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Lebanon Shawarma Rossia.Popular ItemsMariaShawarma porkFrench FriesShish TaoukShawarma chickenLahmajoonMexicanShawarmaShawarma chickenSpecial chicken shawarmaShawarma porkSpecial pork shawarmaSpecial beef shawarmaSudjukh shawarmaMexican shawarma chickenMexican shawarma porkBBQ and KebabBeef KebabPork IqibirShish TaoukAdana KebabFast FoodFajitaMexicano with cheeseReal Steak with cheeseChicken lungCheesburgerChicken burger with cheesePicassoFrench fries sandwichFrench friesMariaChicken MariaChili Cheese MariaMaria with SoujoukhOliviaChicken TandooriPhilly SteakCrispy ChickenClassic BurgerChicken MozzarellaBeef MozzarellaMushroom CheddarDough DishesCheese mixLahmajoonLahmajoon with cheesePide MargheritaPide PepperoniPide Soujoukh with CheeseSaladsSalad CaesarSalad TabouleSalad with cabbageSarmaBreadLoshikSauceGarlic sauceSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lFanta 0.5lFanta Exotic 0.5lSprite 0.5lPulpy 0.5lAparan tan 0.5lAparan carbonated tan 0.5lNetta tan 0.33lNetta Tan mint 0.33lNetta tomato juice 0.33lNetta tomato juice spicy 0.33lNetta Okroshka 0.33lSpring water Bonaqua 0.5lDobriFuse Tea Peach Lebanese, Eastern, Burger and Sandwich
Lebanon Shawarma Rossia

Lebanese, Eastern, Burger and Sandwich
Working hours
11:00 - 20:00

Lebanon Shawarma Rossia

Shawarma chicken
#24 Shawarma chicken
22cm, chicken, onion, greens, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce, backmaz
1050 AMD

Special chicken shawarma
#25 Special chicken shawarma
28cm, chicken, garlic sauce, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, lettuce
1300 AMD

Shawarma pork
#26 Shawarma pork
22cm, pork, onion, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce, backmaz
1150 AMD

Special pork shawarma
#27 Special pork shawarma
28cm, pork, pias (seasoned onion, parsley), pickled cucumbers, tomatoes
1500 AMD

Special beef shawarma
#28 Special beef shawarma
28cm, beef, pias (seasoned onion, parsley), pickled cucumbers, tomatoes
1500 AMD

Sudjukh shawarma
#31 Sudjukh shawarma
ground beef meat, pickled cucumber, fresh tomatoes, greens
1200 AMD

Mexican shawarma chicken
#35 Mexican shawarma chicken
chicken, baсkmaz, garlic and soy sauces, tomatoes, fresh spicy pepper, pickled cucumber
1200 AMD

Mexican shawarma pork
#36 Mexican shawarma pork
pork, baсkmaz, garlic and soy sauces, tomatoes, fresh spicy pepper, pickled cucumber
1300 AMD

BBQ and Kebab
Beef Kebab
#38 Beef Kebab
beef, hummus, onion, parsley, tomato
1200 AMD

Pork Iqibir
#40 Pork Iqibir
pork, hummus, onion, parsley, tomato
1200 AMD

Shish Taouk
#42 Shish Taouk
chicken breast, garlic sauce, tomato, cabbage salad
1100 AMD

Adana Kebab
#44 Adana Kebab
125g, angus, golorful pepper, spices, tomato,  sumac, parsley, bread pita
1300 AMD

Fast Food
#46 Fajita
chicken, mushrooms, corn, bulgarian fresh pepper, dutch cheese, garlic sauce, pickled cucumber, tomatoes
1100 AMD

Mexicano with cheese
#47 Mexicano with cheese
chicken breast, bulgarian pepper, carrot, corn, mushroom, mexican sauce
1100 AMD

Real Steak with cheese
#48 Real Steak with cheese
pork fillet, mushroom, oregano, sauce
1350 AMD

Chicken lung
#51 Chicken lung
chicken lung, yogurt with garlic, tomato
850 AMD

#56 Cheesburger
beef cutlet, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, Dutch cheese, garlic and backmaz sauces
1650 AMD

Chicken burger with cheese
#60 Chicken burger with cheese
chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, mustard, garlic sauce, cheese
1650 AMD

#61 Picasso
loshik, chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, Mozzarella, sauce
1300 AMD

French fries
500 AMD

#69 Maria
minced beef, Mozzarella cheese, garlic sauce
1550 AMD

Chicken Maria
#70 Chicken Maria
chicken, cheese, mushroom, garlic sauce
1300 AMD

Chili Cheese Maria
#71 Chili Cheese Maria
cheese, onion, tomato, oregano, hot pepper
1400 AMD

Maria with Soujoukh
#72 Maria with Soujoukh
beef, soujoukh spices, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar
1500 AMD

#73 Olivia
minced olives, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar
1000 AMD

Chicken Tandoori
#75 Chicken Tandoori
120g, chicken breast, color pepper, onon, cheese Mozzarella, pickled cucumber, cary sauce
1700 AMD

Classic Burger
#78 Classic Burger
100g,veal, pickled cucumber, tomato, red onion, cheese Cheddar, lettuce
1550 AMD

Chicken Mozzarella
#79 Chicken Mozzarella
150g, chicken breast, mozzarella, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, special sauce
1650 AMD

Beef Mozzarella
#80 Beef Mozzarella
100g, veal, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, mozzarella, special sauce
1850 AMD

Mushroom Cheddar
#81 Mushroom Cheddar
100g, veal, lettuce, mushroom, cheese Cheddar, special cream sauce
1700 AMD

Dough Dishes
Cheese mix
#85 Cheese mix
cheese Suluguni, Mozzarella, spices
900 AMD

#86 Lahmajoon
1 pc with beef
700 AMD

Pide Margherita
#89 Pide Margherita
cheese Emmental, Edam, Mozzarella, tomato, spices,mushrooms
1300 AMD

Pide Pepperoni
#90 Pide Pepperoni
pepperoni, cheese Emmental, Edam, Mozzarella, tomato, spices
1250 AMD

Pide Soujoukh with Cheese
#91 Pide Soujoukh with Cheese
homemade soujoukh, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, special spices
1400 AMD

Salad Caesar
#100 Salad Caesar
lettuce, chicken, Caesar sauce, crutones, cheese Mozzarella
850 AMD

Salad Taboule
#103 Salad Taboule
100g, parsley, tomatoes, bulgur, olive oil, lemon, spices
500 AMD

Salad with cabbage
#106 Salad with cabbage
cabbage, carrots, mayonnaise
400 AMD

#107 Sarma
rice, spices
650 AMD

100 AMD

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