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Marila Syuniqi Bariqner.DairyTanSour Cream Sour CreamMilk sterilized 3.2%Curd 9%Curd 0,5%Yogurt 2.5%Yogurt 2.5%Strained yogurtCheese SuluguniMeat ProductsSausage CracowSausage Moscow Sausage Cervelat Sausage Hunting Sausage Amateur Sausage Amateur Sausage DoctorSausage DoctorSausage Milky SardelkaBasturma Fresh Meat and Meat Products, Grocery store
Marila Syuniqi Bariqner

Fresh Meat and Meat Products, Grocery store
Working hours
09:00 - 20:00

Marila Syuniqi Bariqner

#1 Tan
200 AMD

Sour Cream
350 AMD

Sour Cream
600 AMD

Curd 9%
#5 Curd 9%
500 AMD

Curd 0,5%
470 AMD

Yogurt 2.5%
450 AMD

Yogurt 2.5%
500 AMD

Strained yogurt
400 AMD

Cheese Suluguni
2800 AMD

Meat Products
Sausage Cracow
1800 AMD

Sausage Moscow
1900 AMD

Sausage Cervelat
1800 AMD

Sausage Hunting
1350 AMD

Sausage Amateur
1500 AMD

Sausage Amateur
2300 AMD

Sausage Doctor
#19 Sausage Doctor
350g,  1pc
1500 AMD

Sausage Doctor
#20 Sausage Doctor
500g,  1pc
2350 AMD

Sausage Milky
2600 AMD

2450 AMD

10000 AMD

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գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Marila Syuniqi Bariqner
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