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Pome Tree

Armenian, Eastern, European
Working hours
10:00 - 23:59

Pome Tree

#1 Crepe
served with chocolate, jam or honey
1200 AMD

#2 Waffle
served with chocolate, jam or honey
1400 AMD

French Omelette
#4 French Omelette
3 egg, ham, cheese, tomato, Cheddar cheese, bell pepper, olives  
1800 AMD

Basque Omelette
#5 Basque Omelette
3 egg, tomato, cherry tomato, bell pepper, ham, Gruyer cheese, cream cheese, lettuce
2600 AMD

Arabic Breakfast
#7 Arabic Breakfast
3 egg, tomato, onion, cucumber
1400 AMD

Armenian Omelette
#11 Armenian Omelette
2 eggs, basturma, sujukh, bread
2000 AMD

Fish Balls
1400 AMD

#16 Borek
4pcs, cheese Lori, walnut, tomato, cucumber, strained yogurt
1600 AMD

Vegetable Samosa
#17 Vegetable Samosa
4pcs, potato, broccoli, green peas, cucumber
1600 AMD

Zataar Cheese Spring Rolls
#18 Zataar Cheese Spring Rolls
4pcs, Halloumi cheese, strained yogurt, zaatar
1800 AMD

Mozzarella Sticks
#19 Mozzarella Sticks
4pcs, 150g cheese
1800 AMD

Avocado Toast
#20 Avocado Toast
avocado, strianed yogurt, sun-dried tomato, black toast bread
1800 AMD

Herbed Fish Goujons
#21 Herbed Fish Goujons
100g Trout, bread crumbs
1900 AMD

Smoked Trout and Pancetta
#22 Smoked Trout and Pancetta
4pcs, pancetta pork, fish fillet, green olives, French bread
1900 AMD

Vegetable Spring Rolls
#23 Vegetable Spring Rolls
4pcs, mushroom, bell pepper, carrot, cabbage, cucumber
2000 AMD

Lentil Hummus
2000 AMD

Buffalo Chicken Wings
#25 Buffalo Chicken Wings
4pcs, chicken wings, blue cheese, sour cream, onion
2000 AMD

Quesadillas with Arabic Bread
#27 Quesadillas with Arabic Bread
Cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, chili pepper, Arabic bread
2400 AMD

Vegetable Tempura
#28 Vegetable Tempura
260g, cherry tomato, carrot, broccoli, brussels, bell pepper, asparagus, mushroom
2600 AMD

Halloumi Grill
#29 Halloumi Grill
2pcs, 200g, grilled Greek cheese
2800 AMD

Kashke Bademjan
#30 Kashke Bademjan
500g, eggplant, onion, kashk, lavash
2800 AMD

Shrimp Spring Rolls
#31 Shrimp Spring Rolls
4pcs, carrot, broccoli, shrimp
2800 AMD

Western Armenian Sujukh and Sausages
#32 Western Armenian Sujukh and Sausages
8pcs semi-cooked sujukh, 8pcs spiced sausages, tomato, gherki, onion
3200 AMD

Shrimp with  Vegetable Tempura
#33 Shrimp with Vegetable Tempura
380g, cherry tomato, carrot, bell pepper, brussels, broccoli, asparagus, mushroom, shrimp
3600 AMD

#34 Onigiri
3pcs, rice, smoked trout, caviar
3800 AMD

Nachos with Cheese
#35 Nachos with Cheese
420g, avocado, cheese, bell pepper, sour cream, tortilla chips, tomato paste, green onion
3800 AMD

Fried Frog Legs
6500 AMD

Salad Nicoise
#41 Salad Nicoise
250g, boiled potato, tuna, radish, egg
2800 AMD

Lyonnaise salad
#42 Lyonnaise salad
200g, poached egg, sausage, bacon, lettuce, toast bread
3000 AMD

Salad Chef
#43 Salad Chef
300g, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrot, arugula, balsamic sauce, cucumber
3800 AMD

Perigord salad
#44 Perigord salad
100g, duck liver, smoked ham, walnut, pomegranate sauce, toast bread, cherry tomato
4600 AMD

#46 Tabbouleh
420g, parsley, lettuce, onion, tomato, bulgur
1600 AMD

Asparagus and Orange Salad
#47 Asparagus and Orange Salad
340g, asparagus, lettuce, tomato, orange
3000 AMD

Mushroom cream soup
#49 Mushroom cream soup
250g, mushroom, onion, potato, cream
1400 AMD

Onion soup with two types of cheese
#50 Onion soup with two types of cheese
350g, onion, Cheddar and Parmesan cheese, toast bread cooked in white wine
1600 AMD

Provencal soup
#51 Provencal soup
240g, green and long bean, zucchini, red bean, tomato, carrot, potato, celery, green onion, garlic, Parmesan cheese, white wine, mint, oregano, spices
2000 AMD

White Bean Soup
#54 White Bean Soup
300g, white bean, onion, cheese, parsley
1800 AMD

Mante Soup
#55 Mante Soup
240g, little dumplings with beef served with tomato sauce, and yogurt
2000 AMD

Sandwich and Burger
French Ham and Butter Baguette
#57 French Ham and Butter Baguette
ham, butter, lettuce, served with gherki cucumber
1600 AMD

Croque Napoleon
#58 Croque Napoleon
toast bread, Cheddar cheese, ham, melted Gruyere
2000 AMD

Chicken sandwich with Viennese bread
#59 Chicken sandwich with Viennese bread
chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, mustard
2000 AMD

Duo Mini burger
#60 Duo Mini burger
beef cutlet, bacon, cheese, tomato, served with French fries
2800 AMD

Сэндвич с копченым лососем
#61 Сэндвич с копченым лососем
salmon, arugula, lettuce, pomegranate sauce
4400 AMD

Gastro burger
#62 Gastro burger
beef cutlet, onion, cheese, French fries, caramelized onion and mushroom, served with mini burger
4800 AMD

Halloumi Cheese Roll
#63 Halloumi Cheese Roll
halloumi cheese, cucumber, fresh mint, Arabic bread
1600 AMD

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Burger
#65 Bacon Wrapped Chicken Burger
chicken breast, bacon, French fries, burger bread
2400 AMD

Vegetarian Burger
#66 Vegetarian Burger
rice, zucchini, bell pepper, walnut, served with French fries
2600 AMD

Seasonal Vegetable Tartare
#68 Seasonal Vegetable Tartare
350g, avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrot, herbs
2600 AMD

Beef Tartare
#69 Beef Tartare
300g, raw minced beef, sauce, served with vegetable sticks and village potato
3600 AMD

Shrimp Tartare
#70 Shrimp Tartare
160g, shrimp, avocado
4400 AMD

Main Dishes
#72 Ratatouille
650g, zucchini, tomato, eggplant, Cheddar cheese
3400 AMD

Chicken with cheese and tomato
#73 Chicken with cheese and tomato
400g, chicken breast, Suluguni cheese, tomato
4000 AMD

Beef Bourguignon
#74 Beef Bourguignon
250g, stewed beef marinated with wine, served with carrot, bacon and mushroom
4800 AMD

Pork with honey sauce
#75 Pork with honey sauce
250g, served with potato-celery mash and okra
4800 AMD

Lamb Navarin
#76 Lamb Navarin
350g, stewed lamb, served with potato, green peas and carrot, tomato sauce
5400 AMD

Duck confit
#77 Duck confit
200g, duck leg, served with fig and carrot mash, mint sauce
6000 AMD

#78 Ghapama
1.34kg, for 2 person, rice, pumpkin, honey, walnut, raisin, almond, sour lavash, dried prunes, apricot
6800 AMD

Coq au vin
#79 Coq au vin
550g, cock cooked in white wine, pepper, garlic, carrot, mushroom, onion, parsley, peanut, served with tagliatelle pasta and cherry tomato
7000 AMD

Lamb Khaliji
#80 Lamb Khaliji
900g, halal lamb, rice, tomato, onion
8000 AMD

Pork Ribs
#81 Pork Ribs
580g, for 2 person, served with broccoli, red pepper, dried tomato and pesto sauce
11000 AMD

Lamb Racks with Pistachio Pesto sauce
#82 Lamb Racks with Pistachio Pesto sauce
770g, for 2 person, lamb rach, rice, pistachio, radish
12000 AMD

Mante in Tava
#86 Mante in Tava
210g, little dumplings with beef served with tomato sauce, and yogurt
2000 AMD

Lenten Dolma
#87 Lenten Dolma
2pcs, cabbage, onion, chickpeas, lentil, red beans
2000 AMD

Spaghetti Carbonara
#89 Spaghetti Carbonara
230g, spaghetti, bacon, Parmigiana cheese
2400 AMD

Spinach Pasta with Ricotta
#90 Spinach Pasta with Ricotta
230g, Ricotta, Parmigiana cheese, bell pepper
2400 AMD

Chicken Schnidzel
#91 Chicken Schnidzel
300g, chicken breast, potato, green peas
2500 AMD

Kabab Tava
#93 Kabab Tava
400g, minced beef, tomato, onion, rice
2600 AMD

#95 Tjvjik
450g, lung, tomato, onion
2800 AMD

Chinese Chili Beef Stir-fried
#96 Chinese Chili Beef Stir-fried
210g, rice noodles, beef, broccoli, green beans, bell pepper
3000 AMD

Gheyme Bademjian
#98 Gheyme Bademjian
600g, eggplant, beef, rice, potato, yellow bean
3300 AMD

Veal kidney with mustard
#99 Veal kidney with mustard
330g, served with green bean and village potato
3400 AMD

Tuna Steak
#101 Tuna Steak
250g, garnish on your choice
8000 AMD

Fillet Mignon
#102 Fillet Mignon
250g, garnish on your choice
6000 AMD

Entrecote Steak
#103 Entrecote Steak
250g, garnish on your choice
6200 AMD

Beef Ribs Steak
#104 Beef Ribs Steak
350g, garnish on your choice
8000 AMD

Super Steak
#105 Super Steak
500g, garnish on your choice
9800 AMD

Chicken Steak
#106 Chicken Steak
250g chicken breast, 70g mushroom, 100g French fries
3600 AMD

Chicken on Shampur
#107 Chicken on Shampur
380g, chicken, zucchini, bell pepper, mushroom, onion, cherry tomato, lemon
2400 AMD

Minced Beef on Shampur
#108 Minced Beef on Shampur
300g, minced beef, cucumber, tomato, chili pepper, onion, lavash
2600 AMD

Vegetable on Shampur
#109 Vegetable on Shampur
300g, zucchini, onion, lemon, carrot, cherry tomato, broccoli, mushroom, bell pepper
3400 AMD

Pork on Shampur
#110 Pork on Shampur
220g pork, 230g potato, onion, cherry tomato, chili pepper, Arabic bread
3600 AMD

Beef on Shampur
#111 Beef on Shampur
250g beef, 230g potato, bell pepper, mushroom, onion, cherry tomato, lemon
3800 AMD

Shrimp on Shampur
#112 Shrimp on Shampur
180g shrimp, 230g potato, cherry tomato, chili pepper, onion, Arabic bread
4500 AMD

Pome Tree Mix Grill
#113 Pome Tree Mix Grill
1kg, chicken, minced beef, beef, pork, zucchini, onion, lemon, carrot, cherry tomato, broccoli, mushroom, bell pepper, potato, chili pepper, cucumber, lavash
6000 AMD

#115 Pizzette
15cm, 4 kind of mini pizza, Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, tomato, olives, mushroom, chicken breast, bell pepper, sauce
1600 AMD

Mini Sandwiches Platter
#116 Mini Sandwiches Platter
4pcs, bacon, tomato, Cheddar cheese, cucumber, ham, tuna, corn, bell pepper, cherry tomato
1700 AMD

Arabic Mini Bread
#117 Arabic Mini Bread
4pcs, zaatar bread, cheese bread, strained yogurt bread, pepper paste bread
1800 AMD

Open Sandwich Platter
#118 Open Sandwich Platter
shrimp, ham, eggplant
2500 AMD

Tartar Platter
#119 Tartar Platter
3 kind of tartare, with shrimp, beef, carrot, avocado, tomato, potato
4400 AMD

Sausage Small Platter
#120 Sausage Small Platter
4 varieties of German sausages, potato, cherry tomato, gherkins
4800 AMD

Sausage Big Platter
#121 Sausage Big Platter
8 varieties of German sausages, potato, cherry tomato, gherkins
9400 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#123 Pizza Margherita
34cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, basil leaves
1900 AMD

Roasted Garlic with Chicken and Herbs Pizza
#124 Roasted Garlic with Chicken and Herbs Pizza
34cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, chicken, white sauce, rosemary, onion
2000 AMD

Pepperoni Pizza
#125 Pepperoni Pizza
34cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce
2200 AMD

Veggie Pizza
#126 Veggie Pizza
34cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, mushroom, bell pepper, corn, tomato, black olives
2200 AMD

White Pizza
#127 White Pizza
34cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, white sauce, mushroom, onion
2200 AMD

Maple Apple Blue Cheese Bacon Pizza
#128 Maple Apple Blue Cheese Bacon Pizza
34cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, Blue cheese, apple, bacon, garlic, maple syrup
2800 AMD

Armenian Pizza
#130 Armenian Pizza
34cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, sujukh, basturma, tomato, tomato sauce
3000 AMD

Pizza Ratatouille
#131 Pizza Ratatouille
34cm, 8 slices, zucchini, tomato, eggplant, Gouda cheese
4200 AMD

With Rice
Egg Fried Rice with Vegetable
#133 Egg Fried Rice with Vegetable
400g, rice, corn, bell pepper, green peas, broccoli, onion, green onion, soy sauce
1800 AMD

Rice with Chicken and Pepper
#134 Rice with Chicken and Pepper
460g, rice, chicken breast, bell pepper, soy sauce
2500 AMD

Rice with Beef
#135 Rice with Beef
450g, rice, beef, bell pepper, soy sauce
2800 AMD

Rice with Shrimp
#136 Rice with Shrimp
400g, rice, shrimp, bell pepper, soy sauce
3800 AMD

Rice with Crayfish
#137 Rice with Crayfish
370g, rice, crayfish, bell pepper, soy sauce
4800 AMD

Trout Fillet
#139 Trout Fillet
270g, served with asparagus, onion and pumpkin
5000 AMD

Salmon Fillet
#140 Salmon Fillet
450g, served with brussel cabbage, beet and tarragon and Blue cheese sauce
11000 AMD

#141 Renaissance
1.5-2kg, trout, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, carrot, ham, trout caviar
18000 AMD

#143 Carpaccio
140g, raw trout, lemon, arugula, pomegranate sauce
2600 AMD

Fish and Chips
#144 Fish and Chips
500g, trout fillet, village potato
3200 AMD

French fries
900 AMD

Vegetable grill
#147 Vegetable grill
300g, eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, brussels cabbage, mushroom, carrot, onion, cherry tomato, lemon, balsamic sauce, walnut
3000 AMD

Mashed potato
600 AMD

Asparagus and bacon
1800 AMD

#150 Rice
2000 AMD

Kids Menu
Chicken Soup
#152 Chicken Soup
110g, chicken breast, potato, carrot, green peas
700 AMD

#153 Pancake
banana, apple, Nutella
900 AMD

400 AMD

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