32Composition N33Composition N34Composition N35Composition N36Composition N37Composition N38 Flowers and Balloons

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Bouquet N1
#1 Bouquet N1
7 roses
18000 AMD

Bouquet N2
#2 Bouquet N2
19 roses, 80cm
30000 AMD

Bouquet N3
#3 Bouquet N3
35 roses, 70cm
56000 AMD

Bouquet N4
#4 Bouquet N4
35 roses, 70cm
55000 AMD

Bouquet N5
#5 Bouquet N5
41 roses, 70cm
55000 AMD

Bouquet N6
#6 Bouquet N6
45 roses, 60cm
55000 AMD

Bouquet N7
#7 Bouquet N7
85 roses, 70cm
112000 AMD

Bouquet N8
#8 Bouquet N8
89 roses, 80cm
137000 AMD

Bouquet N9
#9 Bouquet N9
101 Ecuador roses, 80cm
162000 AMD

Compositions with natural flowers
Composition N1
#10 Composition N1
11 roses, frezija
30000 AMD

Composition N2
#11 Composition N2
11 roses, gibsofilia, chrysanthemum
25000 AMD

Composition N3
#12 Composition N3
13 roses, frezija
30000 AMD

Composition N4
#13 Composition N4
15 roses, mimosa
28000 AMD

Composition N5
30000 AMD

Composition N6
30000 AMD

Composition N7
35000 AMD

Composition N8
#17 Composition N8
39 roses, gibsofilia
44000 AMD

Composition N9
4500 AMD

Composition N10
#19 Composition N10
shrub roses, orchid
7000 AMD

Composition N11
#20 Composition N11
shrub roses
14000 AMD

Composition N12
#21 Composition N12
shrub roses
22000 AMD

Composition N13
#22 Composition N13
lisianthus, chrysanthemum, rose, sunflower
30000 AMD

Composition N14
#23 Composition N14
shrub roses
13000 AMD

Composition N15
#24 Composition N15
rose, alstroemeria, chrysanthemum, gibsofilia
35000 AMD

Composition N16
#25 Composition N16
101 roses, with first letter of name
110000 AMD

Composition N40
#26 Composition N40
roses, lisianthus, chrysanthemum, champagne
35000 AMD

Composition N42
#27 Composition N42
herbera, chrysanthemum, giacint
15000 AMD

Composition N43
#28 Composition N43
shrub roses, gibsofilia
17000 AMD

Compositions with natural flowers and candies
Composition N17
#29 Composition N17
21 roses, mimosa, candies with letters of your choice
32000 AMD

Composition N18
#30 Composition N18
55 roses, candies
85000 AMD

Composition N44
#31 Composition N44
frezijas, mimosa, candies with letters of your choice
17000 AMD

Composition N45
#32 Composition N45
frezijas, mimosa, candies with letters of your choice
17000 AMD

Compositions with artificial flowers and candies
Compositions with candies
Composition N23
#37 Composition N23
drinks, candies, cigars
23000 AMD

Composition N41
#41 Composition N41
almonds, candies Domior, whisky Jameson 0.5l
39000 AMD

Compositions with soft toys
Composition N27
#42 Composition N27
panda candies and soft toys
25000 AMD

Composition N28
#43 Composition N28
1 rose, chrysanthemum, gibsofilia, soft toy
12000 AMD

Composition N37
#52 Composition N37
rose, chrysanthemum, candy, soft toy
29000 AMD

No results found
21 Oct 2017
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Filomena
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