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Malocco Cafe.BreakfastGood morning SirCurd with dried fruitsGreek yogurt and berry sauce granolaTomato omeletteFried cottage cheese pancakes with berry sauce Fried eggs with salmonFried eggs with baconFried eggs with vegetablesSalmon BenedictBacon BenedictCurd With BerriesGreek Yogurt And Berry Sauce GranolaFried Cottage Cheese Pancakes with sea buckthornAppetizersBruscetta Al PomodoroBruscetta with salmonMeat platterMixed PlatterAssorted cheeseAssorted olivesFresh vegetables with cheese sauceBruschetta with shrimpBruschetta with roastbeefSaladsTuna saladCaesar salad with chickenCaesar salad with shrimpsGreek saladCaprese burrataCaesar salad with SalmonSalad with avocado and beetrootRoastbeef saladSoupsCream soup of mushroomCream soup of broccoli and blue cheeseChicken cream soupArmenian yogurt and wheat soupWinter Tomato SoupSandwichesHam and cheese sandwichChicken and mushroom sandwichClub sandwichTuna sandwichCroque MadamClub sandwichMain coursesChicken fillet with mushrooms in white sauceChicken fillet Quattro Fornaggi sauceMexicanaMeat ChateauChicken fillet with broccoli in pesto sauceBeef fillet in French styleChicken fillet with mushroomsPastaPasta with Shrimps and MusselsPasta BolognesePasta CarbonaraRavioli with Spinach and RiccotaPasta Quattro FormaggiePasta with Shrimp and ChickenSteakSteak Fillet MignonSteak ChateabriandSalmon steakGarnishesVillage potatoRiceGrilled vegetablesFried mushrooms with cheese ParmesanSauceCheese sauceSauce DijonSauce with mushroomSauce NapolitanaSauce Red winePanna cotta CheesecakeApple pieHoney cakeRaspberry-pistachio cakeEsterhazyPineapple-Strawberry mousse cakeRaspberry-Chocolate mousse cakeCaramel-Chocolate cakeSoft DrinksCoca-ColaFantaSprite European
Malocco Cafe

Working hours
10:00 - 23:00

Malocco Cafe

Good morning Sir
#4 Good morning Sir
egg, bacon, sausage, fried cheese and vegetables, salad, toast and compote
3100 AMD

Fried cottage cheese pancakes with berry sauce
#57 Fried cottage cheese pancakes with berry sauce
150g fried cottage cheese pancake with berry sauce and sour cream + sauce 100g 
2100 AMD

Main courses
Chicken fillet Quattro Fornaggi sauce
#210 Chicken fillet Quattro Fornaggi sauce
served with grilled vegetables
4100 AMD

#223 Mexicana
served with rice
4100 AMD

Meat Chateau
#227 Meat Chateau
served with salad
7900 AMD

Chicken fillet with broccoli in pesto sauce
#231 Chicken fillet with broccoli in pesto sauce
fried chicken breast, Pesto cream sauce and broccoli
3900 AMD

Beef fillet in French style
#243 Beef fillet in French style
beef tenderloin, artichoke, cherry tomato, broccoli, carrot
4300 AMD

Soft Drinks
600 AMD

#372 Fanta
600 AMD

600 AMD

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21 Jun 2022
Картофель подгорел, а внутри он жидкий. Мясо прожарено только снаружи, внутри много крови
16 Jun 2022
12 May 2022
Vardan H.
03 May 2022
24 Apr 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Malocco Cafe
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