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Phlox Art Cafe.LunchOffer of the Day N1Offet of the Day N2Offet of the Day N3Offer of the Day N4Offer of the Day N5Offer of the Dar N6Offer of the Day N7Offer of the Day N8Offer of the Day N9Vegetable holidayRice with VegetablesPumpkin with PrunesArishta with SauceVegetables SoupLenten tolmaStewed Cabbage with MushroomsBulgur with VegetablesCutlets with Red LentilsCutlet With peasVegetable CutletsBuckwheat porridge with vegetablesRaw phaliHot DishesVitamin SaladGreen SaladCaucas SaladSalad OriginalSalad SummerAutumn SaladKorean SaladGreek SaladSaladCoconut CandyDried fruit CandiesChocolate BrowniePakhlavaRice BiscuitDessert Healthy lifestyle
Phlox Art Cafe

Healthy lifestyle
Working hours
12:00 - 18:00

Phlox Art Cafe

Offer of the Day N1
#45 Offer of the Day N1
vegetables cutlet, rice with vegetables, fresh vegetables salad with sauce and nuts
2800 AMD

Offet of the Day N2
#49 Offet of the Day N2
pumpkin cutlets, buckwheat porridge with vegetables in vegetable oil, green salad
2800 AMD

Offet of the Day N3
#52 Offet of the Day N3
beetroot pkhali, arishta in coconut oil and vegan sauce, caucasian salad
2500 AMD

Offer of the Day N4
#56 Offer of the Day N4
raw phali, vegetable ragu, cabbage salad
2200 AMD

Offer of the Day N5
#60 Offer of the Day N5
cauliflower salad with sheep cheese, pumpkin cream soup
2200 AMD

Offer of the Dar N6
#65 Offer of the Dar N6
stewed mushrooms in vegan sauce, bulgur with vegetables and onion, fresh vegetables
2000 AMD

Offer of the Day N7
#69 Offer of the Day N7
red lentil cutlets, vegetable feast, greek salad
2800 AMD

Offer of the Day N8
#75 Offer of the Day N8
summer salad, lenten dolma
3000 AMD

Offer of the Day N9
#79 Offer of the Day N9
chickpea cutlets, pumpkin porridge with rice and prunes, cabbage salad with vegan sauce
3000 AMD

Vitamin Salad
1500 AMD

Green Salad
1500 AMD

Caucas Salad
1800 AMD

Salad Original
1500 AMD

Salad Summer
1500 AMD

Autumn Salad
1100 AMD

Korean Salad
1000 AMD

Greek Salad
2000 AMD

Coconut Candy
#25 Coconut Candy
khurma, coconut flakes, orange juice, coconut oil, salt, cinnamon
400 AMD

Dried fruit Candies
#27 Dried fruit Candies
dried apricots, prunes, raisins, dates, nuts, dry nuts, lemon juice
400 AMD

Chocolate Brownie
#28 Chocolate Brownie
cashews, dates, walnuts, honey, cocoa
1000 AMD

#29 Pakhlava
nuts, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, honey
850 AMD

Rice Biscuit
#30 Rice Biscuit
vegetable oil, banana, raisins, apple, rice flour, sugar, zest of half a lemon, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla
750 AMD

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03 Jun 2022
всем очень вкусно, спасибо
Lucy D.
14 Mar 2022
03 Mar 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Phlox Art Cafe
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