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Greek Salad
#1 Greek Salad
250-300g, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olive, onion, cheese Feta, oregano
1800 AMD

Coleslaw Salad
#2 Coleslaw Salad
200-250g, carrot, cabbage, sauce
1200 AMD

Caesar Saad
#3 Caesar Saad
chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, creckers, sauce
2200 AMD

Mixed Salad
#4 Mixed Salad
250-300g, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, spices
1600 AMD

#5 Fatoush
250-300g, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion, fried bread, cheese
1800 AMD

Taboule salad
#6 Taboule salad
250-300g, parsley, tomato, onion, bulgur
1600 AMD

Like Potato
#7 Like Potato
250-300g, French fries, cheese, demi glas sauce
1500 AMD

French Fries
800 AMD

Mushroom Soup
#12 Mushroom Soup
mushroom cream-soup
1000 AMD

Chicken Soup
1000 AMD

Main Plates
Cordon Bleu Beef
#14 Cordon Bleu Beef
beef, grilled vegetables, and French fries
3900 AMD

Cordon Bleu Chicken
#15 Cordon Bleu Chicken
chicken, grilled vegetables, and French fries
3200 AMD

Scallop Pane
#16 Scallop Pane
2pcs, scallop, French fries
2300 AMD

Spicy Chicken
#17 Spicy Chicken
4pcs, spicy chicken finger, French fries
1900 AMD

#18 Mexicano
mexican chicken, rice
2000 AMD

#19 Nuggets
5pcs chicken nuggets, French fries
1700 AMD

Chicken Pasta
#20 Chicken Pasta
chicken pasta with bechamel sauce
1700 AMD

Chicken with Rice
#21 Chicken with Rice
rice, chicken, bechamel sauce
1700 AMD

Arabic Shawarma
#22 Arabic Shawarma
chicken shawarma, tomato, pickles, garlic sauce, pepper sauce, French fries
1700 AMD

Dough Dishes
#23 Zaatar
33cm, 8pcs
1900 AMD

Lebenese Zataar
2300 AMD

#25 Cheese
33cm, 8pcs
1900 AMD

Pizza Margherita
1900 AMD

Pizza with Chicken
2000 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
2200 AMD

Pizza with  Vegetables
1900 AMD

Sandwich and Burger
Hot Dog
#33 Hot Dog
sausage, mayonnaise, ketchup, coleslaw salad
900 AMD

Fries Sandwich
#34 Fries Sandwich
fries, mayonnaise, ketchup
1000 AMD

Philadelphia Sandwich
#35 Philadelphia Sandwich
philly cheese steak, mayonnaise
1800 AMD

Mexicano Sandwich
#36 Mexicano Sandwich
chicken, grilled mushroom with onion and pepper
1500 AMD

Cheese Sandwich
#37 Cheese Sandwich
arabian cheese, tomato, powdered mint and pepper
1000 AMD

Toshka Sandwich
#38 Toshka Sandwich
soujoukh, cheese
1500 AMD

Soujoukh Sandwich
#39 Soujoukh Sandwich
soujoukh, tomato, pickles
1350 AMD

Chrispy Chicken Sandwich
#40 Chrispy Chicken Sandwich
crispy fried chicken, pickles, tomato, garlic sauce
1600 AMD

Sccallop sandwich
#41 Sccallop sandwich
 cheese Cheddar, mayonnaise, ketchup
1600 AMD

Shawarma Sandwich
#42 Shawarma Sandwich
chicken, tomato, pickles, garlic sauce, pepper sauce
1100 AMD

Spicy Chicken with French Fries
#43 Spicy Chicken with French Fries
spicy fried chicken, tomato, pickles, coleslaw salad, garlic sauce, cheese Cheddar, French fries
1850 AMD

Scallop burger Friench Fries
#44 Scallop burger Friench Fries
scallope pane, tomato, pickles, coleslaw salad, cheese Cheddar
1850 AMD

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