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Fourchette Buffet.SaladsSummer saladSalad with beetSalad with broccoliTabuleSalad with beansSalad with cabbage and carrotPotato saladCaesar SaladCrab saladHummusCapital saladVinaigretteSalad with strained yogurtSalad with hamMarocco saladSalad AdmiralGreek saladSalad CairoSalad with chicken and lentilSalad Fyn-SeMoutabalSoupsSpasPizzaPizza with ham and mushroomImeretian khachapuriPizza PepperoniHot DishesRice with vegetablesVillage potatoPilaf with barleyChicken in saffran sauceChicken with mushrooms in a cream sauceChicken legChicken wingsBuckwheatMeat ballsSausagesMashed potatoFrench friesColombian hot dishLenten DolmaTemurFried mushroomSpicy Mexican dishChicken sticksShish tawoukIndian casseroleVegetable ragoutChicken Gung-BaoPasta with sausageTomato with curdGonyoUzbek pilafChakhokhbiliChinese spicy porkChicken SchnitzelPork LanguetteArishtaOmelette with TomatoBreadBreadSoft DrinksCompoteSpring water AraratCoca ColaFantaSprite Lunch, Breakfast
Fourchette Buffet

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Fourchette Buffet

Summer salad
#1 Summer salad
130g, green pepper, tomato, greens, oil, cucumber
520 AMD

Salad with beet
#12 Salad with beet
140g, beet, carrot, apple, greens
290 AMD

Salad with broccoli
#13 Salad with broccoli
140g, red pepper, broccoli, corn, olives, lemon, tomatoes, lettuce
590 AMD

#15 Tabule
130g, bulghur, tomato, greens, lettuce, tomato sauce, vinegar
590 AMD

Salad with beans
#17 Salad with beans
140g, greens, vinegar, green pepper, red beans
390 AMD

Salad with cabbage and carrot
#18 Salad with cabbage and carrot
130g, carrots, cabbage, greens
240 AMD

Potato salad
#19 Potato salad
150g, green pepper, pickled cucumber, greens, potatoes, peas
260 AMD

Caesar Salad
#20 Caesar Salad
160g, olives, tomato, chicken breast, Caesar sauce, lettuce, Parmesan, coutons
650 AMD

Crab salad
#23 Crab salad
130g, corn, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, crab, mayonnaise, cucumber
470 AMD

340 AMD

Capital salad
#28 Capital salad
170g, carrots, pickled cucumbers, sour cream, greens, potatoes, mayonnaise, peas, beef
530 AMD

#29 Vinaigrette
140g, beet, carrot, pickled cucumber, red beans, greens, potatoes, oil, vinegar
420 AMD

Salad with strained yogurt
#31 Salad with strained yogurt
100g, greens, cucumber, strained yogurt
370 AMD

Salad with ham
#33 Salad with ham
150g, ham, lettuce, suluguni cheese, mayonnaise
540 AMD

Marocco salad
#34 Marocco salad
150g, Feta cheese, carrot, orange, lettuce
440 AMD

Salad Admiral
#43 Salad Admiral
150g, nuts, beet, prunes, raisin, mayonnaise
480 AMD

Greek salad
#45 Greek salad
150g, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, Feta cheese, olives, oregano, oil
530 AMD

Salad Cairo
#47 Salad Cairo
150g, tomato, cheese, chicken breast
630 AMD

Salad with chicken and lentil
#51 Salad with chicken and lentil
150g, chicken breast, lentil, sour cream, greens
520 AMD

Salad Fyn-Se
#53 Salad Fyn-Se
150g, soy noodle, cucumber, carrot
590 AMD

390 AMD

390 AMD

Pizza with ham and mushroom
#67 Pizza with ham and mushroom
1pc, bacon, tomato, Mozzarella, mushrooms
430 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#73 Pizza Pepperoni
1pc, red pepper, sausage, tomatoes, Mozzarella
310 AMD

Hot Dishes
Rice with vegetables
#79 Rice with vegetables
200g, rice, corn, carrot, lettuce
370 AMD

Village potato
420 AMD

Pilaf with barley
480 AMD

Chicken in saffran sauce
#91 Chicken in saffran sauce
200g, chicken breast, saffran, curry, corn, broccoli, tomato
720 AMD

Chicken leg
650 AMD

Chicken wings
690 AMD

290 AMD

Meat balls
490 AMD

490 AMD

Mashed potato
350 AMD

French fries
500 AMD

Colombian hot dish
#109 Colombian hot dish
200g, carrot, chicken breast, mushroom, bell pepper, sour-sweet sauce
750 AMD

Lenten Dolma
#111 Lenten Dolma
1pc, 150g, bean, lentil, chickpeas, bulgur, cabbage
290 AMD

#114 Temur
200g, potato, sardelka, greens
570 AMD

Fried mushroom
#115 Fried mushroom
200g, mushroom, potato, spices
640 AMD

Spicy Mexican dish
#116 Spicy Mexican dish
200g, chicken breast, carrot, marinated cucumber, onion, spicy sauce
800 AMD

Chicken sticks
#118 Chicken sticks
200g, chicken breast, dodder, cheese
650 AMD

Shish tawouk
#119 Shish tawouk
200g, chicken breast, bell pepper
950 AMD

Indian casserole
#121 Indian casserole
200g, chicken breast, potato, rice, cheese
900 AMD

Vegetable ragout
#123 Vegetable ragout
200g, eggplant, mushroom, carrot, pepper
630 AMD

Chicken Gung-Bao
#124 Chicken Gung-Bao
200g, chicken breast, peanut, carrot, bell pepper
780 AMD

Tomato with curd
#126 Tomato with curd
200g, tomato, curd, basil
220 AMD

#129 Gonyo
200g, chicken breast, potato, cheese, mushroom
900 AMD

Uzbek pilaf
#131 Uzbek pilaf
200g, rice, carrot, chicken breast, garlic
470 AMD

#132 Chakhokhbili
200g, chicken, onion, greens
490 AMD

Chinese spicy pork
#133 Chinese spicy pork
200g, pork, bell pepper, carrot, onion
930 AMD

Pork Languette
780 AMD

400 AMD

50 AMD

Soft Drinks
200 AMD

Coca Cola
400 AMD

400 AMD

400 AMD

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