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Kamancha Restaurant.Boiled eggs with tarragonBreakfastPancake with beef Pancake with cottage cheeseStrained yougurt with honeyStrained yogurt with jamOmeletteOmeletteOmelette with TomatoOmelette with BasturmaSet Chicken in salt for 6 personBest OfferBeef fillet with vegetables in saltWhole Red Trout in saltGhapama for 10 personEuropean Cheese AssortedAppetizersHomemeade meat assortedArmenian cheese assortedVegetable assortedLemon and olivesArmenian preserves assirtedHomemade pickles assortedGhavurmaGreens assortedFish assortedIshli KyuftaPancake with beefPkhaliEggplant rollsStrained yogurtRejanStuffed mushroomBeef, eggplant and nut saladSaladsTarragon, horats cheese and grape saladChicken breast, quinoa and vegetable saladCaesar saladSummer saladTabule saladStrained yogurt, cucumber and nut saladSorrel and strained yogurt saladAragats SaladArmenian Caprese Greek SaladBorshchSoupsBean soupSpas with ishli kyuftaSorrel soupChicken soupSpasSoup with sorrelPumpkin SoupNazeliHot dishesSummer tolmaTolma with grape leavesTolma with cabbageTolma AssortedGarni YarakhArishta with ghavurmaTjvjikTawa cutlet with cheeseBeef khashlamaLamb khashlamaLamb shoulder with emmer pilafFried chick with potatoHarisaBoiled trout with potatoAdjarian khachapuriImeretian khachapuriAragatsotni HaganiFried ArmavirSyunik KhashnaturYerevan Roast AreniYerevan Roast NairiGinep DamatsoStuffed Pork Loin YeghegnadzorLorri casseroleLamb KhashlamaFried MarzpanKalagyoshFried KhokhobTolma of grape leavesSalmon on fireOjakhuriPan fried SuluguniPelmeni semi-cookedSemi-cooked productsPancake with beef semi-cookedIshli kyufta semi-cookedTolma with grape leaves semi-cookedTolma with cabbage semi-cookedBeef cutlet semi-cookedChicken cutlet semi-cookedPork loin BBQBBQPork ribs BBQPork boneless BBQBeef sirloin BBQBeef tenderloin BBQBeef tenderloin barbecueBeef fillet shish barbecueLamb BBQChicken BBQTrout BBQStrgeon BBQVegetable BBQMushroom BBQPotato BBQBeef kebabChicken kebabLamb kebabBBQ OnionBBQ setSetsArishtaGarnishMashed potatoFried potato with butterRiceEmmer and mushroom pilafStuffed MushroomsSpicy SetOjakhuriFried vegetablesFried greenSpicy SauceNarsharabGarlic SauceGhars SauceThemaliSauceTondir bread and lavashBreadSpicy set hotCrackers with garlicVegetables with lemonWith BeerGataDessertPakhlavaHoney cakeChocolate sausageEclairCheesecakeBird MilkSweet KamanchaFruit assort smallFruitsCoca Cola 0.25lSoft drinksFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lCoca-Cola 0.5lFanta 0.5lSprite 0.5lHomemade compote 1lTan 1lNatakhtari lemonade 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lBeerBeer Kilikia 0.33lBeer Gyumri 0.33lBeer Dargett 0.33l Armenian, Semi-cooked product
Kamancha Restaurant

Armenian, Semi-cooked product
Working hours
10:00 - 00:00

Kamancha Restaurant

800 AMD

Best Offer
Set Chicken in salt for 6 person
#3 Set Chicken in salt for 6 person
weight of meat 1.5 kg, chicken, dried hornbeam, vegetables, rice
15000 AMD

Beef fillet with vegetables in salt
#222 Beef fillet with vegetables in salt
2.2-2.5kg, beef fillet, onion, broccoli, carrot, champignon, pepper
29000 AMD

Whole Red Trout in salt
#224 Whole Red Trout in salt
150-200g, whole red trout, potato, greens, lemon
17000 AMD

Ghapama for 10 person
#226 Ghapama for 10 person
4.8-5.2kg, order 2 hours before delivery
25000 AMD

European Cheese Assorted
#4 European Cheese Assorted
total weight 480g, cheese weight 290g, camembert cheese, Roquefort cheese, Gouda cheese, Parmesan cheese, Lori cheese, honey, mint, fruits
6000 AMD

Homemeade meat assorted
#52 Homemeade meat assorted
210g, chicken roll, beef roll, lamb with pepper, pork buzhenina, beef tongue with chaman, basturma, sujuk
3900 AMD

Armenian cheese assorted
#53 Armenian cheese assorted
290g, cheese Lori, sheep, string, horats, grapes
2100 AMD

Vegetable assorted
#54 Vegetable assorted
960g, tomato, cucumber, radish, Cherry tomato, green pepper, hot pepper, carrot
2200 AMD

Lemon and olives
#55 Lemon and olives
140g, 1pc lemon, green and black olives
1500 AMD

Armenian preserves assirted
#56 Armenian preserves assirted
500g, red pepper with celery, ajika, eggplant caviar, good appetite, imam bayaldi
1900 AMD

Homemade pickles assorted
#57 Homemade pickles assorted
470g, tomato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, hot pepper
1500 AMD

#58 Ghavurma
150g, ghavurma, onion
3900 AMD

Greens assorted
1800 AMD

Fish assorted
#65 Fish assorted
160g, oilfish, salmon, balik, smoked trout, butter, lemon
7900 AMD

Ishli Kyufta
#66 Ishli Kyufta
3pcs, 180g, served with lemon
1800 AMD

Pancake with beef
#68 Pancake with beef
2pcs, 130g, served with sour cream
1400 AMD

#70 Pkhali
230g, beet pkhali - beet, onion, nuts, greens. Carrot pkhali - carrot, onion, nuts, greens. Beet root pkhali - beet root, onion, nuts, greens
1600 AMD

Eggplant rolls
#71 Eggplant rolls
240g, eggplant, curd, mayonnaise, nuts, greens
1600 AMD

Strained yogurt
#72 Strained yogurt
200g, strained yogurt, nuts
1000 AMD

#74 Rejan
1000 AMD

Stuffed mushroom
#75 Stuffed mushroom
raw mushroom 300g, suluguni cheese 50g, mushroom, butter, herb, suluguni cheese
2100 AMD

Beef, eggplant and nut salad
#5 Beef, eggplant and nut salad
300g, beef, eggplant, sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic, nuts, greens
2900 AMD

Tarragon, horats cheese and grape salad
#81 Tarragon, horats cheese and grape salad
160g, tarragon, horats cheese, plum, grape, oil
2200 AMD

Chicken breast, quinoa and vegetable salad
#83 Chicken breast, quinoa and vegetable salad
300g, quinoa, chicken breast, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, Cherry tomato
2200 AMD

Caesar salad
#85 Caesar salad
290g, chicken breast, iceberg salad, lettuce, croutons, Caesar sauce, Cherry tomato, Parmesan cheese
2300 AMD

Summer salad
#87 Summer salad
400g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, greens, onion, oil
1800 AMD

Tabule salad
#88 Tabule salad
300g, lettuce, greens, bulgur, tomato, tomato paste, lemon juice, oil
1400 AMD

Strained yogurt, cucumber and nut salad
#89 Strained yogurt, cucumber and nut salad
310g, Strained yogurt, cucumber, nut, greens, oil
1200 AMD

Sorrel and strained yogurt salad
#92 Sorrel and strained yogurt salad
310g, sorrel, fried onion, garlic, nut, strained yogurt, tkemali
1400 AMD

Aragats Salad
#94 Aragats Salad
tarragon, chicken, basturma, pepper, yogurt, dried nana, olive oil
2600 AMD

Armenian Caprese
#95 Armenian Caprese
tomato, cheese Mozzarella, yougurt, dried nana, olive oil
3900 AMD

Greek Salad
#96 Greek Salad
cucumber, tomato, Feta cheese
2200 AMD

#6 Borshch
350g, cabbage, carrot, onion, beet, beef, greens, sour cream
1400 AMD

Bean soup
#100 Bean soup
350g, red bean, onion, garlic, potato, greens
1200 AMD

Spas with ishli kyufta
#102 Spas with ishli kyufta
350g, yogurt, sour cream, ischli kufta, dried nana, butter
1600 AMD

Sorrel soup
#104 Sorrel soup
350g, sorrel, bulgur, onion, potato, greens
1200 AMD

Chicken soup
#106 Chicken soup
350g, chicken, carrot, onion, potato, garlic, bell pepper, rice, greens
1100 AMD

#108 Spas
350g, yogurt, sour cream, groat, butter, greens
1000 AMD

Hot dishes
#7 Nazeli
chicken breast, msuhroom, cheese, papper, ashtarak sauce
3000 AMD

Summer tolma
#112 Summer tolma
350-400g, 1pc tomato, 1pc pepper, 1pc eggplant
2900 AMD

Tolma with grape leaves
#113 Tolma with grape leaves
300-350g, 8pcs, served with yogurt and garlic
2400 AMD

Tolma with cabbage
#114 Tolma with cabbage
350-400g, 5pcs, served with tomato sauce
2300 AMD

Tolma Assorted
#116 Tolma Assorted
1-1.2kg, tolma with grape leaves, cabbage, summer tolma
6500 AMD

Garni Yarakh
#117 Garni Yarakh
300-350g, beef, tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, tomato sauce, butter, eggplant, greens
1900 AMD

Arishta with ghavurma
3400 AMD

#120 Tjvjik
200-250g, beef heart, lung, tomato, greens
1900 AMD

Tawa cutlet with cheese
#121 Tawa cutlet with cheese
500-550g, beef, pork fat, onion, Suluguni cheese, tomato sauce
3800 AMD

Beef khashlama
#122 Beef khashlama
400-450g, beef, potato, tomato, green pepper, greens
3500 AMD

Lamb khashlama
#127 Lamb khashlama
400-450g, lamb, potato, pepper, greens
3900 AMD

Lamb shoulder with emmer pilaf
#131 Lamb shoulder with emmer pilaf
1400-1500g, lamb shoulder, emmer, onion, greens, oyster mushroom, champignons
11500 AMD

Fried chick with potato
2700 AMD

#133 Harisa
400g, chicken, groat, butter
1500 AMD

Boiled trout with potato
#137 Boiled trout with potato
600-650g, trout, tomato, pepper, potato, lemon, butter, tarragon
4200 AMD

Adjarian khachapuri
#142 Adjarian khachapuri
300-350g, 2 eggs, cheese Suluguni, Chanakh
1400 AMD

Imeretian khachapuri
#145 Imeretian khachapuri
450-500g, 25cm, 6pcs, Suluguni cheese, Chanakh
2000 AMD

Aragatsotni Hagani
#151 Aragatsotni Hagani
chicken breast, choratan, marinated lily, sweet pepper
3500 AMD

Fried Armavir
#152 Fried Armavir
veal fillet, mushroom, tomato, onion, nuts, garlic sauce
5800 AMD

Syunik Khashnatur
#154 Syunik Khashnatur
lamb, tomato, onion, wine
8900 AMD

Yerevan Roast Areni
#155 Yerevan Roast Areni
beef fillet, red wine, mushroom, tower sauce, cream, tomato, spinach, cheese Suluguni
6400 AMD

Yerevan Roast Nairi
#157 Yerevan Roast Nairi
beef fillet, brandy, cream, saffron, eggplant, tomato, local pepper, cheese Suluguni
6200 AMD

Ginep Damatso
#158 Ginep Damatso
veal fillet, red wine, tomato, local pepper, dough
10500 AMD

Stuffed Pork Loin Yeghegnadzor
#159 Stuffed Pork Loin Yeghegnadzor
stuffed pork with spinach, tower sauce, mushroom, Suluguni cheese, dill, spices
6500 AMD

Lorri casserole
#160 Lorri casserole
pork finger, pork tenderloin, tomato, onion, local pepper, hot pepper, spices, coriander, dough
5700 AMD

Lamb Khashlama
#161 Lamb Khashlama
lamb, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, greens, butter
4500 AMD

Fried Marzpan
#164 Fried Marzpan
meat weight 270g, chicken fillet, pork fillet, sour cream, pomegranate, herbs, salt, pepper
2600 AMD

#166 Kalagyosh
beef tenderloin 200g, lentils, choratan yogurt, eggs, flour, herbs, onions, oil, spices
3400 AMD

Fried Khokhob
#167 Fried Khokhob
Chicken 500g, Ashtarak sauce, pomegranate, herbs, onion, salt, butter, spices
3000 AMD

Tolma of grape leaves
#168 Tolma of grape leaves
250g, grape leave, lamb, bulgur, garlic, yogurt
3800 AMD

Salmon on fire
#169 Salmon on fire
220g, salmon, fried vegetables
8500 AMD

#172 Ojakhuri
pork tenderloin, onion, potato, tomato, garlic, spices, coriander
2500 AMD

Pan fried Suluguni
#174 Pan fried Suluguni
290g, suluguni cheese, cherry tomato
1700 AMD

Semi-cooked products
Pelmeni semi-cooked
#8 Pelmeni semi-cooked
500g, 45-50pcs
1200 AMD

Ishli kyufta semi-cooked
500 AMD

Beef cutlet semi-cooked
550 AMD

Chicken cutlet semi-cooked
300 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
#9 Pork loin BBQ
350g, 2-3pcs, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
3800 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
#186 Pork ribs BBQ
350g, 3-4pcs, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
3600 AMD

Pork boneless BBQ
#187 Pork boneless BBQ
300g, 4-5pcs, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
3400 AMD

Beef sirloin BBQ
#188 Beef sirloin BBQ
250g, 4-5pcs, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
3900 AMD

Beef tenderloin BBQ
#191 Beef tenderloin BBQ
Served with onion and gharsi sauce
4600 AMD

Beef tenderloin barbecue
#192 Beef tenderloin barbecue
250g, 4-5pcs, beef tenderloin onion, greens, gharsi sauce
4600 AMD

Beef fillet shish barbecue
#193 Beef fillet shish barbecue
250g, 3-4 pcs, beef fillet , onion, gharsi sauce
3900 AMD

Lamb BBQ
#196 Lamb BBQ
300g, 4-5pcs, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
3800 AMD

Chicken BBQ
#197 Chicken BBQ
400g, 4-5pcs, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
2200 AMD

Trout BBQ
3700 AMD

Strgeon BBQ
#201 Strgeon BBQ
sturgeon on charcoal served with lemon
9500 AMD

Vegetable BBQ
#203 Vegetable BBQ
700-800g, 1pc eggplant, 1pc tomato, 1pc pepper
1600 AMD

Mushroom BBQ
1400 AMD

Potato BBQ
#207 Potato BBQ
350g, 4-8pcs
700 AMD

Beef kebab
#209 Beef kebab
200g, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
1400 AMD

Chicken kebab
#210 Chicken kebab
200g, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
1200 AMD

Lamb kebab
#211 Lamb kebab
180g, onion, greens, BBQ sauce
1600 AMD

BBQ set
#10 BBQ set
350g pork loin, tenderloin, lamb tenderloin, 650g beef tenderloin, 250g beef fillet, 250g chicken mix, 800g potato, 700g eggplant, tomato, pepper, onion, greens
45000 AMD

#11 Arishta
1000 AMD

Mashed potato
1000 AMD

#251 Rice
800 AMD

Emmer and mushroom pilaf
#252 Emmer and mushroom pilaf
400g, emmer, mushrooms, onion, butter
1400 AMD

Stuffed Mushrooms
#255 Stuffed Mushrooms
champignon, butter, green, cheese Suluguni
2100 AMD

Spicy Set
#257 Spicy Set
smoked cheese, jerki, peas, pistachio, garlic sauce with vegetables, lemon juice, spicy sausage, creckers
3700 AMD

#259 Ojakhuri
pork tenderloin, onion, potato, tomato, garlic, spices, coriander
2500 AMD

Fried vegetables
#260 Fried vegetables
250g, eggplant, carrot, mushroom, bell pepper, oil, green
1600 AMD

With Beer
Spicy set hot
#14 Spicy set hot
smoked cheese, jerky, peas, pistachios, garlic sauce vegetables, lemon juice, spicy sausage, rusks
3700 AMD

#15 Gata
1pc, 170g
1500 AMD

#269 Pakhlava
1pc, 100g
1600 AMD

Honey cake
#270 Honey cake
1pc, 100g
1400 AMD

Chocolate sausage
1200 AMD

1300 AMD

No results found
25 Jun 2022
Заказывали лорийскую запеканку, на фото и в описании предполагается, что блюдо сделано и подаётся в хлебе. По факту же никакого хлеба нет. Мясо довольно жесткое, много жира, но на вкус неплохо
16 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022
Я заказывал шашлык из картошки а они отправили пюре ,это не нормально
Anatoliy I.
09 Jun 2022
Anatoliy I.
02 Jun 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Kamancha Restaurant
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