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Hangout.Pizza 8pcsPizza Margherita MediumPizza Caesar MediumPizza Pepproni MediumPizza Quatrro Formaggi MediumPizza Hawaii MediumPizza with Mushroom MediumPizza Hangout MediumPizza Neapolitana MediumPizza Pepperoni Spicy MediumCalzonePizza 16pcsSnacksChicken Crust with MushroomFrench FriesFrench Fries with Cheese SauceSaucesKetchupSoft Drinks Italian, Pizza

Italian, Pizza
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Pizza 8pcs
Pizza Margherita Medium
#1 Pizza Margherita Medium
35cm, 8pcs, cherry tomato, cheese Mozzarella, fresh arugula, firm sauce
2500 AMD

Pizza Caesar Medium
#3 Pizza Caesar Medium
35cm, 8pcs, chicken breast, salad iceberg, tomato, cheese Parmesan, balsamic sauce, caesar sauce
3300 AMD

Pizza Pepproni Medium
#5 Pizza Pepproni Medium
35cm, 8pcs, pepperoni, cheese Mozzarella, jalapeno, firm sauce
2900 AMD

Pizza Quatrro Formaggi Medium
#7 Pizza Quatrro Formaggi Medium
35cm, 8pcs, cheese Mozzarella, Parmesan, Gouda, Roquefort, white firm sauce
3800 AMD

Pizza Hawaii Medium
#9 Pizza Hawaii Medium
35cm, 8pcs, pineapple, chicken breast, cheese Mozzarella, white sauce
3200 AMD

Pizza with Mushroom Medium
#13 Pizza with Mushroom Medium
35cm, 8pcs, mushroom, ham, firm sauce
2900 AMD

Pizza Hangout Medium
#15 Pizza Hangout Medium
35cm, 8pcs, veal,cherry tomato, olives, cheese Mozzarella, firm sauce, melted cheese
3300 AMD

Pizza Neapolitana Medium
#28 Pizza Neapolitana Medium
35cm, 8pcs, chicken breast, corn, ham
2800 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Spicy Medium
#32 Pizza Pepperoni Spicy Medium
35cm, 8pcs, pepperoni, cheese Mozzarella, firm sauce, jalapeno
3100 AMD

#17 Calzone
basturma, ham, chicken breast, cheese Mozzarella, firm sauce
3500 AMD

Pizza 16pcs
Chicken Crust with Mushroom
#34 Chicken Crust with Mushroom
chicken, mushroom, cheese, sauce
2100 AMD

200 AMD

Soft Drinks
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Elen G.
23 Jun 2021
Andranik K.
07 Jun 2021
to high price for poor quality. overestimated
27 Apr 2021
23 Apr 2021
Vard S.
29 Mar 2021
very tasty great food quality
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