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Pascal and Diodato Cafe.AppetizersBread with GarlicCroissant with ThymeCroissant with CheeseSaladsCaesar SaladGreek SaladRed SaladSalad NicoiseHot DishesMantiSchnitzelManaish with CheeseManaish with Hot and Sweet PepperManaish ExtraThymeSandwichesClub SandwichTavarmaFahitaChicken SandwichTuna SandwichHam and Cheese SandwichDessertShatlavaHomemade HalvaMozaikSweet Pancake with West Armenian TahiniPascal Diodato Gata with Dried FruitsArmonapolis Sweets Lebanese
Pascal and Diodato Cafe

Working hours
08:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 22:00
Delivery fee 400AMD

Pascal and Diodato Cafe

Caesar Salad
#4 Caesar Salad
350g, chicken breast, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, caesar sauce, creckers
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2400 AMD

Greek Salad
#5 Greek Salad
350g, cucumber, tomato, olives, green pepper, lettuce, cheese Feta
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2000 AMD

Red Salad
#6 Red Salad
350g, lettuce, parsley, beet, dried tomatoes, cheese Lori, sesame
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1800 AMD

Salad Nicoise
#7 Salad Nicoise
400g, Tuna, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, eggs, lemon, mustard sauce
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3000 AMD

Hot Dishes
#8 Manti
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2300 AMD

#9 Schnitzel
100g, 2pcs, fried chicken, mashed potato
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2300 AMD

Manaish Extra
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1100 AMD

#13 Thyme
26cm, Thyme, apricot stone, ground walnuts
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900 AMD

Club Sandwich
#14 Club Sandwich
chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, prunes, cheese Cheddar, summer salad
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1900 AMD

#15 Tavarma
beef, tomato, pickled cucumber, green pepper, tahin sauce, loshik and summer salad
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1700 AMD

#16 Fahita
chicken breast, corn, red and green pepper, sendwich bread, summer salad
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1400 AMD

Chicken Sandwich
#17 Chicken Sandwich
chicken breast, pickles cucumber, Frenc fries, lettuce, garlic sauce, loshik, summer salad
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1600 AMD

Tuna Sandwich
#18 Tuna Sandwich
tuna, corn, tomato, olives, pickles cucumber, lettuce, bugguette bread, carrot salad
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2300 AMD

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
#19 Ham and Cheese Sandwich
ham, cheese, tomarto, lettuce, pickles cucumber, summer salad
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1400 AMD

#20 Shatlava
15pcs, pakhlava with pistachio
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3800 AMD

Homemade Halva
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1000 AMD

#22 Mozaik
1pc, Gourmet Dourme biscuit with chocolate
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850 AMD

Armonapolis Sweets
#25 Armonapolis Sweets
1pc, 90g, Dried peas
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2000 AMD

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գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Pascal and Diodato Cafe
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