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Old Jrvezh.AppetizersAssorted picklesSalted cocks crownGhavurmaFirm meat assortmentCheese assortmentStrained yogurtRezhanTomato and cucumberSaladsSummer saladSalad with sorrelTaboule saladSalad with green beansSalad with red beansCaesar saladGreek saladDzyunik saladCapital saladHummusMoutabalJajkhSalad with mushroomsSummer BBQ saladSoupsSoup with SorrelBorshchSoup with beansChicken soupSpasKhashKhash with meatKhash brothBarbecuePork loin BBQPork ribs BBQPork boneless BBQMegrelian pigletIqi birVeal fillet BBQ Beef Tika BBQBeef lung BBQBeef heart BBQLamb BBQ mixLamb loin BBQLamb parda BBQChicken BBQChicken wings BBQTurkey BBQChick BBQShish Tauk Mushroom BBQHot pepper BBQPotato plechSummer BBQKebabBeef kebabSliced beef kebabChicken kebabSliced chicken kebabChicken kebab with mushroomsKebab AdanaLamb kebabSliced lamb kebabHot DishesBeefstroganoffGharni YarakhChick TabakaKyuftaDolma with grape leavesDolma with cabbageJarkoeKhurjin with chickenKhurjin with chicken and mushroomsFried potato with mushroomsVeal cutletChicken cutletHomemade chickenHarisaHarisa with beefLamb khashlamaVeal khashlamaBeef tail khashlamaGhush BashiChicken chakhokhbiliTjvjik with lamb lungTjvjik with beefFishSummer boiled TroutTrout BBQSterlet BBQGarnishRicePorridge with riceBuckwheatBarleyBarley with mushroomsArishtaFried potato with butterFrench friesMashed potatoFried mushroomsGreen peasFried SorrelSibekh fried with eggOmeletteOmeletteOmelette with basturmaOmelette with tomatoBreadTandoor lavashTandoor breadSoft DrinksCoca-Cola PepsiGeorgian lemonade NatakhtariBeerKilikiaGyumriAleksandrapolArarat beerMillerHeineken Armenian
Old Jrvezh

Working hours
10:00 - 23:00

Old Jrvezh

Assorted pickles
#2 Assorted pickles
cauliflower, cabbage, onion, garlic, chilli pepper, tomato and cucumber (seasonal)
1200 AMD

Salted cocks crown
1000 AMD

4000 AMD

Firm meat assortment
#7 Firm meat assortment
ham, pashina, chicken roll, beef sausage, chicken sausage, pork fat, pork basturma, lung pashtet
4000 AMD

Cheese assortment
#8 Cheese assortment
sheep cheese, lori, horats cheese, telak
1500 AMD

600 AMD

Summer salad
1700 AMD

Salad with sorrel
600 AMD

Taboule salad
800 AMD

Salad with green beans
1000 AMD

Salad with red beans
800 AMD

Caesar salad
2000 AMD

Greek salad
#26 Greek salad
2000 AMD

Dzyunik salad
#27 Dzyunik salad
250-300g, strained yogurt with nuts
1000 AMD

Capital salad
1000 AMD

#29 Hummus
900 AMD

#31 Moutabal
800 AMD

#32 Jajkh
250-300g, strained yogurt, cucumber, eastern spices, nana
1000 AMD

Salad with mushrooms
1000 AMD

Summer BBQ salad
#36 Summer BBQ salad
tomato, pepper, eggplant, butter
800 AMD

Khash with meat
#47 Khash with meat
broth, meat, served with radish, garlic, 1pc dried lavash
2300 AMD

Khash broth
#48 Khash broth
served with radish, garlic, 1pc dried lavash
1500 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
#50 Pork loin BBQ
2pcs, 380g
3100 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
#51 Pork ribs BBQ
3-4pcs, 380g
3100 AMD

Pork boneless BBQ
2900 AMD

Megrelian piglet
3200 AMD

Iqi bir
1200 AMD

Veal fillet BBQ
3300 AMD

Beef Tika BBQ
1500 AMD

Beef lung BBQ
1500 AMD

Beef heart BBQ
1500 AMD

Lamb BBQ mix
#61 Lamb BBQ mix
4-5pcs, 380g
3100 AMD

Lamb loin BBQ
#62 Lamb loin BBQ
4-5pcs, 380g
3600 AMD

Lamb parda BBQ
1200 AMD

Chicken BBQ
#64 Chicken BBQ
3-4pcs, 380g
1400 AMD

Chicken wings BBQ
1200 AMD

Turkey BBQ
2200 AMD

Chick BBQ
#69 Chick BBQ
1 whole chick
1800 AMD

Shish Tauk
1000 AMD

Mushroom BBQ
4000 AMD

Hot pepper BBQ
400 AMD

Potato plech
400 AMD

Summer BBQ
#75 Summer BBQ
tomato, eggplant, pepper
800 AMD

Beef kebab
1000 AMD

Sliced beef kebab
1200 AMD

Chicken kebab
1000 AMD

Sliced chicken kebab
1100 AMD

Kebab Adana
#89 Kebab Adana
1pc, lamb, eastern spices, loshik
1400 AMD

Lamb kebab
1200 AMD

Sliced lamb kebab
1300 AMD

Summer boiled Trout
3500 AMD

Trout BBQ
#137 Trout BBQ
3500 AMD

Sterlet BBQ
#139 Sterlet BBQ
weights 2.5kg and more, before ordering a whole fish, please contact operator to clarify the fish weight at the moment
13750 AMD

#161 Omelette
with 2 eggs
500 AMD

Omelette with basturma
1000 AMD

Omelette with tomato
1000 AMD

Tandoor lavash
300 AMD

Tandoor bread
#166 Tandoor bread
1 round, small bread
200 AMD

Soft Drinks
400 AMD

400 AMD

600 AMD

700 AMD

700 AMD

Ararat beer
700 AMD

900 AMD

800 AMD

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18 Jan 2022
Stesha L.
11 Jan 2022
Vahram T.
20 Oct 2021
awful food, terrible quality.
Юри М.
30 Mar 2021
07 Nov 2020
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Old Jrvezh
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