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Genacvale Pandok.Khinkali with meatPlech potatoesVeal kebabKhachapuri and khinkaliKhinkali with meatFried khinkali with meatKhinakali with suluguniFried khinkali with suluguniPizzapuri with hamPizzapuri with salamiPizzapuri with chicken and mushroomAdjarian khachapuriLobiani roundKhachapuri on skewerImeretian khachapuriMegrelian khachapuri Royal khachapuriAchmaMchadiKubdari with porkLunch 10:00-16:00Lunch with Fried SuluguniLunch with chicken cutletLunch with beef cutletLunch with chicken thighLunch with pork langetLunch with chicken languetLunch with kupatiKhinkali lunchHot dishesDolma with grape leavesFried mushroomsVeal brainFried suluguniNaketsiFried chick with garnishChick in tkhemaliPork T-bone in adjikaAbkhazuraChqmeruliMadamе BovariTjvjikChicken JigyariChakhokhbiliChashushuliLamb ChashushuliOjakhuriMegrelian kharchoSpicyKhashlamaKupatiChicken cutlet with garnishEskalopeHarisaLamb KhashlamaBurgerBurgeruliCombo BurgeruliKhashKhash with meatKhash broth, without meatSoupsYogurt soupChikhirtmaKharchoPityChanakhGenacvaleChakapuliGuruliLobioSaladsSummer SaladAppetiteGuriaTbilisiChopuriSalad BatumiHot SaladAppetizersCow-heelLemonOlivesGreensStrained yogurtTomatoes and cucumberPicklesJonjolyRed bean with nutsCheese platterArmenian cheese assortedCheese LoriCheese SuluguniSheep cheeseCold suckling pigWhole suckling pigBeef Tongue RollBreadBreadDried LavashSaucesAdjikaTghemaliSatsebelaBazheSour CreamKetchupGeorgian SauceBarbeque, kebabChicken grill with Georgian spicesVeal kebab in Georgian styleChicken kebabVeal kebabPork barbeque bonelessPork loin barbequePork ribs BBQVeal barbequeTongue BBQLamb mix BBQLamb Iqi birMushroom barbequePlechVegetable barbequeChicken breast BBQFish dishesSterlet in oven wholeGarnishesFrench friesGerogian potatoesDessertSoft drinksCoca-ColaFantaTomato juice YanTomato juice YanNatural juice YanNatural juice YanBjniNoyGeorgian lemonadeLemonade Genacvale Georgian
Genacvale Pandok

Working hours
10:00 - 23:00

Genacvale Pandok

Khachapuri and khinkali
Khinkali with meat
2500 AMD

Pizzapuri with ham
#61 Pizzapuri with ham
Imeretian khachapuri+Georgian sauce, ham, Mozzarella cheese, spices
2400 AMD

Pizzapuri with salami
#63 Pizzapuri with salami
Imeretian cheese, salami, Mozzarella cheese
2500 AMD

Pizzapuri with chicken and mushroom
#65 Pizzapuri with chicken and mushroom
Imeretian cheese, chicken, champignon, cheese Mozzarella, tomato, corn
2500 AMD

Adjarian khachapuri
1100 AMD

Lobiani round
#71 Lobiani round
dough, bean, onion, spices
1200 AMD

Khachapuri on skewer
#74 Khachapuri on skewer
with suluguni, bacon or bean
1100 AMD

Imeretian khachapuri
#78 Imeretian khachapuri
dough, Imeretian cheese
1800 AMD

Megrelian khachapuri
#84 Megrelian khachapuri
dough, Imeretian cheese, suluguni
2200 AMD

#94 Achma
cheese, butter
1000 AMD

#233 Mchadi
cornflour, oil
500 AMD

Kubdari with pork
#234 Kubdari with pork
dough, pork, onion, spices
2000 AMD

Lunch 10:00-16:00
Lunch with Fried Suluguni
#155 Lunch with Fried Suluguni
salad,garnish and soft drink on your choice + bread
1500 AMD

Lunch with chicken cutlet
#159 Lunch with chicken cutlet
salad,garnish and soft drink on your choice + bread
1500 AMD

Lunch with beef cutlet
#162 Lunch with beef cutlet
salad,garnish and soft drink on your choice + bread
1500 AMD

Lunch with chicken thigh
#167 Lunch with chicken thigh
salad,garnish and soft drink on your choice + bread
1500 AMD

Lunch with pork langet
#170 Lunch with pork langet
salad, garnish and soft drink on your choice + bread
1500 AMD

Lunch with chicken languet
#173 Lunch with chicken languet
salad, garnish and soft drink on your choice + bread
1500 AMD

Lunch with kupati
#179 Lunch with kupati
bread, on your choice
1500 AMD

Khinkali lunch
#183 Khinkali lunch
khinkali 4 pc,salad,garnish and soft drink on your choice + bread
1500 AMD

Hot dishes
Fried suluguni
1400 AMD

#108 Naketsi
champignons heads stuffed with suluguni, fried in ketsi
1500 AMD

#116 Abkhazura
beef and pork stuffed in bowel, barbaris, spice, 2pcs
2300 AMD

#118 Chqmeruli
chick in sauce of sour cream and garlic, fried in the ketsi
3000 AMD

Madamе Bovari
#119 Madamе Bovari
beef, tomatoes, cheese, mushroom, sour cream
2300 AMD

2000 AMD

Chicken Jigyari
#123 Chicken Jigyari
chicken heart, liver, onion, greens, spices
2000 AMD

#126 Chakhokhbili
300g, chick, onion, tomato, spices
2000 AMD

#128 Chashushuli
300g, beef, potatoes, onion, spices
2300 AMD

#132 Ojakhuri
pork, potatoes, onion, spices, 400g
2300 AMD

Megrelian kharcho
#135 Megrelian kharcho
300g, beef, tomato, nuts, spice, fried in ketsi
2300 AMD

#137 Spicy
300g, veal, tomato, greens, spices fried in ketsi
2300 AMD

#139 Khashlama
beef, tomatoes, potatoes, greens
3200 AMD

#141 Kupati
beef and pork stuffed in bowel, pomegranate, spice, 2pc
2300 AMD

Chicken cutlet with garnish
#143 Chicken cutlet with garnish
chicken, suluguni, spices, 300g
1800 AMD

#145 Eskalope
pork chop, mushrooms, dutch cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, spices, 300g, cooking time 30 minutes
2200 AMD

#147 Harisa
chicken, wheat, butter
900 AMD

Lamb Khashlama
#152 Lamb Khashlama
3200 AMD

#187 Burgeruli
beef cutlet, cheese suluguni, pickles cucumber, tomato, onion
1350 AMD

Combo Burgeruli
#188 Combo Burgeruli
burger, Georgian potatoes, Coca-Cola
1900 AMD

Khash with meat
#210 Khash with meat
broth, meat, radishes, garlic, lavash 2pcs, served tepid
2200 AMD

Khash broth, without meat
#212 Khash broth, without meat
radishes, garlic, lavash 2pcs, served tepid
1700 AMD

Yogurt soup
#192 Yogurt soup
400g, yogurt, sour cream, wheat, greens
700 AMD

#194 Chikhirtma
400g, chicken, onion, egg
1200 AMD

#196 Kharcho
400g, beef, rice, tomato, onion, spices
1500 AMD

#198 Pity
400g, lamb, chickpeas, tomato sauce, spices
1500 AMD

#200 Chanakh
400г, lamb, tomato, pepper, eggplant, onion, spices
1500 AMD

#202 Genacvale
400g, sausage, ham, pickled cucumber, marinated mushrooms, tomato sauce
1500 AMD

#205 Chakapuli
400g, lamb, white wine, tarragon, spices
1900 AMD

#207 Guruli
chicken, hazelnut, butter, tomato, onion, pepper, green
2100 AMD

#208 Lobio
red beans, onions, green, spices
1200 AMD

Summer Salad
#215 Summer Salad
tomatoes, cucumber, onion, greens
1300 AMD

#227 Appetite
350g, tkhemali, beet, spices
1000 AMD

#243 Guria
250g, chicken, greens, carrot, egg, pepper, spices, mayonnaise
1400 AMD

#254 Tbilisi
250g, chicken, red cabbage, rice, egg, greens, spices, mayonnaise
1400 AMD

#256 Chopuri
tomatoes, cucumber, nuts, special sauce
1600 AMD

Salad Batumi
#277 Salad Batumi
beef, bell papper, carrot, soy sauce
1800 AMD

Hot Salad
#278 Hot Salad
lettuce, chicken heart and lung, bell pepper, onion, pickled cucumber, brandy, sauce, spices
2000 AMD

600 AMD

#287 Olives
800 AMD

1000 AMD

#294 Pickles
cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, cucumber, pepper, garlic
1200 AMD

900 AMD

Cheese platter
#311 Cheese platter
Rokfort 3pcs, Sulunguni 3pcs, Lori 3-4pcs, Nadughi 1pc
2100 AMD

Armenian cheese assorted
#313 Armenian cheese assorted
cheese Lori, sheep s cheese
1100 AMD

Cheese Lori
900 AMD

Cheese Suluguni
1100 AMD

Sheep cheese
1000 AMD

Cold suckling pig
4800 AMD

Whole suckling pig
#332 Whole suckling pig
1 whole raw piglet weigh is 6-7kg, orders are accepted a day before delivery
45000 AMD

#366 Bread
350 AMD

Barbeque, kebab
Chicken grill with Georgian spices
#381 Chicken grill with Georgian spices
weight of raw chicken is 1-1.5kg
3500 AMD

Veal kebab in Georgian style
#383 Veal kebab in Georgian style
served with 2 types of sauce
1200 AMD

Pork barbeque boneless
3000 AMD

Pork loin barbeque
3600 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
#392 Pork ribs BBQ
400g, 6pcs
3600 AMD

Veal barbeque
#395 Veal barbeque
400g, 5pcs
3000 AMD

Tongue BBQ
#397 Tongue BBQ
200g, 5-6pcs
2900 AMD

Lamb mix BBQ
#399 Lamb mix BBQ
300g, 5-6pcs
3000 AMD

Lamb Iqi bir
1500 AMD

Mushroom barbeque
1300 AMD

500 AMD

Vegetable barbeque
#413 Vegetable barbeque
1 tomato, 1 eggplant, 1 pepper
1500 AMD

Fish dishes
Sterlet in oven whole
#430 Sterlet in oven whole
price is for the whole fish, weight is 2.5-3kg, orders are accepted 3-4 hours before delivery
18000 AMD

Gerogian potatoes
1000 AMD

Soft drinks
400 AMD

400 AMD

Tomato juice Yan
600 AMD

Natural juice Yan
600 AMD

#483 Bjni
300 AMD

#484 Noy
300 AMD

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20 Jan 2022
Karo A.
19 Jan 2022
qyabab is not good
19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022
Все вкусно все как на картинке
17 Jan 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Genacvale Pandok
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