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Food and Mood.Summer SaladBeet saladCabbage SaladSalad with Cabbage and CornDzadzik saladCaesar saladChicken and corn saladChicken and mushroom saladGreek saladSaladChicken burgerBeef burgerBeef burger with baconClub sandwichPaniniSandwichLahmajoDough dishesCoca-ColaCoca-Cola 0.5lFantaFanta 0.5lSprite 0.5lnatural Juice Dobri 0.33lTan Aparan 0.33lTan Aparan 0.5lBon Aqua 0.5lWater Byuregh 0.5lSoft DrinksLunchSauceChicken shawarma with lavashChicken shawarma with loshikChicken kebabBarbecue whitefishBeef kebabPork ikibirChicken ikibirBBQPizzaChicken steakSchnitzelPasta with Carbonara sauceSpaghetti with Bolognese sauceHot dishBorschTanapurSoup with meatballsChicken soupPea and beef soupLentil soupSolyankaRibs pea soupMushroom soupBean soupCream soup with broccoliSoupHarisaChinese riceRicePotato pureeBuckwheatPastaFrench friesGarnishPotato plechPotato with Mushroom Pizza, European, Lunch, BBQ, Kebab, Burger and Sandwich
Food and Mood

Pizza, European, Lunch, BBQ, Kebab, Burger and Sandwich
Working hours
09:00 - 22:00

Food and Mood

Summer Salad
#3 Summer Salad
tomato, cucumber, green, onion
650 AMD

Beet salad
#6 Beet salad
200g, beets, walnuts, prunes, garlic, sauce
600 AMD

Cabbage Salad
#22 Cabbage Salad
200g, cabbage, carrot, green, lemon, oil
400 AMD

Salad with Cabbage and Corn
#25 Salad with Cabbage and Corn
200g, cabbage, carrot, canned corn, green, lemon, oil
550 AMD

Dzadzik salad
#329 Dzadzik salad
200g squeezed matsun, cucumber, mint, garlic
600 AMD

Caesar salad
#331 Caesar salad
200g, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cheese, garlic, rusk, sauce
900 AMD

Chicken and corn salad
#337 Chicken and corn salad
200g, chicken breast, bulgarian pepper, corn, carrot, cucumber marinade, sauce
900 AMD

Chicken and mushroom salad
#341 Chicken and mushroom salad
200g, chicken breast, corn, peas, marinated mushrooms, olives, greens, oil
950 AMD

Greek salad
#346 Greek salad
200g, cheese Feta, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, oregano, oil
800 AMD

Chicken burger
#11 Chicken burger
chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber marinade, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, bread
1200 AMD

Beef burger
#222 Beef burger
beef, lettuce, tomato, cucumber marinade, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, bread
1400 AMD

Beef burger with bacon
#225 Beef burger with bacon
beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber marinade, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, bread
1500 AMD

Club sandwich
#231 Club sandwich
toast, chicken breast, tomato, cucumber marinade, ketchup, mayonnaise
750 AMD

#235 Panini
chicken breast, cucumber marinade, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise
900 AMD

Dough dishes
550 AMD

Chicken shawarma with lavash
#141 Chicken shawarma with lavash
1pc, chicken, lavash, tomato, cucumber marinade, cabbage and carrot salad, greens, onion, spicy, fries, ketchup, mayonnaise
1000 AMD

Chicken shawarma with loshik
#146 Chicken shawarma with loshik
1pc, chicken, loshik, tomato, cucumber marinade, cabbage and carrot salad, greens, onion, spicy, fries, ketchup, mayonnaise
850 AMD

Chicken kebab
#151 Chicken kebab
1pc, chicken, lavash, onion, greens, ketchup, mayonnaise
900 AMD

Beef kebab
#156 Beef kebab
1pc, beef, lavash, onion, greens, ketchup, mayonnaise
1000 AMD

Pork ikibir
#160 Pork ikibir
pork tenderloin, ketchup, mayonnaise, onion, greens, hot pepper
1100 AMD

Chicken ikibir
#162 Chicken ikibir
chicken breast, ketchup, mayonnaise, onion, greens, hot pepper
1000 AMD

Hot dish
Chicken steak
#196 Chicken steak
1pc, chicken breast, spices
600 AMD

#204 Schnitzel
1pc, chicken breast, breadcrumbs, spices
600 AMD

Pasta with Carbonara sauce
#215 Pasta with Carbonara sauce
300g, pasta, mushroom champignon, cream sauce
900 AMD

Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce
#217 Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce
300g, pasta, beef, onion, greens, tomato, spices
900 AMD

#239 Borsch
450g, beef, beets, carrots, cabbage, potato, tomato, onion, butter, greens, sour cream
900 AMD

#242 Tanapur
450g, matsun, groat, butter, greens
600 AMD

Soup with meatballs
#246 Soup with meatballs
450g, beef, rice, onion, potato, greens, butter
900 AMD

Chicken soup
#249 Chicken soup
450g, chicken breast, rice, potato, carrot, butter, onion, spices
900 AMD

Pea and beef soup
#251 Pea and beef soup
450g, beef, peas, potato, onion, greens, butter, spices
900 AMD

Lentil soup
#253 Lentil soup
450g, beef, lentils, potato, onion, butter, greens, spices
900 AMD

#256 Solyanka
450g, beef, sausage, ham, pickled cucumber, olives, butter, tomato, greens, spices, onion, sour cream
1200 AMD

Ribs pea soup
#258 Ribs pea soup
450g, smoked pork finger, peas, carrots, butter, onions, greens, spices
1000 AMD

Mushroom soup
#262 Mushroom soup
450g, champignon mushrooms, carrots, butter, onion, cream, greens, spices
700 AMD

Bean soup
#264 Bean soup
450g, beans, onion, garlic, butter, greens, spices
850 AMD

Cream soup with broccoli
#268 Cream soup with broccoli
450g, broccoli, carrot, potato, butter, onion, cream, spices
900 AMD

#278 Harisa
200g, chicken, cereals, butter
900 AMD

Chinese rice
#282 Chinese rice
200g, pork, rice, bulgarian pepper, greens
1000 AMD

500 AMD

Potato puree
500 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

French fries
500 AMD

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