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Masoor Restaurant.Cold AppetizersBruschetta with salmonSaladsArmenian saladCaesar saladGreek saladTabuleCaprese saladSteak salad with vegetablesHot appetizersMasoor pancakeSoupsPumpkin cream soupHot dishesChicken breast stuffed with mushroom and cornChicken breast with nutVeal with Bechamel sauceBeefstroganoffGarni yarakhPork ribs with BBQ sauceSalmon fillet with rice and broccoliPizzaPizza with hamPizza Quatro FormagiPepperoni pizzsVeggie pizzaSandwichTortilla with chickenGarnishVegetable grill European
Masoor Restaurant

Working hours
09:00 - 19:00

Masoor Restaurant

Cold Appetizers
Bruschetta with salmon
2500 AMD

Armenian salad
#10 Armenian salad
300-400g, tomato, cucumber, strained yogurt, greens
2000 AMD

Caesar salad
#11 Caesar salad
300-400g, chicken breast, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, Caesar sauce
2200 AMD

Greek salad
#12 Greek salad
300-400g, tomato, cucumber, olives, Feta cheese
2200 AMD

#14 Tabule
300-400g, lettuce, bulgur, parsley, tomato, greens, lemon juice
1300 AMD

Caprese salad
#15 Caprese salad
300-400g, tomato, fresh Mozzarella, Pesto sauce, basil, balsamic sauce
2200 AMD

Steak salad with vegetables
#19 Steak salad with vegetables
350-450g, veal fillet, lettuce, broccoli, bell pepper, tomato, mushroom, cress, basil, unagi sauce
2500 AMD

Hot appetizers
Masoor pancake
#21 Masoor pancake
350-450g, bacon, cheese Mozzarella, spinach, BBQ sauced
2500 AMD

Pumpkin cream soup
#28 Pumpkin cream soup
350g, pumpkin, potato, carrot, onion, greens, spices
1300 AMD

Hot dishes
Chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and corn
#35 Chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and corn
350-450g, chicken breast, mushroom, corn, Mozzarella cheese, rice, bell pepper, carrot, green peas, balsamic cream
2700 AMD

Chicken breast with nut
#37 Chicken breast with nut
350-450g, chicken breast, nuts, rice, onion, wine, cream, spices
2300 AMD

Veal with Bechamel sauce
#40 Veal with Bechamel sauce
350-450g, veal sirloin, carrot, broccoli, mashed potato, Bechamel sauce
6300 AMD

#43 Beefstroganoff
350-450g, veal fillet, tomato sauce, sour cream, potato, onion
2500 AMD

Garni yarakh
#47 Garni yarakh
350-450g, veal, eggplant, tomato, pepper, onion, greens
2200 AMD

Pizza with ham
#61 Pizza with ham
35cm, 8pcs, ham, mushroom, Mozzarella cheese, oregano, sauce
2500 AMD

Pizza Quatro Formagi
#62 Pizza Quatro Formagi
35cm, 8pcs, cheese Mozzarella, Parmesan, Roquefort, Pekorino, oregano, sauce
3500 AMD

Pepperoni pizzs
#63 Pepperoni pizzs
35cm, 8pca, pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese, oregano, sauce
3200 AMD

Veggie pizza
#65 Veggie pizza
35cm, 8pcs, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, broccoli, oregano, sauce
2300 AMD

Tortilla with chicken
#69 Tortilla with chicken
chicken breast, Mozzarella cheese, tomato, bell pepper, onion, hot pepper jalapeno, French fries
2100 AMD

Vegetable grill
#72 Vegetable grill
350-450g, eggplant, pumpkin, bell pepper, mushroom, broccoli, Cherry tomato, corn, oregano
1500 AMD

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