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Pasta House.Best OfferPasta Fitness + Coca-Cola 0.25lPastaPenne RomaFettuccine with chicken legSpaghetti with chicken cutletSpaghetti with chicken breastSpaghetti with mushroom sauceFettuccine with shrimpFettuccine grillFettuccine Big chickenPenne PakiFettuccine AlfredoPasta FitnessPasta LimePasta VeneciaPasta GurmePasta BolognesePasta GreekPasta Fyn sePasta AnukiPasta CarbonaraPasta CapresePasta FortunaPasta FarfalePasta PestoniFettuccine chickenFettuccine with mushroomPasta with nutsSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 250mlFanta 250mlSprite 250mlSpring water Noy 0.5lMineral water Bjni 0.5lRed Bull Italian
Pasta House

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Pasta House

Best Offer
Pasta Fitness + Coca-Cola 0.25l
#100 Pasta Fitness + Coca-Cola 0.25l
300g, spaghetti, sauce, 9 types of vegetables
2600 AMD

Penne Roma
#10 Penne Roma
300g, pasta penne rigate, chicken breast, broccoli, spices
2300 AMD

Fettuccine with chicken leg
#12 Fettuccine with chicken leg
300g, pasta fettuccine, fried chicken leg, cheese, spices
2200 AMD

Spaghetti with chicken cutlet
#14 Spaghetti with chicken cutlet
300g, spaghetti, 2pcs chicken cutlet, tomato paste, spices
2700 AMD

Spaghetti with chicken breast
#15 Spaghetti with chicken breast
300g, spaghetti, chicken breast, cheese, spices
2400 AMD

Spaghetti with mushroom sauce
#17 Spaghetti with mushroom sauce
300g, spaghetti, mushroom sauce, spices
2300 AMD

Fettuccine with shrimp
#18 Fettuccine with shrimp
300g, pasta Fettuccine, cheese sauce, spices, shrimp
3300 AMD

Fettuccine grill
#20 Fettuccine grill
300g, pasta Fettuccine, fried pork, cheese sauce, spices
2800 AMD

Fettuccine Big chicken
#21 Fettuccine Big chicken
300g, chicken breast, sauce, pasta Fettuccine, greens, spices
2500 AMD

Penne Paki
#22 Penne Paki
300g, bacon, pasta penne rigate, mushroom, mushroom sauce, spices
2300 AMD

Fettuccine Alfredo
#23 Fettuccine Alfredo
300g, pasta Fettuccine, chicken breast, cheese, mushroom, cream, spices
2300 AMD

Pasta Fitness
#24 Pasta Fitness
300g, spaghetti, sauce, 9 types of vegetables
2400 AMD

Pasta Lime
#26 Pasta Lime
300g, spaghetti, special sauce, lime, chicken breast, spices
2500 AMD

Pasta Venecia
#27 Pasta Venecia
300g, spaghetti, tomato, sausage fried with special spices
2300 AMD

Pasta Gurme
#28 Pasta Gurme
300g, pasta, sausage, cheese, omelette, greens, spices
3300 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#29 Pasta Bolognese
300g, spaghetti, spices, beef, sauce
2400 AMD

Pasta Greek
#30 Pasta Greek
300g, pasta, oregano, Feta cheese, cucumber, tomato
2200 AMD

Pasta Fyn se
#32 Pasta Fyn se
180g, rice noodles, carrot, bell pepper,chicken breast, cucuber, soy sauce
2400 AMD

Pasta Anuki
#34 Pasta Anuki
300g, spaghetti, fried shrimp,tomato sauce
3300 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#35 Pasta Carbonara
300g, spaghetti, fried ham, sauce, cheese
3000 AMD

Pasta Caprese
#36 Pasta Caprese
300g, spaghetti, tomato, Pesto sauce, Mozzarella cheese
2900 AMD

Pasta Fortuna
#37 Pasta Fortuna
300g, pasta Fettuccini, broccoli, nuts, cheese Fendel, spices
2400 AMD

Pasta Farfale
#38 Pasta Farfale
300g, farfalle, green peas, ham, egg, spices
2300 AMD

Pasta Pestoni
#40 Pasta Pestoni
300g, spaghetti, cheese, Pesto sauce, spices
2500 AMD

Fettuccine chicken
#41 Fettuccine chicken
300g, pasta fettuccine,chicken breast, cheese, almond flakes
1900 AMD

Fettuccine with mushroom
#43 Fettuccine with mushroom
300g, pasta fettuccine, mushroom, mushroom sauce, cream, spices
2500 AMD

Pasta with nuts
#44 Pasta with nuts
300g, spaghetti, spices, nuts
2500 AMD

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06 Jan 2020
The spaghetti is okay The vegetables are not fresh at all The cheese tastes so BAD And the amount is for 2 y/o kid
12 Sep 2019
Вместо Фетучини гриль со свининой привезли фетучини фитнес без мяса!
Mushegh H.
23 Jul 2019
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Pasta House
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