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Piadine.PiadinesPepperoni PiadineSemplice PiadineDeliziosa Bianco PiadineGuacamole PiadinePesto Panchetta PiadineJulienne Alfredo PiadineBolognese PiadineTeriaki PiadineSalsa Di Sole PiadineCaesar PiadineMaiale Stroganoff PiadineManzo Aromatico Rossa PiadineVegetariana PiadineCaprese PiadineKetchupBarbecue sauceCheese sauceSpicy sweet sauceCocktail sauceGarlic saucePesto sauceMustard sauceHoney-mustard sauceSaucesArabiata PenePesto PeneCarbonara TagliatelleAlfredo TagliatelleSandwichesPollo BarbecuePollo PiccanteMexicanaFormaggi E CarneManzo RicottaMaiale TomatoVegetariana RossaSaladsCaesar SaladGreca SaladSportiva SaladAlba LibanoGarnishFrench FriesPotato WedgesCorn-DogCheese Corn-DogSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lBon Aqua Water 0.5lNatural Juice Dobriy 0.33lFuze Tea 0.5lPulpy 0.5l American, Burger and Sandwich

American, Burger and Sandwich
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Pepperoni Piadine
#14 Pepperoni Piadine
25sm, Margharita sauce,pepperoni,Gauda,olives,bell peppers
1400 AMD

Semplice Piadine
#16 Semplice Piadine
25sm, Special Cocktail sauce,ham,Cheddar cheese,tomatoes,cucumber,lettuce,bell peppers
1600 AMD

Deliziosa Bianco Piadine
#18 Deliziosa Bianco Piadine
25sm, White sauce with Ricotta,chorizo,cherry tomatoes,basil,aragula,pumpkin seeds
1700 AMD

Guacamole Piadine
#20 Guacamole Piadine
25sm, Avocado Guacamole sauce,becon,Cream cheese,cherry tomatoes,aragula,seasame
1950 AMD

Pesto Panchetta Piadine
#22 Pesto Panchetta Piadine
25sm, Pesto sauce,panchetta,Feta cheese,cherry tomatoes,aragula,green olives,Balsamic sauce
2100 AMD

Julienne Alfredo Piadine
#24 Julienne Alfredo Piadine
25sm,Alfredo sauce,chicken breast,Gauda cheese,mushrooms,French fries
1800 AMD

Bolognese Piadine
#26 Bolognese Piadine
25sm, Cheese sauce,chicken breast baked in Tomato and Bechamel sauce, Chedder cheese
2000 AMD

Teriaki Piadine
#28 Teriaki Piadine
25sm, Teriaki sauce,chicken breast,carrot,bell peppers,seasame,peanut
2000 AMD

Salsa Di Sole Piadine
#30 Salsa Di Sole Piadine
25sm, Yellow Piadine sauce,chicken breast,Parmesan,cucumber,lettuce,green olives
2100 AMD

Caesar Piadine
#32 Caesar Piadine
25sm, Caesar sauce,crispy chicken breast,cherry tomatoes,Parmesan,lettuce
2200 AMD

Maiale Stroganoff Piadine
#34 Maiale Stroganoff Piadine
25sm, Stroganoff sauce,pork,Parmesan,onion,French Fries
2300 AMD

Manzo Aromatico Rossa Piadine
#36 Manzo Aromatico Rossa Piadine
25sm, Red spicy sauce,beef with Garlic sauce,Gauda cheese,jalapeno
2300 AMD

Vegetariana Piadine
#41 Vegetariana Piadine
25sm, Cream cheese,eggplant,carrot,bell pepper,Parmesan,corn,rosemary,Balsamic sauce
1750 AMD

Caprese Piadine
#43 Caprese Piadine
25sm, Pesto sauce,Mozzarella cheese,basil,cherry tomatoes,Balsamic sauce
1900 AMD

Arabiata Pene
#10 Arabiata Pene
tomato sauce, pepperoni sausage, Italian spices, parmesan
2000 AMD

Pesto Pene
#11 Pesto Pene
pesto sauce, parmesan
1800 AMD

Carbonara Tagliatelle
#12 Carbonara Tagliatelle
cream sauce, ham, cheese Gouda, parmesan
2200 AMD

Alfredo Tagliatelle
#13 Alfredo Tagliatelle
alfredo sauce, chicken breast, cheese Gouda, mushrooms, parmesan
2200 AMD

Pollo Barbecue
#47 Pollo Barbecue
crsipy chicken breast, BBQ sauce,Chedder cheese,bacon,tomatoes,pickled cucumber,lettuce,Mayonnaise
1700 AMD

Pollo Piccante
#49 Pollo Piccante
chicken breast,White spicy sauce,carrot,Gauda cheese
1500 AMD

#52 Mexicana
chicken breast,Spicy sauce,bell peppers,chilli,jalapeno,corn,onion,Pringles chips
1700 AMD

Formaggi E Carne
#54 Formaggi E Carne
beef,Cream sauce,Gauda cheese,hot pepper,aragula
1900 AMD

Manzo Ricotta
#56 Manzo Ricotta
beef,Steak sauce,Ricotta cheese,tomatoes,pickled cucumber,lettuce
2000 AMD

Maiale Tomato
#58 Maiale Tomato
pork,Margherita sauce,Parmesan,lettuce,oregano,rosemary,French fries
2000 AMD

Vegetariana Rossa
#60 Vegetariana Rossa
Hummus,еggplant,bell peppers,carrot,Fetta cheese,corn, Margherita sauce,basil
1400 AMD

Caesar Salad
#63 Caesar Salad
750g, Caesar sauce,chicken breast, Iceberg lettuce,cherry tomatoes,Parmesan,croutons
2100 AMD

Greca Salad
#65 Greca Salad
750g, tomatoes,cucumbers,Fetta cheese,lettuce,olives,bell peppers
1700 AMD

Sportiva Salad
#67 Sportiva Salad
750g, Iceberg lettuce,aragula,cherry tomatoes,apple,Mozzarella cheese,Lemon juice,dried fruits,peas
2000 AMD

Alba Libano
#69 Alba Libano
750g, Pomegranate syrup, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spiced feta cheese, radish, mint, onion, fatush dry bread
1800 AMD

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21 May 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Piadine
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