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Flor de Star Davitashen.RosesRose Jumilia 60cmRose Jumilia 70cmRose Jumilia 80cmRose Jumilia 90cmRose Luxor 60cmRose Luxor 70cmRose Luxor 80cmRose Luxor 90cmRose Candy Avalanche 50cmRose Candy Avalanche 60cmRose Candy Avalanche 70cmRose Candy Avalanche 80cmRose Candy Avalanche 90cmRose Peach Avalanche 60cmRose Peach Avalanche 70cmRose Peach Avalanche 80cmRose Peach Avalanche 90cmClustered rose 50-60cmPink Clustered rose 50-60cmRose Dolomiti 60cmRose Dolomiti 70cmRose Dolomiti 80cmRose Dolomiti 90cmRose Red Naomi 60cmRose Red Naomi 70cmRose Red Naomi 80cmRose Red Naomi 90cmRose Penny Lane 60cmRose Penny Lane 70cmRose Penny Lane 80cmRose Penny Lane 90cmRose Paloma 70cmRose Maridim 60cmRose Maridim 70cmRose Maridim 80cmRose Maridim 90cmClustered rose 50-60cmClustered rose 50-60cmClustered rose 50-60cmClustered rose 50-60cmClustered rose 50-60cmFlowersPhalaenopsis N1Phalaenopsis N2Phalaenopsis N3Phalaenopsis N4Phalaenopsis N5GerberaNarcissusCallaFreesiaAlstromeria violetAlstromeria pinkAlstromeriaCompostion N46BouquetsBouquet with gerberasBouquet N15Bouquet N21Bouquet N23Bouquet N24Bouquet N25Bouquet N30Bouquet N33Bouquet N35Bouquet N36Bouquet N40Bouquet N41Bouquet N42Bouquet N43Bouquet N44Bouquet N46Bouquet N47Bouquet N48Bouquet N49Bouquet N50Bouquet N51Bouquet N52Bouquet N53Bouquet N54Bouquet N55Bouquet N56Bouquet N57Bouquet N58BalloonsBalloon with helium gasPostcardsPostcard Flowers and Balloons
Flor de Star Davitashen

Flowers and Balloons
Working hours
09:00 - 00:00

Flor de Star Davitashen

Rose Jumilia 70cm
1000 AMD

Rose Jumilia 80cm
1200 AMD

Rose Jumilia 90cm
1350 AMD

Rose Luxor 60cm
1300 AMD

Rose Luxor 70cm
1485 AMD

Rose Luxor 80cm
1755 AMD

Rose Luxor 90cm
1980 AMD

Clustered rose 50-60cm
1200 AMD

Rose Paloma 70cm
1800 AMD

Phalaenopsis N1
20000 AMD

Phalaenopsis N2
20000 AMD

Phalaenopsis N3
20000 AMD

Phalaenopsis N4
20000 AMD

Phalaenopsis N5
20000 AMD

550 AMD

250 AMD

1000 AMD

#232 Freesia
1 branch
250 AMD

Alstromeria violet
500 AMD

Alstromeria pink
500 AMD

500 AMD

Bouquet N15
#315 Bouquet N15
50-60cm 11pcs roses Juwena, gypsofilla
19000 AMD

Bouquet N21
#321 Bouquet N21
5 bunch of clustered roses, gypsofila
12500 AMD

Bouquet N23
#323 Bouquet N23
50-60cm 25-29 bunches of clustered roses, eucalipt
38000 AMD

Bouquet N24
#324 Bouquet N24
50-60cm clustered roses
13000 AMD

Bouquet N25
#325 Bouquet N25
50-60cm 35 bunch of clustered pion roses
49000 AMD

Bouquet N30
#330 Bouquet N30
50-60cm 15 roses
18000 AMD

Bouquet N33
#336 Bouquet N33
70-80cm, 21pcs rose
38000 AMD

Bouquet N35
28000 AMD

Bouquet N36
#340 Bouquet N36
50-60cm, 31pcs jumilia
30900 AMD

Bouquet N40
#347 Bouquet N40
60-70cm, 51pcs red rose
76500 AMD

Bouquet N41
#348 Bouquet N41
rose, alstroemeria, frieza
32000 AMD

Bouquet N42
#349 Bouquet N42
rose, chrysanthemum, alstroemeria
41800 AMD

Bouquet N43
#350 Bouquet N43
rose, orchid, alstroemeria, freesia
72500 AMD

Bouquet N44
#351 Bouquet N44
rose, gypsophila
55000 AMD

Bouquet N46
#352 Bouquet N46
rose, alstroemeriarose, alstroemeria
37800 AMD

Bouquet N47
41700 AMD

Bouquet N49
28800 AMD

Bouquet N50
#356 Bouquet N50
25pcs gypsophila
31800 AMD

Bouquet N51
#357 Bouquet N51
50-60cm, 51pcs
71400 AMD

Bouquet N52
#358 Bouquet N52
50-60cm, 101pcs
131000 AMD

Bouquet N53
#359 Bouquet N53
50-60cm, 15pcs yellow
20900 AMD

Bouquet N54
#361 Bouquet N54
70-80cm, 51pcs
100000 AMD

Bouquet N55
#362 Bouquet N55
60-70cm, 15pcs
20500 AMD

Bouquet N56
#363 Bouquet N56
15pcs, eucalyptus
25000 AMD

Bouquet N57
#364 Bouquet N57
chrysanthemum, alstroemeria
27900 AMD

Bouquet N58
#365 Bouquet N58
70-80cm, 101pcs
139000 AMD

Balloon with helium gas
#374 Balloon with helium gas
1pc, orders are accepted 3 hours before delivery
700 AMD

800 AMD

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18 Apr 2022
29 Mar 2022
Davit G.
08 Mar 2022
Marina D.
13 Feb 2022
Элида П.
19 Sep 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Flor de Star Davitashen
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