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Mer Hats.BakerySpinachCheese and SujukCheeseCheese with greensSpicy CheeseCheese Hot PepperZaatarZaatar with CheeseZaatar with hot PepperArmenian LahmajoLebanse LahmajoSpinach with CheeseZaatar with VegetablesCoca-Cola 0.5lCoca-Cola Zero 0.5lSprite 0.5lFanta 0.5lWater Bon AquaSoft DrinksPizza and morePizza PepperoniPizza VegeterianPizza SujukhPizza with ChickenBurgers and SandwichesSmall ShawarmaShawarma BigFalafel SandwichMer HatsyKaftaMariaSaladsSalad GreekCabbage SaladOur KitchenIshli KyuftaTolmaSampusekFoolFalafelFrench FriesGarlic SauceMouhamaraHummusMuttabalFatteh Laban Lebanese, Eastern
Mer Hats

Lebanese, Eastern
Working hours
09:30 - 20:00

Mer Hats

#6 Spinach
220g, spinach,spices,onion,tomatoes
900 AMD

Cheese and Sujuk
#8 Cheese and Sujuk
220g, cheese,sujuk
1500 AMD

1100 AMD

Cheese with greens
#13 Cheese with greens
300g, cheese, parsley
1300 AMD

Spicy Cheese
#16 Spicy Cheese
300g, cheese, Pepper paste
1300 AMD

Cheese Hot Pepper
#19 Cheese Hot Pepper
250g, cheese, Pepper paste, seasame
1100 AMD

#21 Zaatar
220г, Thyme, sesame,
900 AMD

Zaatar with Cheese
#25 Zaatar with Cheese
220g, Thyme, sesame, cheese
1100 AMD

Zaatar with  hot Pepper
#29 Zaatar with hot Pepper
220г, Thyme, sesame, pepper sauce
900 AMD

Armenian Lahmajo
#33 Armenian Lahmajo
150g, beef, tomatoes, parsley, spices
600 AMD

Lebanse Lahmajo
#35 Lebanse Lahmajo
150g, beef, lamb, tomatoes, onions, spices
800 AMD

Spinach with Cheese
#37 Spinach with Cheese
300g, spinach, spices, onions, tomatoes, cheese
1100 AMD

Zaatar with Vegetables
#39 Zaatar with Vegetables
330g, Thyme, sesame, tomato, mint, olive, cucumber
1200 AMD

Pizza and more
Pizza Pepperoni
#44 Pizza Pepperoni
25sm, 8pcs, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, sauce
2700 AMD

Pizza Vegeterian
#47 Pizza Vegeterian
25sm, 8 pcs, mushrooms, olives, bell pepper, corn, mozzarella cheese, sauce
2700 AMD

Pizza Sujukh
#49 Pizza Sujukh
25sm, 8 pcs, sujuk, mozzarella cheese, sauce
3300 AMD

Pizza with Chicken
#51 Pizza with Chicken
25sm, 8 pcs, chicken breast, Mozzarella cheese, sauce, olives
3300 AMD

Burgers and Sandwiches
Small Shawarma
#66 Small Shawarma
chicken fillet, pickles, lettuce, garlic sauce, tomatoes
1000 AMD

Shawarma Big
#68 Shawarma Big
chicken fillet, pickles, lettuce, garlic sauce, tomatoes
1500 AMD

Falafel Sandwich
#71 Falafel Sandwich
tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, sauce
900 AMD

Mer Hatsy
#79 Mer Hatsy
chicken fillet,pickled cucumber,Garlic sauce, tomatoes,Mozzarella
1600 AMD

#87 Kafta
150g, beef,onion
1500 AMD

#89 Maria
1200 AMD

Salad Greek
#102 Salad Greek
Feta cheese, cucumber, lettuce, onion, tomato, oil
1400 AMD

Cabbage Salad
#103 Cabbage Salad
cabbage, cucumber, tomato, garlic, oil
1100 AMD

Our Kitchen
Ishli Kyufta
1050 AMD

750 AMD

1050 AMD

1200 AMD

1500 AMD

French Fries
600 AMD

Garlic Sauce
500 AMD

1000 AMD

#131 Hummus
800 AMD

#133 Muttabal
1000 AMD

Fatteh Laban
1500 AMD

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16 Jun 2022
Talar E.
18 Feb 2022
delicious but i requested the vegetables aside not in the zaatar!
19 Jan 2022
11 Jan 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Mer Hats
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